MICAT 2014 Prep Thread

Alrighty, puys! MICAT results are out. Congrats to those who got the call; the ones who didn’t … jump over. :grin: Disheartening, unnerving, or whatever. You’ll never be totally over with the rejection. You’ve missed the opportunity, but w…

Alrighty, puys! MICAT results are out. Congrats to those who got the call; the ones who didn't … jump over. 😁

Disheartening, unnerving, or whatever. You'll never be totally over with the rejection. You've missed the opportunity, but what you still have is 'An other chance'. Let's not wait for November to muck our brains, let's start our prep right away.

As @rakshitbehel said, “Keep hunger for MICA alive. If that's what one wants... one will get it.”

Buck up! That little crazy voice inside you that tells MICA isn't impossible(?), keep that voice alive.

Basically, everyone interested to go for MICAT2014, welcome aboard.


A li'l about MICA: MICAT is the entrance exam for MICA, Ahmedabad.

The paper for MICAT is an unusual one which tests your creative ability along with logical thinking and spontaneity. It also checks your General Awareness in the paper.
It consists of the following topics:
Word Associations
Data Sufficiency
Visual/Logical Reasoning
General Knowledge(Anything under the sun, esp Brands!)
Essays - For, Against and Your own opinion
Picture based Story writing... (Expect any number of pictures: MICAT 2013, we had 9 )
Psychometric Test (Mandatory. You're not supposed to leave even one Q.)
These sections may or may not be separated and MICAT might add new sections any year as their pattern keeps on changing.

This thread would contain all posts and updates related to what to study , how to study and how to crack the MICAT exam.

Source for the above info: http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/micat-2013-prep-thread-25093164/3620999

Happy prep! Cheerio! :D

So do we begin now or wait till the GEPIs for the current year to end??

The MICAT is probably the closest we'll ever get to taking a well-rounded B-school entrance test. Full-steam ahead for 2014!

MICA: Placement 2013; Average annual package up by 8 % at MICA

I bring good tidings from MICAland - that glorious district of India's B-school system where the sun shines brighter than it does anywhere else and where creative acumen lives in harmonious coexistence with number-crunching abilities.

Guys why we are not updating or sharing any kind of stuff on this thread?

Act like an advertising agency where we have to believe on our brand and for all of us that brand is "MICA"

Hi guys,I have just started preps for MICA and hopefuly I can catch up! We should revive this thread and help each other out.We can start with anyone who appeared for MICAT this year sharing which things to focus on.

Last time i read micat can be attempted by anyone who has taken cat/xat etc..but also read somewhere that 90 percentile cutoff is necessary for the mica intake..so how is the intake procedure actually?

We need to prepare for MICAT, sure..but we need to tackle what's first at hand...CAT. How much does one need to score in CAT??

Is it only obligatory to give cat/xat to appear for micat or u have to score a minimum percentile too for giving micat ?

Feels good to find this thread 😃

I am relieved that aspiring MICANs have a thread of their own for discussion.
I am new to this forum. Can puys guide me as to how do we go about with preparations for MICAT 2014 and CAT keeping admissions in MICA as priority 👍?
Happy Learning!

For how many of you MICAT 2014 is their second attempt? We could share our experience of our previous attempts.... we have to improve ourselves. let's try to learn from each other....

Hi MICAspirants,

Please follow the below mentioned links on PG and Facebook respectively to know more about the MICA 2014 admissions process, for updates regarding the process and to get your queries about the admission process addressed.

Pagalguy -

Facebook -


All the best,

Team Interface,

The Media and PR Wing of MICA

Official post by Team Interface(MICA's PR Wing) in the MICA 2014 discussion forum:

Please find below some admissions related FAQs for MICAT 2014:

What is the admission criterion for MICA 2014-2016?

The admission process is divided into two stages:

Stage I: The MICAT stage- Students who have appeared for any of the following exams – CAT 2013, XAT (2013, 2014), GMAT (2010 onwards), ATMA 2013, CMAT (Sept 2013), MAT (Feb, May, Sept, Dec 2013), will be allowed to take MICAT 2014.

Stage II: The GE/PI stage: On the basis of their performance in the MICAT only, students will be shortlisted to appear for the Group Exercise and Personal Interview stage (held in the MICA campus).

What are the exams that need to be taken to be eligible for MICAT 2014?

