MBA in Canada Aspirants-2010

Hello guys i am starting this blog for all those to discuss their queries those are willing to do MBA in canada 2010… I have given my Gmat and scored 600 and still to give toefl or ielts… can nyone there help guide some universities which …

Hello guys i am starting this blog for all those to discuss their queries those are willing to do MBA in canada 2010....
I have given my Gmat and scored 600 and still to give toefl or ielts... can nyone there help guide some universities which fall below the range of 600 and are not very costly.. to be very frank i cannot afford mote than 1200000...
Help me guys on this....


I am also looking for admission in 2010.

My profile Software engineer/ 2Yr exp. Havent gave my GMAT or TOEFL yet.


I'd suggest you retake gmat and try to score 680 + .............the only way u could manage any college in that budget is by getting a tuition waiver (scholorship) and for that u need a good score and a very strong profile. Can you brief me on your profile?

- Siddharth

can u please elaborate on what a "good/strong work profile" would mean here..
i have a work ex of almost 2 yrs in Telcon, a construction equipment company
what should be the ideal GMAT score+experience+profile combo to get a fee waiver/scholarship



It is difficult to say what an ideal profile would be but based on my analysis all i can say is

Profile has 5 components

Acads - a university rank or a degree from IIT/Bits Pilani or a CA certificate could be considered

Work ex - years do not matter but quality of workex is important
example - if u r in IT marketing or handling an entire team with just 2 years of workex or have
won company level awards. If you have worked in diverese industries like both IT &

EC - If u r equally good in some field apart from acads/workex like
1) Professional musician 2) state level/National level sportsman 3) Dance 4) Debating/quizzing
5) Anchoring/event management 6) Local Politician 7) strong community service Model
* ie - u shd be able to bring fame to the college by participating in international events

GMAT - 700 + is a great score

Recomendations - Foreign univs pay a lot of importance to this - get some good recos from u'r boss or
ex-boss highlighting strength and weakness. Ideally u'r boss should be able to convince
the college that u'll add value to their brand and class profile and shd be given

Overall to get scholorship u need to convince the university that they need u more than u need them i.e.
keeping u in class what be very useful and u'r definately much better than the average class profile..............they'll market their brand using u at the front end.

That's why if you have 2 to 3 of the above in factors your favor u shd try for scholorships

Thanks & Regards,
- Siddharth

Hi guys.

I am looking to do my MBA in Canada but I have a peculiar profile and as a result I find it difficult to get correct guidance.

I am an MBBS graduate with 1 and half years clinical experience and 2 years experience in family business. We run projects for international clients and I have been extensively involved in all aspects of this business. Yet when I showed my profile to a counselor with a goal of pursuing an MBA in Canada, he could see only medical experience and considered it more of a disadvantage. He named a mediocre business school that could accept me and told me that the other colleges would not accept me as I have no 'managerial' experience.

Due to family reasons I cannot pursue an MBA in India hence I opted for Canada but I don't want to be limited to a healthcare related field nor compromise on my career by obtaining an average education.

I am yet to give my GMAT and IELTS but if my profile precludes me from getting into a good program then there would be no point to it.

I hope someone can advise me regarding this as I am really confused now.

Thanks for starting this thread. My profile is as follows:

10 th = 77%
12 th = 73
Btech = 82%
Work Ex= Senior Softwarre Engineer( 3 Years+)
Community Service = Children education adn HIV prevention
Ex Curricular = College event coordinator
GMAT and Toefel= Yet to take in Dec 09

1. The problem is budget. I can't afford more than 12- 15 lakhs. Do I stand any chance to get few good colleges in Canada.
2. Some mof my friends ahev suggested that if u compromise on college reputation ( Due to ur budget) then u might end up not having a job after ur MBA. How true is this?

I am sure most of the guys will have the same problem. So plz pour in ur suggestions( Like getting scholarships and other ways) as to how to manage a good college with this budget so that all of them will be benefited.

Thanks in advance to all of you. Take care.

In case anyone is not aware, Canadian MBA - MBA Programs In Canada is a very good site with links to and brief ideas about all top MBA programs in Canada. From here you can go the individual school sites to learn more.

After doing some research, I have shortlisted Sauder Business School at University of British Columbia to apply to.

Anyone applying to this school?
Do let me know about any questions and I might be able to provide some information from my little research.

Hey pal,

I am planning to apply to this school. I heard that it's a good school and also fees is less.