[MH CET 2019] IMS SimCET 2019 (Proctored) | We are in the End Game now.

Post scores and discuss about this mock here - IMS SimCET 2019 (Proctored)

Are you going to attempt SimCET 1?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but after the slot window ends
  • No

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Has the slot booking started yet?

Time proctored aimmcet is given by too less people till now. This'll be the first mock of the season giving reliable percentile & rank as about 5000+ take it. I remember about 4 people who used to be in roll of honour in IMS proctored are now in JB. Excited to see what this season brings...

Slot Booking has begun. Book your slots now. 

Which slot did you book?

  • Will attempt after the window ends
  • Jan 6, Sun
  • Jan 5, Sat
  • Jan 4, Fri
  • Not attempting this mock
  • Jan 7, Mon

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What is the procedure to join test series for IMS?  Do I have to join by paying online or can I go to the IMS centre and make the payment?

How many will attempt this mock after XAT?

  • Others
  • Giving in the weekend itself
  • Not giving XAT but still giving on Monday
  • Will attempt mock after XAT

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Which one of the following test series is the best in terms of similarity and analysis options.

  • TIME
  • CL
  • IMS

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simcet1 link anyone?

Score range?

  • 80 to 90
  • 90 to 100
  • 150 and above
  • 100 to 110
  • 110 to 120
  • 120 to 130
  • 130 to 140
  • 140 to 150
  • Less than 80

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Anyone reviews?

Does anyone have simcet1 link??

How much time should we allot for each section.. Please help!

Anyone felt that the verbal section of SIMCET 1 was really poorly made? Too many questions  of the same type, too many gramatical and typographical errors in the questions and comparitively quite hard compared to the CET level.

Thread for SimCET 2 will be out soon but link will only be posted here as I have been told to refrain from posting in other social media groups by admins of those groups (which are run by coaching classes). Also, post your scores now and discuss with others as window is done for this mock.

SimCET 1 2019 Visual 20 - 20 mins Logic 48 - 60 mins Verbal 19 - 30 mins :/ Quants 24 - 40 mins Overall 111/200 150 genuine attempts My analysis when compared to CET 2018: Visual was slightly more difficult Logic was easier Puzzles were easier as well Verbal was slightly difficult Quants was easier

Last year, IMS used to upoad result by 11ish in the morning.. Now it's 1.30 already

Post yout SimCET 1 Scores, Rank and Percentile in this post

SimCET 2 2019 Thread Out


Please share this thread link with every CET aspirant as I have been told to refrain from posting in other social media groups by admins of those groups (which are run by coaching classes).  

Approximately how many people would've taken SIMCET 1? Got a 90. Found Quant to be difficult.