Mh cet 2017 target jbims 2017-2019


 compared to nmat mhcet mba exam will be easy or ha

Which book should I refer for mhcet17?

Online MH-CET offer by Cet-King worth buying?

Only maharashtrians are eligible to give mh cet? Also if a non Maharashtrian gives what r d seats for kj, syndem n jbim? When is d last date to fill mh cet?

Please suggest good books for  MH-CET 


For CET whose mocks would be better Cetking or Olive board or TIME?

How is Career Launcher Test series for MH-CET as compared to actual MH-CET?

And if I want to go for either Career Launcher or IMS which one should I go for?

 Please follow this group for asking general queries regarding SIES College of Management Studies.Thank You. 

Please post time table of time test series,if any body has joined it,as I like to know the schedule

is it finally official or still tentative that JBIMS is going to carry its own admission process for 2017. Should we follow whats written on JBIMS official website or it's going to change as per DTE. whats the deal ?


scored 82 in cat.... any chance to crack cet?

Hi .. is Sydenham registration closed already?

 How is CET King's test series for MH-CET ? 

How is TIME mock series??

I had joined TIME for CAT so right now i have CET mocks of TIME but will it be enough or any other mock series should also be taken??

Hi , I  just want to know, how many sits  are there in JBIMS for a general candidate  outside maharastra. since as per the recent notification JBIMS will be out of DTE cap process what changes are expected?, CAT 2016(which I already Screwed up) and cet 2017, how Jbims have distribution from both exams.

Thanks in Advance.

Is there any mock tests for CET which are offline and do not require an internet connection?

Hi guys. I am Akash Vadera, a student of J.B.I.M.S. - M.M.S. I, and some of my friends have come up with up a YouTube channel for CET aspirants where we will be teaching tricks, concepts and shortcuts for competitive exams, with a bit of humor in it. First video will be out in 4 days. You can like and share this page for more updates:



Can anybody please help me as to what are the type of questions in the link called? I know there is a chapter dedicated to it in time notes but I need to know what is the name of the topic.

Thanks in advance.