[email protected] GD/PI Experiences 2007-09

Hi Puys, The process has started 3/4 days ago and still noe thread on the experiences… Even if you have posted ur exp… plz put them here so that we can consolidate them and see the trend and may be predict results… Okay let me start…

Hi Puys,
The process has started 3/4 days ago and still noe thread on the experiences..
Even if you have posted ur exp.. plz put them here so that we can consolidate them and see the trend and may be predict results...

Okay let me start..

My experiences

Venue - IITK awesome and huge campus
Date - 16th Feb 2007. 9:00 AM reporting.... but sadly i was given the 1:00 PM slot.:(
because the process had already started for the people who reported a day before.

we were then divided into batches...
14 each for a GD...:wow: (good recipe for fish market)
GD could only start at @ 2:00 PM

The GD was a case study type..
An excerpt form HBR..(for those who dont know its havard business review..)

The case about the a book called named "Purpose" which the critics say shoud be named "know why of business"....

Teh author outlines 4 major purposes behind a business and says argues that only one is sufficient to succeed...
everybody was given 2 minutes to speak and the floor was made open for discussion.

Some ppl spoke too liittle..
for me the moderator had to stop me from speaking i guess he gave me jus 1.5 mins...
Everybody spoke about what was written but please talk about ur views also...

when the discussion started it led to fidh marker because nobody concentrated on question to discuss but merely stating examples...

Thats it...
make ur points when u r given the initial 2 mins...


For i/v the batch was divided into 3 grps....
panel 1 & 3 was cool
panel 2 was techie one...
i was panel two...:(
so after 2.5 yrs of exp...
i had to answer queries on production process (me a production engg)
My panel had HOD, one bald chap and one more only for eating pakodas..

HOD asked about my low marks in 1st yr...
noted something down..
bald chap asked me question on how to manufacture different things seen in the hall..
HOD asked me to draw graphs of y = e^(-x) and stuff like that..
no questions on hobbies,interests..
why MBA...
Why IITK and all..

overall a decent performance...

Puys please pou rin ur exp. also...
this wud be helpful for the bathces to come...
i cud only get two three exp while i was preparing ..
hope we consolidtae and out up our exp which cud be helpful for everyone....

Mods the thread has been posted tiwce..
could you plz delete one...

HI All,
here is my experience-
The GD started a bit late in the morning....we were take to different halls...each for a) breakfast in the mess b)presentation of the B-School c) the place where the GD/Pi were supposed to be held.I reached a day before, and got a room in one of the newly laid hostels of IIT-K
GD-the "purpose" behind a buisness....is that suffiecient to succeed....it was about a book whose name was "purpose" and it was felt by someone that it should have been named as "know why"......as it was felt that it is important to know the purpose of setting up a buisness...there were a few questions, to justify, if knowing the purpose alown is justified....or profitability and other such issues shall be taken care of as well....there were some examples like-briitish petroleum, and bodyshop etc, quoted as well....
Interview, for most was on techie lines......mine was more of a buisness like situation...i was told to quote some points which were to be taken into consideration while setting up a retail store...besides that i was supposed to quote an example of an exact place where i would want such an store to be....short interview!!
I hope that helps....wish u all gd [email protected]@

yeah it is always nice to discuss about how the GD/ PI went....many of u went away disheartened by the interview...but dont worry even these tech interviews give a lot of insight about your personality...and i bet profs must be looking into these aspects also...afterall they are highly experienced...

even i last year went back home totally "shattered by the PI" 😃 but my name was in the first list itself...

there is another official thread also running parallel...we are always ready to answer any queries...or to get the feedback...

regular users wud know that deepak is handling that thread...

Hello ppl,

Following is my GD?PI experience for IITK...
I had my process on the 18 Feb...am sorry for the delay in posting but have reached just today:

Step 1: All the candidates were taken to a classroom where there was a roll call and we were divided into 5 groups of abt 13 ppl each. I was in group 2.

Step 2: Individual groups were then taken to SIDBI centre for the GD/PI process.

GD: The GD was an article on "Is growth good?" written by some columnist. You had to read the article adn answer the questions asked:
The instructions were as follows:
Reading time = 8min (but that starts as soon as the first person enters the room so effectively u just have abt 5 min to read the case/article)
Each person was allowed 2 min to air his/her views
Topic thrown open for discussion for another 8 min.(i think but am not sure of this time)

I read the article once and it didnt make any sense so i read it again and something made sense ...
I was jotting my points down..By then the first person had been asked to speak...I was the 7th person inline...
Most of my points had been taken by then but i just provided a sort of structure to it and gave my bit within 2 min coz i didnt want to be asked to stop speaking (People were asked to in case they exceeded the 2 min deadline)

Then the topic was open for discussion...it went towards becoming a fish market but then we got it unedr control though loads of time was spent on saying that 'Lets speak one at a time' rather than the actual points..that was funny actually
But anyway the situation was under control as we did agree on atleast 1 of the 2 questions asked.

