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Hello Everyone As the new member, I am taking an initiative to start a new thread. There are certain queries which I believe could be in common to many of us. 1. I have decent 1.5years of experience in IT.2. IELTS 7band3. GMAT 4…

Hello Everyone

There are certain queries which I believe could be in common to many of us.

  1. I have decent 1.5years of experience in IT.

  2. IELTS 7band

  3. GMAT 480

  4. CGPA 3.2 on scale 4.0 (if I am correct)

a)Can anyone suggest me some good colleges where I can apply and secure my admission??

b) certain threats in applying at US due to its 3 months of liability after post graduation.

c) Tier-2 university which do offers scholarship considering work ex and certain other things surely not my GMAT score.

d) Medium Budget university.

Wish to receive a quick and sound response from all.


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Hi all,

I have the same questions and am looking for answers in every possible thread.
I hope i speak for the author too when I say some good responses would be really really appreciated :)
Hoping to receive a lot of them

Thanks !

Hi JonV

What information that you are holding at your part as per your research till now??

May be we can discuss and figure out something for us.


I think you should try applying at Essec B school in Europe. Its a really good b school and its highly reputed. Check their website and see the courses they have to offer.

Hope this is helpful enough! :)

Dear MBASearchAbroad,

What programme are you looking for?

We do offer Master in Finance, Master of International Business and Master in Management for international students.

However, looking at your GMAT score, I would probably suggest you to retake it as usually min requirement for b-schools programme will be at least 600. In our university we do offer FSAT, our own admission test for those, whose GMAT is not enough, cannot comment if others do too.

When it comes to UK, it became quite strict for international students in terms of visa, so it is quite difficult to get it extended unless you have a really well paid job directly after studies.

Germany offers 1.5 year VISA extension after studies and the depending on your employment contract you get it for 1 year, 3 years and so on. So it has really good conditions to offer for students. Next, it is the financial capital of Europe nowadays and offers good career prospects compare to other countries.

A lot depends on university: our corporate relations, job fairs, Career centre and highly ranked programmes give 99.9 per cent of placements. You need to check on the universities and what do they offer to your future investment.

In order to get scholarship, you will usually be asked to provide good GMAT score, English Test score, previous grades, recommendations, awards and so on. Work experience might be considered, but hardly any university will look at it as the main thing for scholarship.

Hope, this is helpful. Wishing you all the best!



'My post is to guide Indian or international students who are planning to study in UK towards right direction'

I believe most of you on this site are either searching for a MBA university, which satisfies your academics needs or have already decided it and excited to start your new academic phases which promises you to take to new horizons. I was one such similar case few years back when I decided while working for one of the major Indian consulting firms that I will quit this day job and pursue higher academic qualification.

MBA struck me as I though technical with management knowledge will cover my employability chance from all sides, which by all means is not a wrong thought and I stand by it. However the university you join and what you achieve from the university decides the next stage for you.

I got admission into a premier institution for Business Studies which is highly regarded for its research. After the initial glamorous welcome ceremonies when I started to attend my classes to be shocked, as the quality of teaching and class environment was way below the promised standards.

To start with our classroom, it was inside a huge lecture hall with a capacity of about 375 students (my class strength was about 350. yes, 350). As you would know that UK is a very cold country where winters could reach -16 to -20C, even during these condition we were made to sit in what I would call as cold chairs and tables within the lecture halls. After paying £18,000 as fees I believe this is a minimum we can expect however even after giving a repeat feedback no action was ever taken to improve the class room conditions. Some of our seniors also had same issues and my juniors would also have had them, I guess.

I believe that most of the UK universities that lure Indian and Chinese students to join their universities consider them as 'Cash Cows'. Once you have joined the university it is just the fees you pay that matter, I heard from my other friends in UK universities that it much worse with them as the interaction between students and management is clearly missing.

Some statistics:

-In general a non-EU student pays a minimum of 2.5-3 times of EU student fees at Masters level ( this is just for your information). To verify check any universities website for fees structure.

-International students fees contributes to total UK GDP by 2%.

-85% of my class strength was from India and China. Out of that Indian students contribute to major portion. You would observe similar class distribution through UK MBA universities.

What I expected?

