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Hi, Myself Nirmalya. I am working here in India in a software company near about 2.5 years. I got a conditional offer from Beijing international MBA (BiMBA) peking unievrsity. The site link of the institute is Beijing International MBA at Peking…

Myself Nirmalya. I am working here in India in a software company near about 2.5 years. I got a conditional offer from Beijing international MBA (BiMBA) peking unievrsity. The site link of the institute is Beijing International MBA at Peking University - ?? . The degree granting institute of this program is Velrick Lueven Gent Management School which is a Belgium based management school ang got 75 rank in the Financial times survey 2009. The condition on which I got the acceptence letter from BiMBA is I have appear for my GMAT within next August and have to secure minimum 600 score out of 800. Anyway that's not an issue. So my quarry is how the management school? What is the work opportunity after completion of the degree as an International student in China as well as out side of China? Is there anyone who can help me in this matter. It will really be help full if some one can help me up on this.

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even m luking for an answer to dis query. plese help.

Hi Indunanda,
Did you get the admission in BiMBA program? Actually I askd some of the person who stayed there in Beijing. They told me that This is the best program in China. Even better then any IIMs in India. But the main constraints is Chinese language. After completion of the MBA degree if you want to work there you have to learn chinese. Apart from recognition of this degree in India. I really don 't know about that.

No, am not trying for BIMBA. There is a dual degree program called 'Masters in Global Communication'. You spend the 1st year at LSE and 2nd year at Fudan university, China. Language is always the biggest problem in china..but i am sure you can learn it if you try hard.

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This is a catch 22 situation. I have not heard of any Indian student studying in China , The Reason woud be the Language barrier that's there.
You have to think as to why do Chinese student go other Countries and live there. Example would be a lot of Chinese students go to Australia , New Zealand and Singapore. You have to your analysis as to why do Chinese people do that.
My person view or suggestion would you should work hard on GMAT and than try for a better University in a Developed Country .

Hi Indunanda,
LSE is a very good school. One of my friend is studying there. Apart from that Fudan university in China is the top ranking university in China and this University ranks among the world's top 20 university. I also been applied for fudan University Indetnational MBA program. The dual degree with LSE and Fudan university will really be a good option. Apart from that some of my friends are also studying MBA in China. The told me that within 6 to 7 months anyone who try a bit hard can talk fluent in Mandarin Chinese but may not be able to read and write. But within 2 years anyone definitely can read and write also if they try hard. So I don't think that will be a big problem. Apart from that some of the Multinational companies and some Indian MNC's have their base in Shnaghai. In that case they really don't need a Chinese profficient person for their business purpose. Chinese will be necessary if you want to work for local Chinese firms or Chinese MNCs...I hope this helps...

Hi r.vishal30,
I am really not agree with you. If you can check you will see that there is some good MBA institutes in developing countries in Asia like Asia Institute of Management in Philipines, China Europe International Business School in Shnaghai (China), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Seoul (South Korea), Seoul National University Graduate School of Business in Seoul (South Korea), Asia Institute of Technology in Bangkok (Thiland) etc etc. Among these first two comes among world's top 50 MBA program. Again in the year 2008 Financial Times survey China's MBA program named Shanghai Jiao Tong University was world's top 70 MBA programs. So I don't think you can say Chinese MBA is not good. Again in developing countries like Germany, France, Spain etc etc language problem is also there. There is some good Institute in Europe like Insead France, some good Institute in Germany etc. But after completion of MBA if you want to work there you also have to grasp German or French or Spanish etc etc. Again if you take it in terms of cost you will really find the Asian MBA worth. Because in other places the cost of MBA is huge like in Europe, USA or UK. But in Asian countries it's a bit less then that. Now if you concider Aston University MBA program which is in UK and CEIBS Shanghai I think getting into CEIBS will be much tougher. Because competition in CEIBS or AIM is huge as compare to Aston MBA. Even student from Other Developed countries come to CEIBS or AIM to get the degree. The avarage work experinece they have is near about 7 to 8 years. So I think in today's situation MBA from Asian countries will be worth. I hope this will help.

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Personal opinon.... If given an optopn i would prefer to go to another Country ... N not chine for sure...

hello all, I read the posts in this thread. This is getting really interesting and also very relevant to lots of present day MBA aspirants who seek quality MBA programs in Asia with global recognition. 

Whatever's written below gives the perception as of 2009. What's the perception in 2014?

Is it possible/good to do mba from china with affordable fees/low fees?

Hi I'm John a final year computer science & engineering student(hopefully graduate within one year after clearing my backlogs) 4 things ● Living expenses ● Part time job opportunities ● Future carrier opportunities ● Admission procedure As an MBA student in china.