Mechanical Engineering Preparation for Interviews.

The purpose is to prepare for Acads questions from Mechanical engineering. Do put in doubts and questions. Let's make this part of PI simple atleast.

I will start.

1- Laws of Thermodynamics. 

2- What is Carnot Cycle.

3- What power cycle is used in Thermal power plants.

4- Explain Rankine cycle.

5- Why Carnot cycle cannot be used in Power plants.

6- What is knocking in engines?

7- What is MPFI and CRDI?

8- What are differentials? What is their use?

9- What is a flywheel?

What is Mechanical Engineering? What are Carnot Cycle, Otto Cycle, and Diesel Cycle? Explain simple vapour compression cycle in refrigerator. Which compressor is usually used in AC? Why don't CI engines need a spark plug? What are MPFI and TPFC systems? State the laws of Thermodynamics. Which is your favourite car and why? Which is your favourite two-wheeler and why? When we start a vehicle, exhaust smoke appears white. Why? What are the various thermodynamic systems? What are the basic definitions? What is triple point of water? What is an indicator diagram? What are the features and advantages? How is it different from p-v diagram? What is a differential and how does it work? Explain 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. What are the differences between SI and CI engines? What is the difference between turbo charging and supercharging? What are knocking detonation and pre-ignition? What are the preventive measures adopted? What is meant by Jet Propulsion? Ramjet, Scramjet, Turbojet, Turboprop, and Turbo fan? Explain common automobile specifications. Explain refrigerator system. What are the refrigerants used in refrigerators, AC, water coolers, walk-in coolers, and freezers? How are AC systems like window AC, split AC, and central AC different from each other? What are Heat Exchangers? What are Conduction, Convection and Radiation? Explain the concept of a black body. Explain Stephan-Boltzmann Laws, Kirchoff's Law, Planck's Law and Wien's Displacement Law. Explain lubrication system in IC engines. What is SAE? How to identify two balls having same external radius and weight, one hollow and the other solid, of different materials? Explain the principle of Watt's Governor. Differentiate between governor and fly wheel. What is ASHRAE? What are the different types of turbines and compressors? What are the new trends in IC engine? What do you know about CDI, ball piston, camless engines like GDI, VTEC? How does the number of valves per cylinder affect the cycle? How can you differentiate between the inlet and outlet ports? What is ABS, GPS, SBC, SOHC, and DOHC? Explain different types of gears and their applications. Certain vehicles can be started by keeping the gears engaged, while certain others cannot be - explain? Tell us about different types of manufacturing processes. How do you polish a ball bearing? Differentiate between lathe and a milling machine. How will you machine a square cross-section in lathe? What are the different processes carried out on a lathe? What are CNC and DNC machines? Compare. What is the mode of manufacture of common articles like chairs, toothpaste tubes, and pens? What are different cutting tool materials and composition? Tell about cooling fluids and their functions. Differentiate between shaper and planer. Explain heat treatment processes. What do you mean by bending moment diagram? Explain its significance. What is Hook's law? What is Poisson's ratio? Between glass and rubber for which material it is more and why? Can Poisson's ratio be negative? Explain bending moment equation and torque equation. Explain crippling load with equations. What are the principal stresses and strains? What is Euler's theory? What is actor of safety and its significance in design and manufacturing? What is Endurance limit? How is flow measurement in pipe channel done? What is water hammer? What is the function of surge tank? Explain boundary layer theory and separation. What is Magnus effect? Explain Mach number and its significance. What is draft tube and explain its application? How does a centrifugal pump work? What is cavitation? What is its use? Explain the working of reciprocating pumps. Explain slip in reciprocating pumps? What is an air vessel and explain its functions? Explain the working of hydraulic ram, accumulator, lift. What is the function of pen stock? Apply Bernoulli's theorem to an aircraft. Compare the constructional details of a petrol and diesel engine. Which gear is used to obtain maximum speed ratio? Which law of thermodynamics is applicable when you inflate a tyre? Why isn't the earth expanding? Differentiate between absolute and kinematics viscosity? Is turbo charging possible in petrol engines? Explain mechatronics? Explain the various processes required to manufacture an air conditioner or a boiler. Draw the Fe-C equilibrium diagram. What are the different types of layouts? Which is the type of lighting best suited for Software Company? Tell about head and turbine for different types of hydroelectric stations. What electives have you taken and why? Where does the future of mechanical engineering lie? What is Six Sigma?

 last year ques : whats COP, carnot cycle, rankine cycle, difference between cold and hot hardness, material used in manufacturing drill, application of heat and mass transfer, use of carnot cycle, working of heat engine