McCombs Class of 2016 Aspirants

Hi , I am a current student of The McCombs School of Business. I would be more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding the admission process, college, job placements etc. Cheers, Gopinath

Hi ,

I am a current student of The McCombs School of Business. I would be more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding the admission process, college, job placements etc.


Sharing some of our experiences

Hello McCombsStudents

Thats a great initiatibe you have taken.

To start with I have some of the following queries.

Q1. Whats the average scholarship given to International Students ?

(I understand, how you would be knowing - any ballpark figure will suffice) 😃

Q2. Whats the placement scenario, is it so that its easier for certain concentrations and relatively tough for other concentrations ?

Q3. In market or from recruiters perspective, what are the various strengths that McCombs project. I mean is there a specific concentration that is more famous among recruiters and they are more interested in recruiting students from that concentration.

Q4. I am having an IT background and would like to join IT Company after my MBA as Business Analyst. What are the prospects of IT companies. As I saw, Accenture is one of the companies which recruit as well as provide internship. Which are the other companies, one with similar aspirations can target.

Please take you sweet time to answer. 😁

Thanks for the initiative again McCombsStudent.

Please whenever you find time, Ill be happy if you can answer the following questions.

Q1. How much time does it take to repay the loan - average/general idea will be great!

Q2. Whats the range of monthly expenditure of living in Austin and pursuing MBA ? If you can provide breakup - Rent, Travelling, Food/Groceries, other amenities, it will be really helpful. For ballpark figure, if you dont mind, you can share yours as well.

Q3. What are the usual problems which Indian students face over there, during placements ? I understand Networking is one of them, apart from this - any problems ?

Q4. How would you rate Career Services of McCombs ? Do they take special measures for International Students ?

Q5. What were the qualities you looked for in McCombs MBA ?

This query is more related to the concentration.

I am interested in pursuing Information Systems(IS) from Austin.
Can you shed some light on what kind of job profiles will I get if I do my MBA in IS.

Ill have 5 years of experience in IT when Ill be going for MBA.

Do you mind sharing your concentration, it will help me to put more focused queries.

Hello, Does McCombs allow you to pursue two concentrations ? The CleanTech + BGS  (Ethics and corporate social responsibility) concentration is what I am looking at. Thanks for the help.

Hey @McCombsStudent !!

I have a background in oil/energy and I was looking at UTA basically for an MBA with concentration in Supply chain and operations management. I hear a lot about UTA consulting and finance concentrations but not much about SCM and Op Mgmt. So could you please clarify to me how useful the above mentioned concentration is at UTA and the placement aspects.  I have a straight choice between Michigan state Uni(Broad) and UTA, and I am evaluating on the basis of the concentration SCM & Ops. 

Would appreciate some help. Thanks 😃

hello, I am a business analyst in IT with 2 years of work ex as a BA and 2 years of work ex as a developer (total 4 years exp). I have a score of 313 in my GRE. and have good acads . what are my chances of being accepted for a full time mba in your university. do u think 313 in GRE is low? can u pls shed some light? because I have given only GRE not GMAT and I'm keen to apply in the coming year. thanks!


What would be the average gmat score required for McCombs?

Hi Guys,

My GMAT score is 690(Q49 V35).I am looking for a specialization in Business Analytics from McCombs School of Business.

Academic Profile :

X - 93.5%

XII - 91.1%

Graduation - CGPA of 8.98

How bright are my chances of getting an admission in Mccombs School of Business.

I would greatly appreciate any help!!!

Thank you

Hey.. I have 5 years experience in the Oil Industry in diverse functions and wish to apply in R2 with a GMAT score of 740. What are my chances and are the scholarships available for R2 candidates as well ?

I am planning for 2017 fall batch. I would like to know if i would be a prospective of McCombs Business School..I am planning for a general MBA...Also kindly tell me if i can receive a scholarship for Round 2. I have listed my profile below.

Nationality- Indian
Gender- Male
Xth- 92.6%
XIIth - 89%
Undergrad- B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from "Amrita School of Engineering" (Ranked within top 40 best private Engineering colleges in India
CGPA- 8.44/10 which would roughly be 3.4/4 in US scale
TOEFL- Yet to take
GMAT- 680 ( Q-49, V-31, AWA-6, IR-5)

Work Exp
1. Worked for 3 years in Infosys. Was promoted from systems engineer to senior systems engineer..Was part of the core platform development team.Proficient in shell scripting and java

2.Took many certifications within Infosys during the same timeline

Volunteer Experience - Involved in 2 NGOs - MAD and CRY for 2-3 years.

Extra Curricular:
1.College football player..have participated in many tournaments.
2.Have coordinated management events in my college annual technical fest.

Resume highlights

1.Was one of the three members to be selected for internship at Ericsson for 3 months during my college
2.Attended Microsoft Robotics training program for designing LFR.
3.Have a project focusing on "Through wall motion detection" which was published in international journals.

The main university i am focusing for is University of Texas-Austin - Mccombs Business School.
Kindly let me know if i would get through with this profile.
Also, please let me know some top universities(Top 30) where i can be a prospective student.

Thanks in advance !