MBA information required

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me how do we get into universities for MBA in UK/EUROPE/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/GERMANY, do we need to write GMAT or only IELTS will be fine.?

Also wanted to know which is the best MBA course? I am having IT background.




Hi All, 

Can someone help me out with colleges who provide admission only on IELTS exams and work experience in following countries GERMANY/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND/UK/EUROPE (No GMAT or GRE exam)



 I am confused between an ME and an MBA. What factors should I consider to opt one and drop one without regrets? 


What are MBA specializations like Marketing, Finance and Operations?How to choose any one field between these three?What are factors to be considered?

Germany has recently revolutionized its educational system all around the country, getting up-to-date with the newest and most innovative teaching methods and techniques, hiring well known professors from all around the world to teach their field of expertise.

The MBA qualification came to Germany relatively late by Western European standards, with PhDs often proving to be the degree of choice among executives. However, the credence of the MBA has increased in recent years; consequently, so has Germany’s prominence as a study destination.

Indeed, the country was the fifth-favorite potential study destination in the world among respondents to the QS Applicant Survey 2015, and second only to the UK among destinations in Europe.