MDI GURGAON 2017-19 Final Converts Group

Congratulations for making it to the final list of selected candidates!! We welcome you all to MDI Gurgaon 

I have converted PGP-IM and my preference was PGPM>IM>HRM.

I want to understand how I can assess my chances of conversion to PGPM? 

PGP HRM converted. Chances of upgrading to PGPM, and by when?

PGP HRM converted. Would I get to know the waitlist/merit number after paying 3 lakhs? Asking because I am only interested in the core program.

can someone please share the MDI prospectus... thanks :)


What is the refund procedure?


I have converted PGPM and i have a few queries:

1. By when do the lectures start? Registration is on 14th June so do the lectures start next day itself?

2. I am a fresher and wont have my final degree certificate at the time of registration. That wont be a problem right?

3. What is the refund procedure in case I cancel my admission later?


I have converted PGP-IM. Does this guarantee a seat for me in PGP-IM or are there buffer calls? I am confused with the "Provisional Admission".

WL 21. Applied only for pgpm. Chances?

Can the Adcom please elaborate on the refund policy. How much we'll get in refund before 14th June and after 14th? 

Converted PGP-IM . Preference was PGPM > PGPIM > PGPHRM.

1. Any Chances of conversion to PGPM?

2. Is there any whats app group for the converts?

In PGPM , for the exchange programs , the students are selected on the basis of performance or choice ?

Hello everyone, this is to remind everyone that whosoever is sending us request to join the official converts fb group need to compulsorily send the screenshot of their conversion letter at [email protected].
There are many requests that we cannot comply with until and unless you mail the letter. So please follow the same. 

Guys, How is credila for education loan? Any reviews.

@devz88 the fee is to paid to the savings account mentioned in the offer letter or current account as generally firms have current accounts?

Hi all,

I need some help/advice/suggestions.

Here's my situation: 

1. My WL is 61, PGPM only.

2. I have a strict notice period of 1 month

So if anyone could help me understand the timelines of WL movements, I could plan my resignation accordingly.

I know the first WL movement is around mid May, not expecting to get through in that list.

The second movement will most likely be by the end of May - I might get in here, might not.

The subsequent list may be out even later than this if any.

So when are the students expected to join if they convert really late? If we are to join immediately the I can resign now and withdraw my resignation later if I do not make it through.

By when can we expect the AO to send the acknowledgment mail.. I had mailed them yesterday but I have not yet received any response

 Converted IIM Lucknow?  Pulling out from MDI PGPM/PGPIM/PGPHR ? 
IIM L converts and MDI PGPM/PGPIM/PGPHR converts , please vote :)

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  • Yes

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  MDI: PGPM >PGP HRM Kindly help which one to choose!

  • Iift delhi

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  • New IIMs

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