In order to be eligible for MICAT 2014, candidates need to appear for at least one of the following exams: CAT 2013, XAT (2013, 2014), GMAT (2010 onwards), ATMA 2013, CMAT (Sept 2013) and MAT (Feb, May, Sept, Dec 2013).

Will exams like CAT etc. be considered for shortlisting for the GE/PI stage? If yes, then what weightage will be given to the same?

No, these exams DO NOT have any weightage in the shortlisting for the GE/PI stage. Candidates' performance in MICAT 2014 will be the only shortlisting criteria for the GE/PI stage.

How will the shortlisting for the GE/PI be done?

The shortlisting for the GE/PI stage will be done purely on the basis of the candidates' performance in the MICAT.

Why does a candidate need to take exams like CAT etc. to be eligible to take the MICAT?

The eligibility criterion is as per the AICTE norm (). Under this candidates need to take at least one of the following exams – CAT 2013, XAT 2014, GMAT (2010 onwards), ATMA 2013, CMAT and MAT CAT 2013, XAT (2013, 2014), GMAT (2010 onwards), ATMA 2013, CMAT (Sept 2013) and MAT (Feb, May, Sept, Dec 2013).

What will MICAT 2014 be like?

MICAT 2014 will have the following sections:

· Verbal Reasoning

· Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

· Psychometric Section

· Logical Reasoning

· Creative Writing

· General Awareness and Current Affairs

Please note that a sample paper will be uploaded on the MICA website soon here:


Currently last year's sample MICAT paper is uploaded here which can be referred to for sections other than Verbal and Quant.

When is MICAT 2014 scheduled?

The MICAT 2014 date is yet to be finalized; however, it is likely to be held in the first week of March 2014.

What are the centres for MICAT 2014?

Following are the cities that will have MICAT test centres: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai.

Two new centres have been added to this list for MICAT 2014 - Jaipur and Jammu.

Note: MICA reserves the right to withdraw or introduce MICAT centres.

Will there be negative marking in the MICAT?

There may or may not be negative marking in the MICAT. We urge you to read the instructions in the paper carefully before attempting it. Last year there was negative marking in all sections except in the psychometric and creative writing sections.

Best of Luck!

Thanks and Regards

Team Interface

The Media and PR wing of MICA




My question is shall we start tonight?

Puys..anybody in this group who has taken MICAT before? Please share your experiences...or if you remember what type of questions were asked...it will be great! lets get cracking! one step at a time!

So, the facts that we have as per the official notification by Team Interface are:

One needs to appear in any one of these tests to be able to appear in MICAT – CAT, XAT, ATMA, GMAT, CMAT, and MAT.

No relevance to any test score other than MICAT in the final rounds of selection. 😁

Sections in MICAT:

· Verbal Reasoning

· Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation

· Psychometric Section

· Logical Reasoning

· Creative Writing

· General Awareness and Current Affairs

There may/ may not be negative marking.

We have approximately 5-6 months to prepare.

Good enough!

Coming to the sections, let's not assume what VR and QA will consist of, since we don't know the patterns. But Word-associations will most probably be a part of VR.

Creative writing needs practice. Heck, almost every section needs practice. A hell lot of it. Those people design questions in their own unique ways. Till last year, they had essays and picture-based story writing in the paper.

For this section, you've got to –

Read everything that you can lay your hands upon.

Write. Pick a subject, put your pen to paper, and give it a good exercise with words. Don't go easy on it.

Psychometric – You don't need practice. You just need to be truthful. Got that in you? mg

Logical Reasoning – The most common types of questions come from Visual Reasoning, Statement Assumptions, and Inference questions.

General Awareness – Be updated with the world of advertising, media, business, and branding. These are a few sites that you could refer to.









Also, there are blogs and Facebook pages for GK. Visit them on a daily basis.


Have questions? Ask. 😃

Hey guys,

I was going through the previous PI experiences threads and saw that some really talented people were unable to crack the final interview at MICA.

So my question is - What skills/qualities do MICA people want in a candidate? Do people with work experience, especially in the Media sector, have an advantage over the freshers? Also, for someone with an engineering background, does he have a disadvantage over someone from say, an Arts background when it comes to cracking the PI?

I know it's difficult to answer such a question but all those who have the experience of going through the whole GE-PI grind at MICA can maybe shed some more light on this!

Experience MICA

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