MDI PGPM batch of 2009-11

Hello Junta! Now that the final results are out, let’s know one another! Please post your profiles in a convinient format. Cheers! S

Name: Mohit Sharma

CAT Score: 99.36
Work-ex: Yes, 19 mnths

Grad stream: BCA ,
Present location: Hyderabad
Other converts: IMT G , SCMHRD

going to join MDI

Name: Prakhar Asthana

CAT Score: 165(99.87)

Grad Stream:Architecture - IIT Roorkee

Work-ex: Nope

Present Location: Roorkee

Other Converts: Only MDI 😞 ...rejected by IIM-C,I,K

Name: Manan Bajoria

CAT Score: 99.36

Grad Stream:Electronics & Communication

Work-ex: 10 Months in Motorola Hyderabad
Joining MDI PGPM 😃

Name: Ayushi Agrawal :

CAT Score: 99.56

Work-ex: 10 months with IBM Chennai

Grad stream: B.Tech(Chemical Engineering), NIT Surat (2004-2008 )

Present location: Chennai

Other calls: None

Name: Divya Gosain

CAT Score: 99.43

Grad Stream: Manufacturing & Automation Engg.

Work-ex: 22 months (Financial Analyst)

Present Location: Noida

Other Converts: MDI (PGPM) was the only call :grin:

Name: vatsal goel

CAT Score: 99.53

Grad Stream: B.Com(H) hansraj, delhi university

Work-ex: no

Present Location: delhi

Other Converts: FORE, NIRMA, IMT-G(waitlisted)


After IIM K and IIM I debacle, sure feels nice to be able to use
CAT 08:

CGPA: 6.5 (after 7th sem) :drinking:
Name: Navdeep Jakhar
CAT Score: OA-99.86
Grad Stream: Civil Engg. (B.Tech), IIT Guwahati

Work-ex: 0

Present Location:IIT Guwahati

Other Converts:MDI HR and PGPIM

Rejects: IIM K and IIM I


Name: Rahul

CAT %ile: 99.43%

Grad Stream: B.Tech ECE - West Bengal University of Technology (in final year )

Work-ex: 0

Present Location: Kolkata

Other Converts: NMIMS ( Rejected by IIM A, C and K :oops: )


got through MDI PGPM will be joinig for sure

NAME:Aviral Chandra


BTECH: NIT ALLAHBAD(cpi 7.23 till 7th SEM)


CAT :99.19%



Name : Pulak
CAT: 99.40
Work-ex: None
Grad: EnC Engi(manipal)
Present Location: Kolkata
Rejects:IIMC ,IIMK( although waitlisted no hopes )
Converts : Only MDI(PGPM) and none in the pipeline either
Finally converted sumthing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Preetam Biswas

CAT Score: 99.49

Grad Stream: BE in Instru from Jadavpur University 2006 passout

Work-ex: 31 months

Present Location: Pune (from Kolkata)

Other Converts: IMT, MDI

Joining MDI...

Name: Ram Prasad Panda
CAT Score: 99.47
Graduation: BE(Mechanical) from Andhra University
Work-ex: 20 months
Present location: Kolkata
Other converts: IMT-G
Waitlisted at IIMI, NITIE.
Rejects: IIM A,C,K,SPJain
Joining MDI.

Name: Omkar Parnandiwar
CAT Score: 99.36%tile
Graduation : B.E. IT ,St. Francis, Mumbai Univ.
Work-ex: nil, grad in 2008, took a break for a year!
Present Location: Mumbai
Other Converts: nil
Wait Lists : NMIMS and IMT-G
Rejects: IIM A, IIM C
Joining MDI PGPM 2009-2011

Just another passing thought.... do we have a separate thread for ppl from different cities joining MDI Gurgaon???

Name: Vivek Khanchandani

CAT Score: 99.92

Grad Stream:B-Tech Mechanical

Work-ex: 18 months (april end)

Present Location: Pune

Other Converts: MDI PGPIM

Name: Mukund Sankunny

CAT Score: 99.19%

Grad Stream: B.Tech Mechanical

Work-ex: 34+ Months

Present Location: Chennai

Other Converts: None

Rejects: IIMK

Hi Mendevians,

See this thread..

Hey people

this thread is just becoming a normal formal intro thread
Let me pour in a few queries , so if anyone has answers to them plz reply for everyone's benefits:

1.Are we suppsoed to wear formals everyday?
2.When is the course likely to start?
3.Any news about the fee being reduced?(in our wildest fantasy)
4.Are we provided with internet access in the hostels?

Name: Pulak Kothari

CAT Score: 146(99.53)

Grad Stream:Elec - BIT Mesra

Work-ex: 2 years

Present Location: Pune

I have one query..
When are we supposed to pay our first installment?
coz tentative date 1st may is too early ..