McGill 2013 Sep Intake

Hello, Has any one submitted app to McGill for its Sep 2013 intake ? Thanks


Has any one submitted app to McGill for its Sep 2013 intake ?


Hi versatile30,

I have applied for the Fall 2013 intake at Mcgill. Had submitted my application in the 2nd week of November. I believe they take 4-6 weeks to get back. Will wait to see how it goes. My background is as per below:

GMAT: 640

Undergraduate QPA: 2.67

Work experience: 8+ years in banking

Location: Dubai

Can you share your profile as well?



great, I think they take a lot of time

I believe flow of the apps has not been too high right now, yet they are taking a lot of time


Hello Friends

I have applied to McGill, submitted my application in dec end, till now no update.
What up with you guys any update?



i applied on Jan 2nd.. had an interview on Jan 17th.. now waiting for the result.. fingers crossed..
@vadeshikari if you already have Canadian work experience then it is better i think.. or if you have good amount of international experience.. MBA from Canada is little less expensive than doing from US..

guys please let me know what is First program Information? No clue about that.

got admitted!!

@rohmensur : your have a great great score man.. no info about scholarship yet, i am planning to ask them.. the total tuition fee without scholarship is about 38442 CAD per year..
@rohmensur : my score is not that good..
8 years IT experience- out of 8, 3 years in Canada and 1 in Belgium..
I applied to Queens, Ivey, Rotman, Schulich, Mcgill, and HEC.. Queens and Ivey: went upto interview stage but could not get in.. Rotman: rejected without interview..
you should apply in Rotman, Ivey and Queens too..
I am waiting for Schulich.. they are a little slow in processing.. I applied on Nov 24th, got a reference number on 29th, but no info since then..