MICA presents MICANVAS 2005

Hi all… Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad brings to you its Annual Brand Management Festival - MICANVAS*.* MICANVAS this year is scheduled for October 21, 22 & 23 - 2005. Its got all the elements of a B-School fest, and …

Hi all...
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad brings to you its Annual Brand Management Festival - MICANVAS.
MICANVAS this year is scheduled for October 21, 22 & 23 - 2005.
Its got all the elements of a B-School fest, and a little bit more, which makes it one of a kind. MICA is, of course, India's top communications management school.
Star events include the Communication Plan Competition, a Business Plan Competition, a Film Studies Workshop, a Photography contest and an Ad-making contest.
There are of course the usuals like the Business & General Quiz, Case Studies, Marketing & Negotiation simulations.
We'll also have a Pro-Act by Parikrama, a Fashion Show & a performance by the professional theatre group "Evam".
All PGites from the invited B-Schools, C-School and select undergraduate colleges are welcome. Attached is an Invite with all details.
So now you know where to be from October 21 - 23, 2005. :smile:
Keep watching this thread for updates. Log in to www.mica-india.net/canvas


Class of 2006

hey senior...
i have been making a list of colleges i wanna apply to...
and somehow MICA ends up being the no2 college on my wishlist after IIMA
i would dearly luv to have a chat with u...
so if u can spare the time...please pass on some gyan to this wannabe MBA
PM me the time and date and bandha hazir ho jayega
till then
and best of luck for the event

Hi all

Do log in to www.mica-india.net/canvas for the first wave of online events starting tomorrow (September 12) at 9 p.m. For the whole week we'll have games, quizzes and contests that challenge creativity.

Registrations for MICANVAS are open. All PGites from the invited colleges are welcome to come over to MICA and pe a part of MICANVAS.

Thanks & Cheers

i'll be there as a part of da official IMI contigent...hope to meet u there..


Here's a line up of all the exciting on-campus events at MICANVAS 2005 (Oct 21-23). The three days are packed with action - Simulation Games, Workshops, Discussions, Informals and Live Performances.

Simulation Games
Nash it Out : The Voltas Game Theory Simulation
"Nash It Out" is a game theory, stock price and asset management simulation all in one. Teams will test their skills of decision making and negotiation. The team with the highest stock price at the end of 3 days will emerge the winner.
Prizes: Rs 8,000; Rs 4,000
Marketing Maver-IQs aka Marketricks : The Marketing Simulation
This is a classic software based simulation game which will now be played in its latest online avataar. It tests your abilities as a marketer in an uber-competitive market. Also known in B-School lingo as MarkStrat.
Prizes: Rs 8,000; Rs 4,000
Panel Discussion
The Gripping Point: Exploring Brandscapes, Capturing Minds
Mr. Elkana Ezekiel (VP, Marketing, Johnson &Johnson;)
Mr. Hemant Sachdev (Corporate Director, Marketing, Bharti Enterprises)
Mr.S.K. Palekar (Sr. VP, Marketing and Knowledge Mgmt, Eureka Forbes)
Mr. Karthik Sharma (Head, Media Research, Madison Media)

Cafe Cinema - The Film Studies Workshop by Prof. AF Mathew
Brand Aid - The Brand Communication Workshop by brand associates from Mudra Communications featuring live Indian cases
BizKrieg - The Business Quiz with Samanth Subramaniam
Prizes: Rs 12,000; Rs 8,000
Quizzitch - The General Quiz with J Ramanand
Prizes: Rs 10,000 & Rs 7,5000
The Solitary Lupine - The Lone Wolf Quiz with J Krishnamurthi
Prizes: Rs 10,000 & Rs 5,000

Live Performances
Art - a play by evam
Digital Iris - The HP Photography Contest
Prizes: Rs 1,000 per category
LockJAM - Just-A-Minute
Prizes: Rs 2000, Rs 1000
Clueless - Dumb Charades & Pictionary
Prizes: Rs 2000, 1000
Prizes: Rs 1000, Rs 500
All that Glitz: Fashion Show
Other Announcements
Deadlines of J&J; and Mudra-Peter England Case Contests extended to October 9
The Second Wave of online events: Net.it start on October 10.
Do log on to www.mica-india.net/canvas for more details.
Three days of putting your talents to test
Three of putting your sanity to rest
Need we say more... but
Be there at MICANVAS 2005
October 21-23