MILE, Pune

Kindly suggest me what type of Institution is MILE (Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence),Pune.I want to take admission in this institution.

Kindly suggest me what type of Institution is MILE (Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence),Pune.

I want to take admission in this institution.

very bad there is no standard of admission of student, they admit all

dhruv, i have different experience with this institute, my six friends applied for this institute but only 2 selected, me and one of my friend while all of us have above 80%le in CAT. I Scored 91. can you suggest me some other institutions in pune for my friends....

souuniat, actually one of my friend is already there, he is pursuing MBA frm there, nd as well my best knowledge he got around 30 percentile nd he is selected

Hi Somuniat and dhuruv,
just to mention exams like CAT and XAT are elimination process , the reason to conduct them are to shortlist students in some range as they can not interact with every MBA aspirant so these exams are conducted and these exams can not really decide whether you are good or not, the exam day could just be a bad day for you, and later process GD and PI are actually Selection process where your real skills are judged
so your friend with 30%ile might be good enough to crack the interview as the interviews and GD's of MILE are tough enough
and yes MILE also has very limited intake and does not take every one
All the Best for your future

Hi Anmol,

Thanks for your kind information, how you know about this institute?
are you alumni or current year student??
Can you brief me little more about the placement scenario and academics of this institute.
I will be so thankful to you!!

Hi Somuniat,

Yes, i am a student of present year batch and i am currently on my internship. If i talk about our placements they are good and My senior batch was already placed by November with fairly good packages and also all my batch mates have been booked for their internships If you want to know more kindly contact me on my email id that is [email protected] as i will then be able to help you more


 An excellent platform for new learnings and real time experience from academic activities till non academic. MILE polishe you to tand out from the rest in the outer world. Good faculties and the ROI is upto mark. 

worst college to be a part of no faculty no basic amanities only asking for money u will get frustated such a pathetic environment u will strive for basic amenities like water and food after paying so  much..... bunch of fools running dis college 

Admissions open till now?

Can I know the names of some select recruiters at MILE and what package students got from here?

Can I apply online for the admission in MILE Institute, Pune?

From where I can download MILE's Prospectus?

Can anyone tell me more about placement process at MILE?

Which Course is Best?

im part time working in NFBD 

  • Advanced Excel/ Data Analysis using Excel
  • Certificate courses in Research Methodology
  • Certificate course in Supply Chain Management
  • Certificate course in Geopolitics

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