MFC GD/PI 2014 Experiences

Hello MFC Aspirants!This thread has been created for you all to share your GD/PI experiences. Please post the same here.Follow the below format:*CAT %le (OA, QA, DI, VA): **Work-Ex: ** Graduation Score & Stream: **XII score: **X scor…

Hello MFC Aspirants!

This thread has been created for you all to share your GD/PI experiences. Please post the same here.
Follow the below format:

CAT %le (OA, QA, DI, VA):


Graduation Score & Stream:

XII score:

X score:

GD/PI (date & time):

GD/PI experience:

Any advice for others:

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Plzz koi to share karo yaar... 😞 CSE

GD/PI (11th march,2014 & 9:00 AM)
Docs verification (Take 2 set of copies of all the required certificates and PI form too)
GD topic: Soft skills, not technical skills is what the corporate sectors need most
Good discussion. Lasted for around 15 minutes. No fish market. Everyone got a chance to speak. Well summarized.
Group no.2
2 panel members (Both male, seemed to be nice but were strict. Guy before me got grilled acha wala 😲 came out of the room all sweaty . Made him draw some graphs and some derivations)
P1: (The most expected question ) Why finance ?
M: Interested in accounting, had a family business, thats why finance.
Little discussion over my family background
Expected to be aware of everything around you.
Asked for the adjacent colleges of DU (motilal nehru and ramlal anand) (cudn't giv this answer) and also mind it whether you say college or university p. They were very particular about every term you speak. Try not to say random stuff.
P1: What have you prepared for this interview?
M: Nothing much. General awareness just (Didnt wanted to get grilled on economics stuff). Told them about the FB group ....from where I went through last year's experiences. Got grilled again you didn't made any effort to go through the institute you are going to appear by P2.
Did a little beating around the bush but admitted that I didnt put much effort from myself.
P1: questions on general awareness like finance minister, prime minister and all of india. Asked about the lieutenant governor of delhi (cudn't answer this 😠 they waited for sometime for me to come up with the answer but I didn't knew the answer) Chatted a little on arvind kejriwal.
P2: how many seats are there in parliament.
M: knew everything related to parliament stuff (seats and all, members, nominated people etc)
P1: So it seems you are interested in politics?
M: Nah....just read this somewhere.
P1: So you are interested in accounting but you dont know anything about accounting ? p
M: Explained the exact area in which I m interested and how I can justify that.
P2: Random stuff on general awareness like recently we celebrated women's day. when and also some television stuff that telecast that day?
M: Told.
P1: What do you know of RBI?
M: knew little bit about its policies....said some terms. Got grilled on it after sometime on central bank of india and literally the 'Central Bank Of India' 😉.
P1: What is your favorite area?
M: Said I like to keep my hands at everyfield.
P2: got a lecture by P2 on why one should not only specialize but also have an overall development in every field.
M: said I'd like to be one someday.
They said we are done. Thank you.
Overall a nice experience. 50-50 chances. Dont know whether i was able to woo them or not 😁 .
Maintained a smile throughout.
Just try to bring attention to your field of expertise and justify your candidature. Do why finance ache se and read about DFS. ATB guys 🍻 It was a smooth process.

hey guys here are my experiences, i dont have the energy to post both MBE and MFC but i'll post a composite picture of the experience

cat 97.7
10th 96
12th 95
w ex-0
eco hnr 73

mbe interview was somewhat like this

three old professors
p1, p2, p3

p1, what have u done in the past year
me ---
p2, okay what do u remember of eco
me- 2nd yr micro
-1- really? u remember two years back ka things?
me- yep
p1 okay take this papaer and draw teh model for this, this and this
me- tried to, they were expressionless
p3- okay now explain this type of economic structure
me- explained properly,( asked to use the paper as i was comfortable with graphs)\
p3- what is this and this market?
me-- tried to ans
p1- if u dont remember just say
me( huge sigh) yes sir i have forgotten
p1- name 5 of this type of banks and then 5 netionalided banks and then soem pvt banks and ( so on and so forth)
i could ans that
then they asked me about women CEOs and if i admired them, i said yes, they started laughing, they asked who i liked the most, i said chanda kochar( sic), coz she is from LSR, and then they said i may leave,

MFC interview was on the same lines, except that i knew fewer answers:(

the GD was on the topic Corrupt politicians vs corrupt bureaucrats,