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MBBS in Ukraine


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MBBS in Ukraine

Nowadays, Ukraine is gaining a lot of popularity among international students who want to pursue their MBBS from abroad. Ukraine comprises many of world class Government Medical Universities that offer MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine at a very affordable price. The students who complete their MBBS or any other medical degree from a medical university of Ukraine are eligible to apply for job in any part of the world.

The complete duration of an MBBS program in Ukraine is 5.8 years. The students are not required to pass any entrance examination to get admission in a medical university in Ukraine. Thus Ukraine has made it very easy for the aspiring student to fulfil their dreams of becoming successful doctors.

 Another benefit of studying medicine in Ukraine is that they can get financial support during their study period.

MBBS Admission in Ukraine

MBBS is one of the most preferred medical syllabus in Ukraine and across the globe by Indian students. Instead of being a difficult course of study, millions of students wish to be a doctor/physician. Don’t worry, Indian students can get direct admission for low-cost MBBS in Ukraine. MBBS in Ukraine would let you explore the infinite possibilities of the medical career through the best quality of education and affordable MBBS fee structure medical education at the top MBBS Universities in Ukraine. Now, study in Ukraine for Indian students is not merely a dream, because there are government and private medical colleges in Ukraine or medical university in Ukraine, providing MBBS degrees for international students. According to Medical Council of India (MCI), most of the top MBBS Universities in Ukraine are affiliated with MCI

Ukraine Government is very keen on the improvement and development of medical education in the country. The medical universities get constant help from the Ukraine government for maintaining the standard of education. The students who graduate from a Ukraine Medical University can work in any part of the world. Here are some of the factors that attract the foreign students to get their MBBS degree from Ukraine:

  • The quality of education and infrastructure in Ukraine medical colleges is very good.
  • The government is always there to help the universities in resolving research and financial issues in education.
  • The expense of MBBS in Ukraine and accommodation is very low.
  • No donation is required to be paid by the student for getting admission in a medical college in Ukraine.
  • Many extracurricular activities and sports activities are held in the medcal colleges that keep the students fit and active.
  • The students are encouraged to take part in various seminars and international conferences.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine manages all the medical universities of Ukraine. These medical universities of Ukraine offer the best value for medical education for students from around the world in terms of quality, infrastructure and cost.

About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. The country is located at the northwest end of the Black Sea sharing its borders with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland to the northwest, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the south west and south, with Moldova in between. Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. At present, Ukraine is ranked at the fourth position in Europe for having the largest number of post graduates in fields of medicine. Ukraine has a number of Top Government Medical Universities offering MBBS, MD and other degrees in medicine to the local students as well as international students. All the medical universities in Ukraine are accredited by the world’s major organizations like WHO and UNESCO

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine has become one of the most preferable destinations for the aspiring students who want to study MBBS in abroad. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • The medical universities of Ukraine are recognised by WHO, UNESCO, MCI and medical councils of many other counties.
  • The medium of instruction in Ukraine is English which makes it much easier for international students to adapt to the environment.
  • The cost of accommodation is very low as compared to other countries like USA, UK and many European countries. Apart from this, the travel for students in Ukraine is very cheap. Students get special discounts for travelling within the country.
  • The medical colleges of Ukraine offer high quality facilities to the students.
  • The students studying MBBS in the universities of Ukraine are provided with various opportunities to participate in the international exchange programs, conferences, and other scientific projects in various international universities which opens more doors for them to achieve their goals in the field of medicine.
  • Indian students who complete their MBBS from a Medical University of Ukraine can easily get a job in India as the MBBS degree obtained from a Ukraine University is recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI).

Step by Step Admission Process

  • Filling the University application form and submitting requisite documents and admission fee.
  • Receiving admission letter and invitation letter describing the academic year details and fee structure.
  • This process will take a maximum of 10 days.
  • Upon receipt of Admission and Invitation Letter, we shall work upon Visa documentation process.
  • which will take maximum of 2-3 weeks.
  • Board the flight to Ukraine.

