MDI (HR) GT/PI Experiences

hi all GT pi process for hr started yesterdy yet no thread for it… so thought of starting one all plz share your gt pi experience for hr over here…

hi all
GT pi process for hr started yesterdy yet no thread for it... so thought of starting one
all plz share your gt pi experience for hr over here.................

to start with my experience of GT
it was 1st gt for me............
we were group of 8 given 8-10 things were asked to make as many as different innovative products out of it....
everything in a form of case was written on a paper we were asked to read it 4 2 mins
then 10 mins were given to the group to discuss in how many categories we are gonna make products and also how many each kind of products we ll make
we decided for eight categories and 20 products...........
then for next 20 mins we all were making products out of these things
all pin
stapler pins
match box
paper clip
fevi stick
a circular card board
a bottle cap

we managed many products like tripod stand from matck sticks .... aroplanes from paper boats from paper .......... and few more such craps(moderator in the end actually said few of the things that u all have made are stupid)

then pi i was randomly called at no 1
he said so u vr in morning also(for pgpm)
i said yes
so which processu like more
i said GT
he said next obvious qn pgpm or hr
i said pgp
told him domain knowledge , option open , mdi master at course
y u filled hr?
blah blah
ok your interview up
iwas shocked ....
he said as we have already judged u in the pgpm interview i don think their is any thing to ask
he said if u have any query u can ask
i said ll that interview gonna carry over or wat
he said interview is not only abu qn and ans .......... we have judged u on the basis of group activity and interview u have already given ......... best of luck....
i said thx

ps ... for my pgpm interview experience go thru the related thread

Mine done yest too - nuthin much to tel bout it actually

Profile - BE Comp Engg - 18 months workex in a superb IT MNC... ERP Consulting...

Batch: 2 pm to 5:30 pm (12th March) - same as deepu's

Ratio: 5 boys - 4 gals - 1 missing

Noticed -- People had simply marked PGP-HR course for no reason... some by mistake - they actually wanted PGP... some had multiple calls - one gal, who i must say was good had C,L,I calls...

GT: As Deepu has given on the MDI-HR calls thread - check it out for that - some task where they gave us a lot to read at first - which didnt make any sense... panelists were 2 ladies... we were given da same kinda articles as described above - and told to first decide how many articles we can make, and then make them of course - in the first 10 and 20 min respectively. I guess the full group was bamboozled initially, as all were individually writing down bout da articles to be made - but then at some stage I put it across that its a group task and has be pursued togetha - from then it took some shape - there were some good contributions - esp from the person next to me - named Vinod (he isnt on PG) - he was da most active fellow I guess... as Deepu said - we estimated 7 - created 8 - out of which 5 were accepted by the panel...

Interview: - Panel same - 2 ladies - one elderly, smiling kind - E
second young, strict, non-smiling kind - Y

Both of them looked very knowledgeable, especially the elderly lady... and well, also looked liked they would finish us off... - but an interview with such high profiled people is always interesting - and i heard that in the morning they had taken the PGP interviews - so well - the panels were interchanging too... - so PGP guys do take care ;)

I was the seventh as per the order - and it did begin with the order as Deepu said... with da first being him... all da people were comin out one after the other being stressed out on why HR, individual profile questions, general questions (not GK) - mostly related to da form filled... so i guessed tat the form had to be filled with care - i had tot that the interview was goin to be a good one today 😉 - somethin else was in store though :(

They changed the order at the fifth person, started callin randomly, then finished off the 3 gals remaining, and i was kept LAST :(... - at around 6:40 pm... no one was left there - only me...

