MDI 2007-09 final results out

MDI final results out : I am in. :: -Mufasa Vindicated

MDI final results out :

I am in.

-Mufasa Vindicated

Congs mufasa! 😁 😁 😁

Party but continue here:

And now resign 😛

Finally, Finally after three gruelling years of my life, i got a final call.
I cant believe it.

I did it!

Seniors! please tell us when will the course start.

Welcome Class of '09

You are a ManDevIan now.

People who are waitlisted-don't worry , in our batch it went upto wl-81 for PGPM and for PGHR till some 15 to 20..will confirm for HR.

All those who didn't make, well IIM's are still awaited.
Whatever happens, happens for the good.

Now go and Celebrate...
@Mahip..can u start a thread which is common for all and also different one? If that is feasible.

Hey guys follow the other main thread for the results....

hello seniors,

mine is waitlist 31 for HR. can u plz tel me wat r my chances of gettin thru??