MICA Class of 2005-2007

OK, Now that we know our results, let’s all post our introductions. I am a B.Com from Mithibai College, University of Mumbai Currently appearing for M.Com II exam from Raheja College, University of Mumbai. 3.5 months of wor…


Now that we know our results, let's all post our introductions.

I am a B.Com from Mithibai College, University of Mumbai

Currently appearing for M.Com II exam from Raheja College, University of Mumbai.

3.5 months of work-ex as a Client Servicing Trainee with an ad agency.

Hobbies include :

Formula 1
Computer Hardware

Completed my B.A. in Eco last year from Xaviers.

Should finish a year's work ex soon.
Am working as "Feature Writer/ Sub-Ed" at JAM magazine.

MICA was the only place I'd applied to. And the only B-school I wanted to get in to. Business is really not my thing, but communication is. :p

Haven't really been much of a topper... though the record for "Highest Marks in Commerce for a Class 12 student in all Naval Public Schools" *phew* still stands with moi. (That's a 92.4%) Hehe... fond memories.

Hoping to meet some interesting people at MICA.

Congrats to all of you. Am sure U all will have a splendid time in MICA. Wishing you success...

hi guys,

I am a B.Sc. (Economics, Mathematics, statistics) from Mount Carmel, Bangalore...been working for reuters for the last 8 months.

Applied to lots of places....cleared TAPMI and MICA.....easy choice:) !

See you guys in MICA!!!!


P.S.: God! I love this smiley!!!!!

Hey guys...

Im Gaurav Lulla from Mumbai, Final Year student of engineering from Mumbai. First of all, i wud like to extend my heartiest congratulations to all those who made it. Also, not forgetting all those who dint, remember.. the game isnt over till u put ur weapons down...

Hey dark knight. U were in my gd group.. so glad we both got selected..

All in all.. this is the happiest message i have ever posted in my life.. Kudos to Us. KUDOS to MICA

Hello people,

I'm Sarika. This is the very first time that I'm actually posting an entry on any forum on Pagal guy. In fact, the only reason I got a log in ID a few days back was to kinda find out when the MICA results might be declared.

I'm working with ToI right now, the Pune Times to be precise. Been here since August last year, and in Pune since January 2004.

B.Com, IGNOU. Completed my education in Lucknow.

MICA was the only other place I applied through CAT besides the IIMs ofcourse, which, if I might add, was only because the form didn't have the option to not appear for them.

Wasn't expecting to make it through at all. Especially since this was my first attempt, while I was working full-time and had no back up plans like SIMC and others...

But made it nevertheless.

Interests/passions include:

Not any things out of the ordinary actually.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hi there...

I am through to MICA too...

I am Vipin Nair...final yr Commerce Student from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

Me got pretty bad acads, am freelancing for TOI, Ahmedabad apart from dying to get into advertising...and surprisingly, have been successful...

There's God after all! 😃

hi ,
this is mayank mishra. im from calcutta, did my engg. in nagpur, n now im workin in mumbai since july 2004. in retsrospect, i guess my gd/pi went pretty well look forward to seeing u guys at mica

Does anyone play the drums?

Hey dude... is ur name arjun.. cuz i heard one of my friends mention ur name.. and btw... do u paly the drums.. cuz im serious abt learning to play the guitar.. we cud start a band of sorts before entering mica...HEHE... .... thts if the remainin students allow us to..:grab:

cya at mica

Arjun would be me... :)

Unfortunately, I don't play the drums. I do vocals/rhythm.
I could teach you to play the guitar if you like, but I charge very high fees - one lassi, chilled of course, per lesson... or equivalent.

MICA already has a drummer called Rashi Mittal from Bangalore. She'll be your senior..So Play on.... ANd yea.. She's a girl.

Rock away

Aha... so that means I better buy a new electric before i get there!
Btw... any rockers @ MICA? I mean not really heavy stuff (read Slayer, Death, etc), but like Oasis, Coldplay, Pearl Jam types?

Yup I love rock.

Love Dire Straits, The Eagles, The Doors. Listen to Alan Parsons Project, Joe Satriani, U2, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, Metallica and a whole lot more.

Any movie buffs out there?

Favourite movies include:

Schindler's List, Citizen Kane, A Clockwork Orange, The Godfather, The Aviator, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Requiem for a Dream and more.


this is minu from cal ...bcom hons graduate, pg diploma in journalism ...two years plus work exp...:) am into film-making as well...nothing big...short duration films...rather documentaries and docu-features... i love watching all sort of movies...love music and books (both fiction n non fiction)...

MICA has been a dream for the past year...and now that it seems to be happening...it doesnt seem real...

guess will take time to sink in...

looking fwd to meeting everyone there

Hey.. its great to know tht the future of MICA is as vibrant as its present... A FEMALE DRUMMER... now thts a exotic find... way to go gal..(slash pass this mesage to her)

I love all sorts of movies.. from aviator to andaaz apna apna.. and thts a wide spectrum.. love soft rock and bhangra (BALLE BALLE!! )

All set to rock the place!!!

MICA HERE I COME..........

hi everyone

i got this id only so i cld greet all future micans.so greetings guys.
Im in my last year of english hons at DU...and the last few months have brought forth their share of surprises...starting with a 97.03 % in CAT on which i can lay no claims of hard work (my parents still think I was slogging my brains off at Career Launcher North Campus when i was actually in sound sleep at my pg)...and i still dont think it important to clear their misconceptions...coz they probably wont understand my concepts of relying on universal luck...hehe.
i wasnt too pleased with my interview or gd or met at delhi ...had forgotten to carry a watch...thought i had only twenty minutes left when i had more than forty five...and scribbled answers...miscalculated numbers adding up to thirty a dozen times before i got it right...the untidy notes i crammed in later shd serve as examples of 'what not to say if you're trying to communicate.'
ive designed ads before....and i thought the interviewrs really tried to convince me to take up the crafting creative communications course and looked like they thought it was a bad idea for someone who designs ads to even apply to PGPCM.I'd told everyone its going to be a pleasant surprise if i get through....it was.
i also have an interview call from nid so if i get through there ill have a tough time deciding where to go....
more about me...
i loved physics before i took PCM in school,loved to read till i joined english hons.,did yoga regularly till i joined yoga classes...love everything to do with advertising....;-)

i write occasionally....
ive taken care of the marketing srategy n brand launch of a pre school in lko...and done ads for cl lko....
photography....started as an outlet for self obsession(my fave subject is myself)....has grown to become more than that....
music...from rock to old hindi....anything goes...the wider the range the better

I'm absobloodylutely crazy about movies!! The BEST thing on the MICA website was reading about Trinetra (The Movie appreciation club)!!

My favourites (I'll just blurt out a few off the top of my head) include but are in no way restricted to:
Mulholland Drive, Pulp Fiction (and the other QT movies), Rear Window, Memento, Fight Club, Before Sunrise/Before Sunset, Snatch (and the other Guy Ritchie movies). Phew... this could just go on and on and on...
Maqbool has been one of the most impressive Bollywood movies I saw last year. Can't even begin listing the desi ones down...

Ummm... so yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed with movies.

AND music. Rock primarily and Latin Jazz...

My favourite bands: Del Amitri/Dave Matthews...

God this is tough!! I don't want to anger my Gods of music by missing anyone out so will desist... Hehe...

pleiades Says
Pulp Fiction (and the other QT movies)

At my interview I was asked which my fav movie was.I said pulp fiction, and then began a long,animated discussion about QT, stereotypes, and Uma Thurman...