Moi goes inside -- Moi - M

E: Hello Ashish, sorry to have kept u waiting for so longg... blah blah..
Y - (also joining in) - yeah yeah - smiling (was surprised at that - was nice to see her smile )
M (wishin): Its ok ma'am etc etc...
E: -- explains that taking interviews is a long procedure and takes some time...
M: I understand ma'am.
E: Ok - so I see here that you have graduated from Goa, schooling Goa etc - why Goa?
Y: Maybe he is from Goa.
M: Yes (koi gunaah kiya kya ? 😉 )
E: Oh Goa !! Wow - we have a Goan among us !!
Y: Yes its very interesting to be interviewing a Goan
M: - also joining in - (guess they are getting ready to slaughter me - so are they gonna ask me on Goa? 😐 )
E: So I can see some nice grades in Xth and XIIth, but it dropped in grad - y so?
M: Blah blah - good percentile though...
E: So Goa University doesnt give high percentages?
M: Blah blah - only to comp it gives low, to Electronics its favourable

(During this while, Y takes my files and goes thru - was happy at that ... wanted her to see them )

E: (turning the form) - So well, u have been workin in XXX and have a nice profile... good good - well then why this program now?
Y - joining in : yes, u have applied to IM program etc etc...
M - cuts short - No Ma'am - only PGP-HR
M - Starts the Why HR answer - and suddenly goes blank 😞 - (uh oh - gadbad)
E: Thats all... and starts her gyaan
M: cuts short - gives my gyaan
E: gyaan
M: gyaan

(This was followed by a huge convincing battle from both sides on Why HR... nothin much to gain in it etc etc etc ... both sides givin gyaan - both sides adamant )

- Very tough to tell who ended up convincing whom... - but they were hell bent on throwing me out of the room tryin to say 'Its a wrong decision on your part'

Y: Which other calls?
M: Blah blah
E: - (Stern look) - Preference?
M (coolly) - blah blah ( was honest here )
E: Ok thank you Ashish
Y: Thank you (smiling)
M (Wat the $$$$... !!! ) - Thank you ma'am (almost said - thats it?? :wow:)
E: Yes thank you.

(Before leaving) M: Ma'am do you want the attested CAT score card/work ex proof
Y & E: No we have checked it
M: ??:??:??:??:??: (when did they do so? )
M: Thanks Ma'am (wishes and exits)

Thats it - ten min interview - only ONE question - dont know wat to say - almost all others had around 20 to 25 min interviews with a lot of questions asked... moi had nothin like that... looks like they didnt want to see more of me 😞 :(

No more comments...

Bachaale bhagwaan... 😃 :)

PS - the best part - after GT we were served biscuits and cold drink... really liked that... 😃 - thanx for that MDI 😃

All da best to others..


Hi All...

Those done with their GT/PI...please let us know the size of the group, the articles we sholud make out of the material provided...i.e. shall the articles be of any use or they can be any sought of show pieces also....
Also please throw some light on the answers they are expecting of questoins such as WHY HR????

Those of u who have finished their interviews , could u pls post the answer to the question y hr??

archana645 Says
Those of u who have finished their interviews , could u pls post the answer to the question y hr??

Hi, see the reason why they r repeatedly asking everyone why hr.. is cos they're lookin to find out r u serious about this field!.. cos unlike other mbas.. this is a specialised one.. so unless ur dead serious bout this field... you shouldt be considerin it.. cos once ur here there's no lookin back and ur pretty much stuck or rather remain in the HR field.. which might be good news to some.. and not so good news for the others..

U have to figure out why exactly U wanna do hr.. why do u wanna restrict urself from day 1 in this field...

There's no 'one size fits all' answer to this question...

Hope that helps...
archana645 Says
Those of u who have finished their interviews , could u pls post the answer to the question y hr??

questions were..why hr? why mdi? which other colleges in hr do u know?

fav book? why hr after engineering?
said about attrition rates...managing them by giving employees job profile acc to capability, interested in manufacturing sector,so took up engineering...was decent

grp task-predicted 15 items

so a good task..lets c

well ppl d grp task definitely looks quite scary..plz post more experiences.

please post today group the same as teh prevoius days or has it changed??

hi the group task remained the same today too...we were given paper marker a placard kin dof thing stapler pins pencils rubber band and certain stuff i am frgettin we had to tell number of categories and then tell number of products we would be making...we siad we wud make 12 but ended up makin 20 out of which 116 were approved by the panel....interview is abt 20-25 mins each focussing on y HR and some info abt your own college,,...nothin specific abt academics though

About the Group Tasks...
What exactly are you supposed to categorize? The raw materials (pin,staples,matches etc), or the final products? On what basis.? Could anyone give some sort of an example?

it were the final products we would be making which had to category of utility items etc...

how many papers were provided? u had to use 1 item once only? what kind of items were made?

