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I am 2010 passout Btech I.T .I got selected in off campus drive of Tcs on august 2010 and waiting for joining. I was also selected for Mba Sem programme @ CDAC. It was a regular 2 year mba. But i chose to go for Tcs,after getting advice from few senior people. Now i read on inernet and hear from my friends that Mba is very much needed . Please suggest have i done a big mistake by choosing job over mba. I am only 22 yrs of age. I know that if i start my job it will be almost impossible for me to revert back to regular mba. Please guide and suggest me.Is Mba sem from cdac noida good ?? Should i take up this tcs job and pursue some distant learning MBA ?Does tcs provide facilities for executive MBa? what is executive mba, what is eligibility for executive mba? Does it help in our growth.finally how much a B.Tech person(s/w) earn with a good experience in tcs? i.e what maximum a B.Tech working in Tcs can earn if he doesn't go for Mba. Is there a vast salary diff b/w Mba and non-Mba ??Does your career comes to halt without Mba even if you are working for more than 10+ years in the company.
Pls help ................
should i drop this year, not join tcs and go for sameregular mba cdac
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see depends on how much weightage each carry.
if u have got a tcs job but side by side if u have got chance to pursue ur mba career at a decent or reputed institute then better go for mba,but if you havent got a good percentile,better go for the job and get some 2-3years of work-experience and then come back again for mba.
you may also get into reputed colleges with comparatively lower percentiles if you have awork-ex,no harm.
go for it

this is what i want to ask is cdac mba good enough.....or should i join tcs
admission was not based on percentile and its written was quite eay to crack

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hi puys, i scored 94%ile in CAT this year.. i have option of joining University business school chandigarh or the company TCS .. what should i do? should i take experience first and give CAT again? or join UBS and still give CAT and then leave ubs next year? plz help