I think it has been mentioned before regarding 3 panels. Panel 2 was the one taking technical interviews.Luckily i was in Panel 1.

there were 3 males. I guess some were faculty some were from teh industry. They had a mechanical /production background as one of the student co-ordinators told me.Anyway here goes

Main characters are M1, M2, M3 from teh panel and ofcourse D for me

D: May I come in sir?
M3: Yes pls come in. Sit down pls.
D: Thank you sir
M1: (he was busy with his laptop) so how do u pronounce ur name (there we go again!)
D: its Dinah Rodrigues sir
M1:So are u from goa?
D: no sir, i am from Karnataka.
M3: Told my X, XII marks aloud and the board (CBSE). There is a huge improvement in your 12 ..any specific reason why didnt do so well in 10?
D: Sir actually I did my X in Jammu... (interrupted)
M3:So your father is in the army?
D: He was sir. He retired last year
M1,M3:So tell us abt ur company, what dod u do there?
D: blah blah
M2:What is mutual abt mutual funds? (my project deals with a mutual funds product)
D: blah blah
M3:What are teh different types of mutual funds?
D: talked abt Equity, debt, balanced funds etc...made a mistake by missing out debt and sayiny equity and growth...that led to the next question
M1: So what is teh difference between equity and growth?
D:realised what i had done adn corrected my self (i think!)
M2: So do u remember your engg?
D:(gulp gulp)yes sir i can try
M2:So if i want to mount a gear on a shaft , how will i do that?
D: I started abt bearings and then was stopped
M2: No i dont want any distinst motion they have to move simultaneously..
D: I talked abt close fit
M2:Ok so what will u do to ensure no extra movement is there?
D: (Ok thats the limit of my recollection) i thought but cudnt remember so i said ' I dont know air' (bTW the answer pertains to keys)
M2:Ok so sets move to some other area
D: Ok sir
M2: Take and draw its front view and top view (handed me a model of soem kind)
D: i started drawing it...made the 2 lines..made the front view and was starting on the top view when i was stopped
M2: Now what are u making..where can u see that line?
D: Right here sir...
M2: No you wont see that line
D: But i do sir...(gulp!)
M2: No you wont...
D: I kept quiet and I shrugged not knowing what to do
M2: So lets move on..how will u find teh volume of this apple? (pointing to a half eaten apple)
D: I said approximate to a hemispere and gave him the formula
M3: So can you measure radius? (since my formula had radius)
D: Yes sir..no sir..we will take teh diameter
M3:How many measurements will u take?
D: i said 2 perpendicular to each other
M2: Ok if u cant approximate to a hemisphere how will u measure teh volume?
D: area*height (beda gark!kya bol diya!!)
M2: But thats for a cylinder...that will be too much approximation i would say...
D: stumped (cudnt think of putting teh bloody apple in a glass of water and measuring the displaced liquid!!)
M2 to M1: do u want to ask anything?
M1 :(looks at me..he was quite engrossed with his laptop)No
M2: Ok u can go
D:Thank u sir..

So i am not very happy with my interview there...forgot some basic stuff...
it lasted abt 12-15 min...i felt i should have done better coz i had a nice panel taht wasnt asking phodu techie stuff..but afsos kya karein!
Am not expecting a call really...but i enjoyed my stay :)

IIT Kanpur is really good...i was happy the GD/PI was over coz after that i went on a loooooooooonnnnnng walk to check out teh campus.
The best part is teh sports facility...its huge its good!!
and of course teh peacocks!!

anyway thank you to all the seniors who helped us out...
i guess interviews etc are over by now,...
all the best for the results and other interviews.

Hope this helps people


This message is for all the candidates who stayed in Hall-9,IIT Kanpur. A wrist watch was found in the hostel. You can claim the watch by mailing the details about the watch to [email protected].

Accommodation / Campus:
1. They provide accommodation in hostel # 9, but I stayed out of the campus.
2. They had arranged food stalls, so I was able to take something as I could not take my lunch.
3. The campus is very well maintained and the feeling of IIT is there. The students were good and helpful.
4. We had a presentation first, and then GD/PI started.
5. One down point was that they had asked us to make arrangement to stay for two days, but the process was to get finished in 4-5 hours only. So, one day wasted, as it is difficult to get reservations in Tatkal for all trains.
6. Kanpur is OK kind of city, not great, but not bad either. But inside the campus, you have all amenities.


1. Our group had PI first, followed by GD.
2. Panel consisted of 3 persons, including the HOD of the department.
3. Question asked were:
4. Description about work experience
5. What did you study in economics during engineering
6. Economics was in which semester in your college?
7. Who is the professor of economics in your college
8. Solve the given problem from calculus
9. Some questions from chemistry, as I am a chemical engineer
10. Fortunately, I was able to answer satisfactorily to all questions.

Group Discussion:
1. Panel was of three members and one member kept time.
2. We sat around rectangular table
3. Topic: MBA in India is highly over rated.
4. We were given 2 minutes each to speak individually, and then discuss for around five minutes.
5. The initial 2 minutes time was OK, after that everyone enjoyed in the fish market condition. Invigilators relieved when we stopped J
6. I was not able to do good due to the fish market condition. This is common to all in the group.