I expected to study in a research oriented atmosphere where learning and applying was key. However, I observed that the standards of lectures were way below what was marketed by university officials during their visit to student interaction events in India. I clearly remember an instance where one of our finance professor explained a NPV analysis based case study for 1.5hours only to realise that it was completely incorrectly calculated. It looked like he has either copied the solution or lost the plot as when we were asking doubts he was trying to make up the numbers. This is not one such instances of the class room, as I could see a patterns.

I secured good score hence was selected to work in an Industrial Internship which is quite a achievement, as said by most of my seniors. To my surprise I realised that it was just a namesake internship where no supervisor support was available to me as my supervisor was on holiday with minimum access to contact or consult him. Once might argue that supervisor support should be minimum for a masters student, but when you are working with a major corporation I felt that it would have added value to my output.

Who's mistake is it?

I don't think the complete mistake lies with UK universities. Partially it lies with us who choose the universities based on some internet rankings which are all done by random firms and no one seems to know the logic behind them, transparently. One of my university senior after his graduation said, t UK universities looks only to mint the international students for fees and use them for university poster to invite more. Honestly, I would not disagree by any means as with increasing government regulation the future for international students is very gloomy in UK. What has always surprised me that no UK university ever displays the statistics of how many of its international students have got placements in UK. Most of the figures that Business schools show are clever. E.g. If a rich student joins a business school and somehow completes the MBA and joins back in his own firm to support his Dad, is that to be considered as placement? Of course universities cannot change it but using this data to display that 95% of your business school students had placement within 6 months is highly deceiving.

To be fair on UK universities part they can only deliver what they can but will obliviously have to market their products aggressively to gain the market share. So the onus lies on the students to consider the first hand information from people who have been in your situation before you consider paying thousands of pounds to universities.

Value for money?

If you have reached till here you would be aware that I don't see value for money in the education one receives from UK universities. Let's now talk about accommodation and other facilities.

I paid thrice the market rate of the city to live in a tiny university halls room with an attached toilet which has the dimensions of any mobile toilets you see in buses or trains in UK. I could never understand the reasons behind such an expensive university provided residence cost as you would expect other way around. Also the canteen and other facilities are no way close to what it should in a university with significant proportion of international students. Unlike in India again the cost of sub standard food in university canteen is expensive that outside retails, one really wonders if the sole purpose of university is to support students or cash them up.

What are the options:

If you are from an affluent family and coming to UK for more of fun and less of career plans, then I don't think this blog would make any impact on your thoughts. This is more for students who take hardship loans and dream to make it big by working hard.

Although UK is the only country which mainly works on English I believe there are some really interesting universities in Germany, Netherlands and few in France which would help in justifying you academic desires. However, I strongly recommend the universities in Denmark and Sweden which are of best quality even when considered at global scale. The best part of these Scandinavian universities is that you will be treated as a student and not as cash cow. Your problems are addressed with highest level of transparency. The Government supports your future employment prospects and develop ways for both home and international students to flourish together. Unlike in UK where the government tries to block every possible way for International student employment and fake promises to be more international student friendly (I say this as I have attended over 25 final assessment centre/final interview rounds for all major Time top 100 UK companies, yet could not be placed).

I have no information about Australia and Canadian universities so it's not appropriate on my part to comment on them. Amidst the present economic climate US based universities are still the best and one can have assurance of possible scholarships if dedicated effort is put in.

With no possibility of getting an employment extension after studies and with increasing tuition fees for both UK and International students I really hope that you make a wise decision while investing what could be your parents savings of life time or the mortgage you are planning to taken on you living house.

My motive was not to pour-out my grief on UK universities or target any regulations, it is only to provide the clarity on the ground realties of UK University's approach towards international students.

I wish all the best for your future endeavours. If you have any question pls ask, I will try my best to answer it.

which coaching institute will be best for GMAT coaching?

Hi Everyone,

Can some one let me know list of Business schools that intake during the spring 2015?? I heard that many schools do not offer during that period. Please let me know.

Also i would like to know how different is MBA in finance\banking management to masters in finance\banking(Msc) in terms of package offered after the course, course duration, investment in the course.

Thanks for your help,

hii puys I got admit from SDSU MBA as well as Carleton University Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, Canada. I am confused bw two.. Pls suggest.