Eligibility : 12th Science / A Level PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology)
Duration : 5.8 Years
Intake : Sep 1st week
Holidays : July & August
Required documents for registration

  • One set of photocopies of marks sheet of 10+2
  • A valid passport (if you have)
  • 2 photographs, size 3×4 cm, black and white on non-glossy paper
  • Registration amount of Rs. 50,000 as draft or bank deposit/RTGS
Document Required for MBBS in Ukraine

Following documents are required for taking admission in MBBS in Ukraine:

  • A valid passport
  • 10th pass certificate and marksheet
  • 12th pass certificate and marksheet
  • Birth certificate in English or has to be translated into English and notarised
  • Passport size photo
  • Official admission letter issued by the particular Medical University
  • Medical test reports
  • Authorization of all the documents by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  • Legalization of all the documents sanctioned by the Ukraine Embassy
  • Visa sanctioned
  • Bank receipt of the 1st year fee payment which is required by some universities and not all
MBBS In Ukraine Admission 2020-21

The MD House is official MBBS in Ukraine admission partner & representative of Bukovinian State Medical University in India offers Lowest Fee Structure.

MBBS in Ukraine Fee16.25 Lacs for 6 Year 


Tuition Fee3900 USD Per YearHostel Fee430 USD Per YearMedical Insurance100 USD per Year ApproximatelyTotal Per Year4430 USD Per Year

  • Tuition Fee can be paid directly to University account
  • Tuition fee can be paid in two easy instalments of 6 months semester wise

Tuition Fee4300 USD Per YearHostel Fee430 USD Per YearMedical Insurance100 USD per Year ApproximatelyTotal Per Year4830 USD Per Year

  • Tuition Fee can be paid directly to University account
  • Tuition fee can be paid in two easy instalments of 6 months semester wise

Tuition Fee3900 USD Per YearHostel Fee430 USD Per YearMedical Insurance100 USD per Year ApproximatelyTotal Per Year4430 USD Per Year

  • Tuition Fee can be paid directly to University account
  • Tuition fee can be paid in two easy instalments of 6 months semester wise

Tuition Fee2400 USD Per YearHostel Fee430 USD Per YearMedical Insurance100 USD per Year ApproximatelyTotal Per Year2930 USD Per Year

  • Tuition Fee can be paid directly to University account
  • Tuition fee can be paid in two easy instalments of 6 months semester wise

Tuition Fee2000 USD Per YearHostel Fee430 USD Per YearMedical Insurance100 USD per Year ApproximatelyTotal Per Year2530 USD Per Year

  • Tuition Fee can be paid directly to University account
  • Tuition fee can be paid in two easy instalments of 6 months semester wise
Why Should You Study MBBS In Ukraine

Ukrainian Medical Universities provide you lower fee structure and world-class educational environment. Some other reasons to pursue MBBS in Ukraine are given below:

  • The Course Fee and cost of living are affordable in Ukraine for Indian students.
  • You can get direct admission in MBBS in any of the recognized Medical Universities in Ukraine
  • If comparing cost of MBBS in India, it is far lower (approx 70% lower) in Ukraine
  • Quality of education for MBBS is very high.
  • Medical Universities in Ukraine have pool of medical professors, experienced faculties and lecturers
  • There is no need of clear TOEFL or IELTS for admission in Ukraine Medical Universities.
  • Medical degrees from recognized medical universities are recognized everywhere in the world
  • MBBS or other medical degrees are accepted by MCI (Medical Council of India) UNESCO, WHO and FAIMER.
  • Medical Universities in Ukraine are known for their ranking at global level
  • If you are pursuing Medical Degree or have completed from any of the universities in Ukraine, you are eligible for MCI Screening Test, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA) and other international licensing exams.
  • There is no donation required or hidden fee in Ukrainian medial universities.
  • Top Universities in Ukraine have strict criteria to follow to hire professors and faculty for better educational environment.
  • English is the mode of instructions and study MBBS in Ukraine or any other medical course.
  • 1 teacher on 14 students is the ratio that creates a wonderful educational environment.
  • Every student gets individual attention
  • More than 4000 students from India are pursuing MBBS.
  • Top Universities in Ukraine to Study MBBS or Other Medical Degrees
Best Ukrainian Medical Universities Ranking

The below tables shows the ranking of best medical universities in Ukraine.

