MHCET 2015 Slot 1: Scores & Ans Keys Re-evaluation

Low scores are observed in SLOT-1 MHCET 2015, which was conducted in dubious manner. People in the thread are individuals participating in the official discussion with DTE.

Good work....Let all Slot 1 ppl come together here...we will take the complaints ahead to dte tomorrow JB also has given just 24hrs to update the scores.

Spread sheet to put in details of individual & their scores

Result Analysis by DTE, it dubious , whether they have scaled the score or not

this is the link :

can can slot 2 people also join.can you guys represent slot 2 as well

one more thing why is the score out of 200 when wrong questions are not evaluated

Guys meanwhile ppl are filling the spreadsheet can we decide on time and place to meet tomorrow at dte? so that maximum ppl can attend and support the issue we are facing.

Also i think we need to inform JB about the same so that they can postpone the dates of score updation. 

Please guys take it very seriously else our hard work of a year will be wasted. 

Good work....Let all Slot 1 ppl come together here...we will take the complaints ahead to dte tomorrow JB also has given just 24hrs to update the scores.

I cannot access the spreadsheet u have put up, and im from slot score is way lower than I expected....can I join too? I'm from pune so will not be able to come to DTE office, but I want to make my entry into the spreadsheet....please someone make the entry for score is 125...92 on mobile so I cannot open the sheet.

I am from day 1 slot 1... i just got 99.28 marks 151.. Its wayyy lower than what was expected as was scoring around 150+ in ims mocks... There are serious glitches... Along with meeting the director we should have a litigation plan ready... I dont know if any good can ever come out of it... But lets give them a run for their money... They have destroyed our future anyways

Also join the facebook group created by someone with the name Slot-1 needs revaluation


Now that they have uploaded result analysis ,its simple ,if they are able to show that at every 3rd percentile they have equal candidate from slot 1. It will prove they have been fair

Folks urgent query - since we the slot 1 candidates have our scores in limbo, do we update the jbims portal with our scores and percentile or not ? 

Do we wait ?


Guys can we all meet up tomorrow outside DTE office at 11 am and discuss all issues with the director? We need maximum people so that dte takes us seriously.Please say yes only if genuinely you would be coming.

People from all the slots should ask DTE to atleast revaluate the scores. Its not just a problem with slot 1,the way DTE has handled CET right from the start was bad. People scored lower than they expected even after 10+ questions from each slot were not SUPPOSED to be counted.

For The Sake Of Our Careers..
And For The Sake Of Justice..
Slot 1 People..
Kindly Gather Outside Mcdonalds Opposite To CST Station By 8.30.Dont Be Late Since We Have Things To Discuss & More Importantly To Present Them Infront Of DTE.We Need A Huge Mass, So Spread The Message To As Many As You Can Or Beyond You Can..Also Bring Papers And Pens.. For We Can Make Posters Regarding Points..Lastly!!We Need To Be UNITED & Have One Voice That Speaks Oceans!!

See You All @8.30 Exactly Outside Mcdonalds.

God Bless You All!:) 😃

This thing should go in consolidation. Its DAY 1 people suffering. Also if you consider number of wrong questions and technical glitches,Day 1 had faced it most of the times! Its not just slot 1. Lets bring justice to those who have really suffered.