MDI GURGAON 2016-18 Final Converts Group

Congratulations for making it to the final list of selected candidates!! We welcome you all to MDI Gurgaon

Congrats to all those who made it to the final list.

hi @swatahsiddha I've been allocated PGP-IM, and I want to pursue PGPM...wht are the next steps or updates that I can watch out for..?

hello , I got a mail that i have been selected for PGPIM ? what are the chances of converts from IM to PGPM? 

Can a Waitlist Tracker be created for internal waitlist movement?

I got selected for PGP-HRM. But I want to do PGPM. Will there be any kind of movement of people from PGP-HRM to PGPM ?

Do I need to pay the 1st installment so as to be able to move to PGPM ?

Can I expect any mails NOW?

Converted PGP-HRM which was my 2nd preference. What are the chances of getting through to PGPM as per past trends? 

If a person. Has entered wrong email id.. Is there any different way of finding out the result

@swatahsiddha ...I converted PGP-IM could you please tell me how to get the waitlist number for PGPM.

what are the chances converting PGPM ...if selected for PGP_HRM?

Did MDI rollout waitlist for PGDM?

converted HRM but looking to pursue PGDM.


This is something I got from Facebook.

Last year's final waitlist nos. to convert:

PGPM: 95

PGIM: 602

PGHR: 831

Last to last year's final waitlist nos. to convert:

PGPM: Around 20

PGIM: Around 220

PGHR: Around 400

These waitlist nos. are final nos. after internal and external movements.


First round of results:

Some people get direct confirmation of conversion and some get waitlisted.

Those who convert their 2nd or 3rd preferences:

No waitlist no. is assigned to these students. They are informed through emails only once they get upgraded. These students need to pay the first instalment of fees and then only they are considered for the upgrade.

Those who get waitlisted:

The waitlist no. assigned is general and not specific to any course of the student's preference. Students get their best preference depending upon the availability of seats.

For example: Suppose a waitlisted student has selected:

PGPM: 1st preference; PGIM: 2nd; PGHR: 3rd.

AO first sees if there is a seat available in PGPM. If not then they move to PGIM. If that is also full and only HR has the vacant seat then the student is given PGHR.

When do the waitlists move?

There are specific deadlines given for the payment of the first instalment. Usually waitlist movements are disclosed after a week ahead of this date.

For example: This time the deadline for the payment of the first instalment is 7th of May. So waitlist movement can be expected any time after 14th of May.

How do the waitlists move?

As the seats start getting vacated, students start getting upgraded internally as well as externally as per their merit ranks based on final score. Depending upon the available no. of seats in different courses and preferences of students allotted lower preference course or waitlisted are allotted seats.
Please note that the waitlist moves strictly in sequence irrespective of the preference and the number of preference filled.

For example: Suppose there are 3 waitlist nos. : 20, 21 and 22.

Waitlist no. 20:

PGPM: 1st preference; PGHR: 2nd; PGIM: 3rd

Waitlist no. 21:

PGPM: Only preference

Waitlist no. 22:

PGPM: 1st preference; PGHR: 2nd; PGIM: 3rd

>In this case if there is a vacant seat in PGPM then undoubtedly waitlist 20 will get PGPM first and then 21 and 22. 

>Now suppose there is a vacant seat in HR or IM but not in PGPM. Then waitlist 21 gets skipped and waitlist 20 and 22 are given whatever is available in HR/IM. But the moment there is a vacant seat in PGPM waitlist no. 21 will be offered that seat before waitlist no. 22 even if waitlist no. 22 has paid for the HR/IM seat.


@swatahsiddha Hi, I converted PGP-HRM which was my second preference. So will I get to know PGPM waitlist number or the PGPHRM merit number? If not, then how will I get to know my chances of upgradation?

can anyone please post the link for checking the results..I am not able to login into my account.

Hi everyone, we apologize for the delay.

The following are the links for joining the Facebook page for converts. Kindly make sure you drop a mail to  [email protected] with a screenshot of your admission letter.

MDI Gurgaon Final Converts Group

Which one

  • Sibm P
  • Mdi HR
  • Imi d
  • Imt g
  • Nmims B
  • Ximb

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Student1: 1st pref - PGPM , 2nd - pgphrm(offered)

student2: 1st pref - PGPM , 2nd - pgpIM (offered)

Student3- 1st pref-PGPM(wait listed)

One seat available in PGPM!

What decides , who gets the vacant seat?

is it the Overall composite/merit score?

Will PGP HRM or IM selected candidates get to know their PGPM wait list number??

I did not get any email. Does that imply that I haven't been selected or waitlisted for any of my preferences.