Sr. NUniversityWorld RankingCountry Ranking1Sumy State University265642Ternopil State Medical University4653153Uzhhorod National University5592364O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University6331505Bukovinian State Medical University6407556Lviv National Medical University6750657Vinnitsa National Medical University7089718Poltava State Pedagogical University7232759Kharkiv National Medical University77238812Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University79179710Black Sea National University820910311Odessa National Medical University8848116

MBBS in Ukraine: Highlights

   Degree offered   MD (Equivalent to MBBS)   Program duration  6 Years   Eligibility Criteria   50% marks in PCB & NEED qualified   Tuition Fees   3500 USD to 5000 USD/Year   Hostel cost   450 USD to 1000 USD/Year   Entrance Exams   NEET  Approval/Recognition   MCI & WHO   Last date to apply   Sept, 2019   Teaching Medium   English

Duration of MBBS in Ukraine
  • The duration for MBBS Ukraine is 6 years including 5-year study and 1-year of internship.
  • During the MBBS program student study for the duration of 5-years in some of the best and prestigious medical universities in Ukraine.
  • If students wish, they can come back to India for 1-year of internship program.
  • 5-years is dedicated to the classroom education of the students with quality education provided by expert faculties.
  • For Indian students, they can do 1-year internship in Ukraine and then there is no requirement to do internship in India.
  • MCI Screening test is mandatory for Indian students who wish to practice in India after completing MBBS from Ukraine.
 MBBS Fees in Ukraine 2020 

The education cost of medical colleges in Ukraine is reasonable when contrasted with the private medical foundations in India. This aspect is one of the basic aspects for every one of the students seeking admission for MBBS Ukraine which lures the medical students from all across the globe.

MBBS in Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine

Lviv National Medical University is acknowledged for its historical and international environment in whole of Ukraine. Lviv National Medical University is considered to be one of the biggest and oldest medical universities in Ukraine.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria60% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year4900 USDHostel/Food Per Year2000 USD

MBBS in Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University is recognized for providing best in class higher education in medicine. Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University offers its student great environment for study without any distractions.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year5000 USDHostel/Food Per Year2000 USD

MBBS in Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine

Kharkiv National Medical University situated in Ukraine is identified for offering higher education in medicine with experienced faculties as it is one of the oldest institutions in Ukraine founded in the year 1805.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year6000 USDHostel/Food Per Year2500 USD

MBBS in Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine

Medical school being established in the year 1841 in Kyiv, Ukraine is worldwide acknowledged medical university. Regarded as one of the premier Medical University in Ukraine owing to its excellence in academics and research.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria65% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year5500 USDHostel/Food Per Year1500 USD

MBBS in Sumy State University, Ukraine

Being ranked as the fifth medical university in Ukraine, Sumy State University is recognized for providing world class higher education in the field of medicine.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year5150 USDHostel/Food Per Year1200 USD

MBBS in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Recently, Taras Sheychenko National University of Kyiv has gained distinct profile owing to its research programs and contemporary academic skills provided by its medical experts.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria70% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year3000 USDHostel/Food Per Year1000 USD

MBBS in V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

Being one of the prominent medical university in Ukraine, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University laid its footprints in the year 1804. V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is world famous for given three noble prize winners in Ukraine.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year5400 USDHostel/Food Per Year1500 USD

MBBS in Black Sea National University, Ukraine

Black Sea National University is acknowledged for occupying the fourth level in accreditation by Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Education. Black Sea National University offers higher education in medicine thus bringing out the specialists.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year3700 USDHostel/Food Per Year1500 USD

MBBS in Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine

Vinnitsa National Medical University is a renowned institution in Ukraine providing best training programs in medicine. Vinnitsa National Medical University is also known for offering the students with excellent post graduate courses having experienced faculties.

📷Medium of StudiesEnglishEligibility Criteria50% in PCB, NEETTuition Fees Per Year5000 USDHostel/Food Per Year1700 USD

Responsibilities Of Universities For Foreign Students Studying MBBS In Ukraine

Training of foreign citizens is carried out at different departments of the Universities by highly qualified and experienced teacher who teach MBBS in Ukraine. Most classrooms are equipped with modern informative and visual materials, computer and video projection devices, mannequins, phantoms, simulators, etc. Students in top medical university in Ukraine obtain practical skills at the clinical departments of the University, which are based in different medical departments of the city and in the University Clinic in Ukraine. Students for MBBS or other medical education deal with causes of diseases, their signs and symptoms, classic and modern principles of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics, medical and procedural ways of treatment. Students for MBBS in top universities have a unique possibility to communicate with patients and use the acquired knowledge and skills in practice, and while studying surgical specialties – to observe surgical interventions.

