MBA-Qualifiers (2019)

The sole purpose of the group is to excel all the areas to crack CAT, NMAT, SNAP and other competetive exams.

Daily discussion of Quants, DI-LR, Verbal.

Focus on positive vibes and every aspect to grow together.

 The road connecting Ooty and Mangalore goes only uphill or downhill, i.e., there is no stretch of road that is level. Ashish's car can do a constant 45 kmph uphill and 90 kmph downhill. Find the distance between Ooty and Mangalore, if it takes exactly 8 hours for Ashish to make a round trip. 

 A dishonest dealer claims to sell a product at its cost price. He uses a counterfeit weight which is 20% less than the real weight. Further greed overtook him and he added 20% impurities to the product. Find the net profit percentage of the dealer? 

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 Laila drives to the station each day to pick up her husband Majnu, who usually arrives on a train at 6o’clock. Last Monday, Majnu finished work earlier, caught an earlier train and arrived at the station at 5 ‘o clock. He started to walk home and eventually met Laila who drove him the rest of the way, getting home 20 minutes earlier than usual. On Tuesday, he again finished early and found himself at the station at 5:30. Again he began to walk home, again he met Laila on the way, and she drove him home the rest of the way, Assume constant speed throughout with no wasted time for waiting, backing of the car etc. How earlier than the usual time were they home on Tuesday? 

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 Due to a 25% hike in the price of rice per kilogram, a person is able to purchase 5kg less for Rs.200. Find the increased price of rice per kilogram. 

 We as humans, are scared of the small Little things !!! A little inconvenience, a bit out of comfort zone and we are scared like anything, right now, most of you despite knowing the right things .. what to do and how to do, you guys are waiting for some miracle to happen .. that miracle isn't outside. .. that miracle is inside you,. Make the most of your abilities, make the most of your time, skillset, we are all short on something, but if we keep comparing ourselves with others, we won't reach there, but they will !!

Simple moral of the story: we all have limits, yet we are limitless, it is is, who will decide what lies ahead, it is us, who will decide, where we will land!!!

Guys, 5 more months, you can make it or break it !! Please, don't give up, we will do whatever we can, whatever we are capable of but we will just be 20% of your efforts, you have to put in the rest 80%< your magic, is within you !!


A dishonest dealer claims to sell a product at its cost price. He uses a
counterfeit weight which is 20% less than the real weight. Further
greed overtook him and he added 20% impurities to the product. Find the
net profit percentage of the dealer?

 A and B are two equally efficient ppl and can together complete a work in 36 days. They work under the condition that A works for 2 hrs and takes a break for 1 hr. B works for 5 hrs and takes a break for 1 hr. What is the min time in which the work can be completed? 

This question is an important set for SNAP , NMAT. Try it out and those who require help. Message in the comment section.

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TSD Question:


A ship 156 km away from the shore springs a leak which admits 7/3 tons of water in 6.5 min. A pump throws out water at the rate of 15 tons in 1 hour. If 68 tons of water can sink the ship, find the lowest average speed just enough to reach the shore.

(a) 20 kmph
(b) 15 kmph
(c) 10 kmph
(d) 25 kmph

Past NMAT questions:

 A mixture containing alcohol and water. If you add 1 ml of water then there would be 20% alcohol in the resultant mixture and if you add 1 ml of alcohol then 33.33% alcohol in the mixture, find quantity of alcohol in the mixture.

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 X can do 1/4 of a work in 10 days, Y can do 40% of the work in 40 days and Z can do 1/3 of the work in 13 days. Who will complete the work first ?

Q->A and B together can do a piece of work in 30 days. A having worked for 16 days, B finishes the remaining work alone in 44 days. In how many days shall B finish the whole work alone ?

PnC problems-

 If 20 persons were invited for a party, in how many ways will two particular persons be seated on either side of the host?

 A) 19! X 2
B) 18! X 3!
C) 18! X 2
D) 20!/2!
E) 21!/2!

If everyone in the group are ready, I will start posting NMAT vocab words on daily routine ! 10 words daily!! Hit like, let's start do it!!

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NMAT Vocab-

 *​DOLOROUS​-​feeling​ ​or​ ​expressing​ ​great​ ​sorrow​ ​or​ ​distress.​ ​ ​ ​ ​

   ​Synonym ​:-​ ​agonized, mournful,​ ​woeful,​ ​lugubrious .

* CORDIAL- friendly,affectionate.

* GRANDEUR - splendour,​ ​magnificence,glory​.

* INCESSANT - continuous, without breaks.

  Synonym- chronic.

* BOISTEROUS- Dominant and exploitative.

* THESPIAN​ ​- relating​ ​to​ ​drama​ ​and​ ​theatre.

* CURSORY- uninterested,​ ​half-hearted,​ ​inattentive.

* BANTER- ​Good-humoured, playful, typically spontaneous conversation. 

*ACQUIT- Free​ ​(someone)​ ​from​ ​a​ ​criminal​ ​charge​ ​by​ ​a​ ​verdict​ ​of

*INIMICAL- hostile.

*BEFUDDLED- confused,​ ​muddled,​ ​bewildered​.

*MAWKISH- sentimental,​ ​over-emotional​ .