MH-CET Mahashtra 2017

MBA Exam for Maharashtra, college like JBIMS.

is mah-cet compulsory for oms category students in order to get into jbims/sydenham/kj ?

JBIMS is going to adapt new addmission procedure. Announced officially.

CET books and test series available.. Interested ping me..

which is better, IMS or career launcher for CET mocks?

I am planning to buy CET mocks.Which site would be better CET King or Oliveboard?

 How is Career Launcher Test series for MH-CET as compared to actual MH-CET?And if I want to go for either Career Launcher or IMS which one should I go for? 

I wanted to know do we need to give CMAT along with CET if we do not belong to Maharashtra?

 How is CET King's test series for MH-CET ? 

Which book shld i refer for mhcet 2017??

colleges accepting cet score for 2017-2019


Hi guys. I am Akash Vadera, a student of J.B.I.M.S. - M.M.S. I, and some of my friends have come up with up a YouTube channel for CET aspirants where we will be teaching tricks, concepts and shortcuts for competitive exams, with a bit of humor in it. First video will be out in 4 days. You can like and share this page for more updates:


Hi Puys, I have little knowledge about MH CET MBA admission process. What I have heard is that there is no GD for the admissions. Can anyone please clarify this for me?

When is the last date for filling the pgdm form of wellingkar?

If I want apply through CMAT do I need to fill CET form now or is there any seperate process afterwards?


Can anybody please help me as to what are the type of questions in the link called? I know there is a chapter dedicated to it in time notes but I need to know what is the name of the topic.

Thanks in advance.


They are asking bank details in the form. Is it necessary?

Can anyone please recommend me the best online test series for CET

I am an outside Maharashtra candidate. Do I need to give the CET ? The circular dated 26 Oct 2016, by DTE, says that CMAT should be given by OMS candidates. I am confused, please help.

MH-CET has minus marking?