Foreign students pass successfully state licensing examination – Krok – 1” and “krok – 2”. It is possible through the results of these exams in Ukraine that hold the leading position in the list of the medical universities of Ukraine for MBBS or other Medical Degrees. Moreover, foreign graduates in Ukraine complete successfully the procedure of diploma verification in their countries. For example, more than 50% of Indian graduates pass MCl screening test from the first attempt, confirming their countries. For example, more than 50% of Indian graduates pass MCl screening test from the first attempt, confirming their knowledge and skills and gaining the right to continue medical practice in India.

For the years of its existence the Universities in Ukraine for MBBS or other medical degrees provided training to good number of students of medical and pharmaceutical specialists from up to 70 countries for MBBS or other medical degrees in Ukraine.

Medical Universities In Ukraine Provide Degrees In
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation

Benefits of doing MBBS in UKRAINE

1. The entire course is in English medium, you don’t have to stress a solitary piece for it.

2. The college has a restricted admission of outside understudies, just 125– 150 understudies get conceded each year. They don’t swell up in light of the fact that they are getting cash.

3. The addresses and classes are exceptionally great and the staff worries upon every person amid classes.

4. The educational cost expenses in my college are the most minimal in all of the Ukrainian colleges at 3500 USD.

5. The town I am in is arranged in the western piece of Ukraine which implies the way of life is of the European one and not the Soviet one.

6. There is lodging, furnishing top class offices with bunks, contemplate table, night lights, overhang, brought together radiator and 24 hours water.

7. You are nearer to the European Union, it is only five kilometers from where I live.

8. The understudies are exposed to three years of clinical revolutions from fourth to the sixth year.

9. There is no defilement of any kind in my college, on the off chance that you pass a subject you pass it.

10. You get the least expensive nourishment items in my town, a container of 30 eggs can be purchased for 90 INR, a kilogram of rice for 45 INR, two kilos of Maida for 45 INR and the vegetables and chicken are shabby too.

11. There is no bigotry of any kind in my college and town.

Points to focus before getting admission in Ukraine (or any country for that matter)

  1. Always get admission in government universities because they are better than private universities. In government universities the fee structure and the other terms and conditions remains the same throughout the duration of the course that are liable to change in private universities.
  2. Always prefer a National University over State University because National universities are often older, more established, have a better standing and rank, and are located in Big and populated cities (bigger city means more patient exposure which means better learning)
  3. Medium of instructions should always be in English for throughout the course as when you come back to India and appear for the MCI exam, it will be in English.
  4. Get admitted to MBBS course directly and not in some preparatory or BSc course as it will waste your precious years.
  5. Always check if there’s an Indian Embassy in the country your are going to study as The Indian Embassy is point of contact in case you find yourself in any problem (like passport renewal or degree translation etc.)
  6. Always prefer countries where the population is more than 10 lakh because higher the population more will be the patient exposure.
  7. Another thing you should look at is having an international airport in the city you are travelling to and that it should have direct flights from India. This results in a lot of saving over time and direct connectivity with India in case of an emergency.
Disadvantages for studying MBBS from Ukraine

As is said everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. Therefore, there are some disadvantages of studying in Ukraine listed as follows:

  • For some students it becomes difficult to adjust with the climatic conditions as it is cold in Ukraine and for about 3 to 4 months, the temperature falls below 0 degree.
  • Students generally cope up with the cold climatic conditions as all the infrastructure is prepared well and the buildings are centrally heated.
  • Students will have to adjust with the environment of the foreign country which may at times become a challenge for them.
  • For the benefit of the students, they are taught the local language of Ukraine i.e. Ukrainian as part of their curriculum.
  • It depends on the student, if he/she takes interest in learning the subject then it becomes easy for him/her to deal with everyday life and hospital visits. This can be a plus point for the student.
  • The curriculum of European countries focuses on the overall growth and development of the students without putting any pressure on the students. This sometimes changes the attitude of the students.
  • Lack of good attitude can lead to failure at times for the students.
  • The fraud agents sometimes give the wrong information to the candidate which often leads to unnecessary confusion for the student.
  • To avoid this trap, student must research and contact only those consultants which have direct tie- up with the universities.