McMaster Univ-DeGroote MBA 2013 applicants

Hi Puys, Welcome to DeGroote Fall’13 thread… Pls share your application and admit status here… I submitted my application in second week of Jan , interviewed on 6 march and received the admit on same day. Hope to have a nice d…

Hi Puys,

Welcome to DeGroote Fall'13 thread...
Pls share your application and admit status here...

I submitted my application in second week of Jan , interviewed on 6 march and received the admit on same day.

Hope to have a nice discussion and I wish good luck to all the applicants

Hi amrendra1,

I submitted my application to DSB a couple of weeks back and got an interview invite today. I would like to know what to expect in the interview.

Pls also share your profile. Mine is as follows:

B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
Wor Ex.: 1 year and 10 months
GMAT: 650
Toefl: Waived


Hi Dinesh,

I applied to the full time MBA at DSB and had my interview with Dory from adcom. It was more of conversation than an interview. She asked me the standard MBA interview questions. Below are the questions she asked me:
Tell me about yourself?
Why MBA?
Why Degroote?
Short term and long term goals
what are your hobbies?
what unique experience would bring to the classs?
Define leadership.
why do you want to go for an international education?
If you are not accepted to this program, do u have a backup plan?
How would your colleagues describe you?

My profile:
B tech:Mech Engg
Work ex: 3.5 years

All the best for your interview..Keep me posted


I have also applied to Desautels, and Alberta Business school. Awaiting replies from both these schools.

PLs let me know my chances in these schools.

Hi Guys,

I am in process of applying for the same.
What mail id did you guys use for the sending of official transcripts?
@GTM_1 [email protected]

Hi All,

I have created a facebook group for DeGroote MBA 2015.

Please join the group and let us share our queries and admit status.


@ all: Are you guys aware of the co-op program? I am surprised why no one has been applying for it. Any specific reasons for doing that. Let me know if you need any help/info. I would be happy to help out. Not sure, how often I would be replying, but I would try my best.

@ahmba Hi,Yes..Co-op is a very unique program . I got in touch with adcom sometime back. Have few queries ..but they have not replied yet. I want to apply for Fall 13. International deadline is sometime away. Have you already applied?
@GMAT_Conquer Who did you get in touch with? They are generally quick in their replies. Well as I said if you have any question about the co-op prog. I can try to answer them for you. I also have a blog if you guys have any questions about the VISA process and stuff. Just because the deadline is away, please do not wait until the last moment to apply.

BTW I am already in the program 😃

@ahmba Great!!I will definitely have a look at your blog .
I dropped a mail to [email protected] .There was no official reply,just a automated one.

Actually, I had queries about GPA & TOEFL requirement .If you can answer or redirect it to a rep would be great.
1.If you study in a few universities in India rGPA(or % age) cannot be 75%. It is simply impossible. I wanted to know if that requirement is considered on a university basis.
2.Can a TOEFL requirement be waived if the medium of instruction for an undergraduate course was English.

Well,I am not that keen on applying for Fall 13 now. It's already late & I see less chances of securing an admit .


@GMAT_Conquer I know that there is no such minimum requirement for GPA. They look at your application in its entirety. One component is not a deal breaker (unless however your GPA is very low).

In terms of TOEFL, I had submitted mine even though I had been to English medium schools all my life. But it looks like Amarendra has managed to get his TOEFL waived. You could check with him. I guess you do have the option of waiving it.

I know it is kinda late to apply now, but if you have got a good application and you are ready to take the leap, you could give it a shot.

@ahmba The percentage requirement is mentioned on the site. - Under transcripts section.

"What we look for: The completion of a 4-year bachelor창€™s degree in any discipline, a minimum B average (75%) in your most recent two years of university study and proof of graduation (if applicable)."
@ahmba My GPA is not less when it is compared to applicants from my university. But when it is compared to applicants from other universities ,it is less. Pune University students generally have %age in the range of 55-60 .There might be very few people with a %age as high as 75%.
@amrendra1 Please reply. I have a few queries.

Hi @GMAT_Conquer ..... Toefl/Ielts is not required for most of the colleges if the medium of instruction was english but it is DEFINITELY required for visa. In my case I did not ask for TOEFL/IELTS waiver in any of the colleges I applied to(Rotman,Schulich,McGill,Degroote,Haskayne) . Initially McGill was reluctant and insisted on IELTS/TOEFL score but last week I received an interview invite from them.IF you are not applying for Fall 13 then I would suggest you take the IELTS and then apply as it would make your application stronger. Also a high GMAT score would also work in your favor but then again it's just one component of your application.

Hi @ahmba ...thank you for sparing some time and answering our queries.

PS:I would be appearing for IELTS next month.

@amrendra1 Happy to help.

Let me know if you need anything else. And I would again stress that if you are coming to DeGroote, make sure you come in to the co-op program. It's their flagship program and trust me its really beneficial for international students. You get 12 months of international job ex. No other program gives you that.
@ahmba, @amrendra1
Hey, I know Co-op is a flagship program. Say,if I don't get an admit for the Co-op program...will I be then admitted to Degroote's Full Time MBA program.Please clarify.

What is the profile of the class. I read on the site that a min GMAT score of 600 score is expected.Hi..what % of the class is international(No. Of Indians). Thanks guys

Well, this year the process is a little different form last year's. Last year full-timers did not have an interview. They were directly accepted or rejected. Whereas those who applied for co-op had a two and a half hour interview. So the interview was basically for the co-op. And even if you did not get the co-op, getting an interview call meant that you had passed the criteria for full-time.

This year they have two interviews, one for full-time and another for co-op. If you apply for co-op you would have two interviews. After the first interview they would let you know if you are eligible for the co-op interview. So to answer your question after the first interview you will know if you are selected for co-op interview, if not, whether you are selected for full time or not.

I am not really sure about the profile, the average should be around 630-650. About the class, there are two batches the full-time and the co-op. Full-time has just 60-70 students. 5 Indians, around 25-30 from China and the rest are local students. Co-op is much larger, around 120. 2 Indians, 6 other (international) and the rest are local students.