MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Germany: A Brief Guide

An MBA in pharmaceutical management in Germany opens the door to a rewarding profession. This program is designed for people working in or with expertise in the healthcare industry and those seeking to work in the medical industry, including pharmaceuticals, med-tech, consultancy, and more.

The program aims to educate students with the essential skills and expertise to supervise and manage healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations and generate a better understanding of regulatory and governance concerns.

MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Germany

Primary Reasons to Study pharma in Germany

  • Top business schools with international recognition and degrees.
  • Global exposure and valuable learning opportunities are available.
  • Curriculums that are intensive and widespread also stress fundamental managerial and business principles.
  • Excellent networking opportunity.


The qualifying criteria for an MBA in pharmaceutical management in Germany differ between universities. Various MBA in pharmacy management requirements in Germany include the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree in medical sciences or related fields
  • If necessary, English language proficiency.
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sectors
  • Some programs may need two to four years of job/practical training experience.
  • Admission criteria for an MBA in pharmaceutical management in Germany may include SOPs, LORs, etc.

Germany’s top MBA programs in pharmaceutical management

Listed below are the top universities offering the subject, along with an idea of how much the MBA in pharmaceutical management in Germany will cost.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (Healthcare Management) 30,000 Euros

ESMT Berlin (Pharmaceutical and Biotech): 42,000Euros

MARBURG UNIVERSITY (Healthcare Management): 43,000 Euros

GREIFSWALD UNIVERSITY(Pharmaceutical): 39,000Euros

KIEL UNIVERSITY(Pharmacy and Pharmacology): 40,000Euros

Living Expenses

The cost of living, on the other hand, is comparable to that of other European cities, with monthly fees ranging between €900 and €1350. Several scholarship programs are accessible for pursuing higher education in Germany, which would gradually reduce the student’s financial load.

Scholarships & Part Time Work

Foreign students will also be permitted to work part-time to help with living expenses, making life even more inexpensive. International students may work up to 20 hours per week. This part-time employment opportunity will not only help students reduce their living expenditures, but it will also provide them with important professional experience in their subject of interest.

Some of the top scholarships available for international students:

  • BrokerFish International Student Scholarship
  • The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program
  • Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship
  • Global Study Awards

Application Process

You can apply immediately online at the website of your preferred university by providing all required papers. Aspirants may also be required to take an entrance exam by some universities. Many companies do interviews to narrow down their candidate pool.

Curriculum Overview

Disciplines covered as a core component of an MBA in pharmaceutical management program in Germany include:

  • Commerce, Economy, Supervising, and Resources in Healthcare Systems
  • Safety, Logistics, Stock Control, Sales, and Strategic Marketing Processes
  • Management and Leadership in Organizations
  • Administration and legal Laws

Job Opportunities and Salary Expectations

Graduates of pharmaceutical management MBA programs may find work in major corporations such as Paxil, Merck, GE Healthcare Systems, P&g, Bayer, and various other educational, military, industrial, clinical, hospital, and specialty organizations. In Germany, average monthly earnings for pharmacy managers range from 3,200 to 12,000 Euros. The average monthly pay is roughly 5,500 Euros.

Common FAQs

Q1. Can I pursue an MBA in pharmaceutical management in another country?

Yes, you may pursue an MBA in pharmaceutical management in various countries. This is typically a two-year degree that educates students for careers in management and leadership in medicine manufacturing and production product marketing, biopharmaceutical operations & marketing, and other areas.

Q2. What may I do after completing an MBA in pharmaceutical management?

After earning your MBA in pharmaceutical management, you can always get a profitable manager role in a pharma, healthcare, or research organization. Pharmacist supervisors, brand managers, project leaders, quality control auditors, management consultants, and more opportunities are available.

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Germany is one of the world’s top study-abroad destinations, with a high quality of living and a varied student population. Germany’s firms constantly look for overseas talent to establish a worldwide workforce.

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