My gt/pi experience.13th march,gurgaon
Guys, this is my last call of the seasonand the only hope for me..though not much chances with a score of just 94.23%ile

Gt-as already said, we were given some pencil rubber paper, pins,matchbox etc
Predicted-15 items
Made-23 items
Accepted-18 items
So a decent performance by the group of 8(1 was absent)

Interview- I was the 3rd one to go

The panel was trying to take a stress interview, will object you on every sentence

p-how was the group task?
Me-enjoyed a lot..lots of ppl coming up with good ideas..and the best part was that we were successful in making items more than we predicted

p-it means u were underestimating yourselves..or were fearful
me-madam, we wanted to set some realistic target..and as the company beats the market expectations in financial resuls, so did we.we beat our own expectations..adding to that I was aware of my potential..but not of the whole group..and once we started making products, we thought that the group has more potential

p-so why hr?
me-told bout attrition rates figures globally and in india, increasing workforce, maintaing them, future is going to be war of talent..+ that there r very few ppl opting for hr and very few good b- schools offer specialization in HR


p-also imi and imt offer that
me-I was not aware of it

p-why hr after engineering?
Metold bout my inerest to go into manufacturing sector(btw I m an electrical engineering fresher)like abb and l&t..there; the recruiter or the hr person should know what the company wants and what the prospective employee should be like
Told that the reason for attrition is that the candidate feels that he is more capabe of doing something better than this kind of job profileso thats a challenge hr manager is facing

p-hr is being less scope?
me-said hr managers are still required and ppl are ignoing it coz of the more glossy field of finance or there is supply demand mismatchnd also I m capable to be selected in a good company even if requirement is less

p-2 saal mein aisa kya sikhaa denge ki hr ki duniya palat doge?
Me-told that I had a talk with mdi seniors ..they r already working in their 2nd live project during lots to learnand the change can take place once I enter into the profession..only then I can comment on reaction from panel)

p-u like reading?
Me-yes..both fiction n non fiction

p-ur top 3-4 novels
me-google stor ,made in America, lee Iacocca,games people play

p-ur fav?
Me-google story

Meinspiring, innovative ideasblah blah

p-name some top companies with good hr policies
me-according to ET 500, TCS, bharati and P&G; wre the top 3 companiess

said a quote from P&Gs; president-If u take away all buildings and money and leave only our employees, we can build the entire ystem in a decade, but if u take away our people, we cannont build thae system again in lifetime

thats all..thank you

was good enuf I guess, wat say??but mere cat score ka kya karun!!!!heard they give a lot of weightage to it


Can any1 please tell aprox how much weightage is given on cat score??my interview went very good but having only 95.42 %le in CAT..Can any1 please tell how many students were there in 2006-08 batch in the range of 94-96 %le..

In my batch of 32 ppl, the lowest percentile is 94.xx, one person has 95.xx and all others have more than 96 %ile....In fact most of the people are in the upper spectrum of 97.5x and the top percentile is 99.6.
Dont get tensed c0z a really good interview can make u land @ MDI....
And the batch size is increasin to 50 plus......
Keep ur fingers crossed


Can any1 please tell aprox how much weightage is given on cat score??my interview went very good but having only 95.42 %le in CAT..Can any1 please tell how many students were there in 2006-08 batch in the range of 94-96 %le..

hi everybody!

is it d same kind of Group Tasks that r being given 2 students evrytime??

hi everybody!

is it d same kind of Group Tasks that r being given 2 students evrytime??

@ Vivek
i think ur interview was really good. All The Best. and thanks for the information.

One question. do the panel tell you what kind of products you can make or you can make anything. And can there be repetition of the same product?