MBA from Europe?

I just finished my BMS and I am looking forward to pursue my MBA from Europe. Currently I am finding out about good Bschools in Europe. Does anyone have any idea or experience of any Bschool from Europe. Any help will be appreciated guys!

I just finished my BMS and I am looking forward to pursue my MBA from Europe. Currently I am finding out about good Bschools in Europe. Does anyone have any idea or experience of any Bschool from Europe. Any help will be appreciated guys!

It is my personal opinion that Europe is a good place to do MBA from. My nephew is looking forward to pursue his MBA from Europe and I had done a research on this topic. I found out about a good b school called Essec. they have an excellent study model and there were some great reviews about this school. check its website and get a better image of what I am saying and about the courses,
Hope this helps!

I have also heard about this b school from one of my professor. He was all praises about it.

Will check it out for sure. Thanks buddy! 😁
@kevinMBAdsouza yes this college is famous for its finance prog.

@vikramsharma01 Do you have any idea about other B-schools in Europe?
@sujayyeole while searching for B schools I came across many in Europe but when I narrowed them down to the best, ESSEC had the best programs. And as you said it is a good Bschool for finance programs, I needed to look no further. Also I spoke to a student from this Bschool regarding the culture and other programs and he gave me a very positive feedback on it. I am sorry I don't have much info on other Bschools in Europe except their names, but if you need any more info on ESSEC, I might be able to help you with it. 😃

hi Vikram,

Even I'm planning to do MBA in finance. can you tell me more about this school, like appl. deadline, general profile required, work ex., course duration, fees and finally avg pay


I am currently a Global MBA student at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France. Indeed, ESSEC is one of the best schools in Europe and is ranked in the top 20 business schools. Additionally, ESSEC is among the top three business schools in France.

The school has an excellent reputation worldwide with over 42 000 alumni working all over the world and holding C-suite level jobs in major companies such as Accenture, Unilever, etc.

The Global MBA program is an excellent program that takes place in Paris and Singapore. Additionally, the students travel to an international field trip in a developing country (this year we will visit South Africa). Students are also required to complete a 2 month consulting project at a company in a developing country.

In addition to the coursework and international opportunities, the program is very focused on career options for the future. Students normally have classes 4 days a week and have 1 day dedicated to career services that include guest speakers, help with creating CVs, networking events, interview prepartion and job research skills.

As you can see, the Global MBA program at ESSEC is excellent. I would be happy to provide more details about the program and share more experiences should anybody have further questions.

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Hi Matthew,

I have met ESSEC representatives once. It has been impressive to know about ESSEC, except that Global MBA is a new course, so less information was available. I guess students in this course have more experience than other traditional courses at ESSEC.

I need your advice in evaluating schools that suit my profile. I am looking for a general MBA with 8 years of work exp in IT.

How can I compare ESSEC, INSEAD, HEC, IE, IESE and ESCP? What should I look for? Do you have any advice?

Please share your experience because you are at a place where you are better informed.


Hi Wecaz,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to meet an ESSEC representative recently.

You are correct, the Global MBA is a new course and I am in the second batch of students in this program. The students in the Global MBA program have more experience than the other traditional courses at ESSEC. The average professional experience in my class is approximately 7-8 years with students coming from many different areas of industry. It seems that your profile with 8 years of work experience in IT fits the Global MBA program. In fact, many of the students in my class come into the program with many years of IT experience.

When comparing schools I would recommend that you look for a school that is the best fit for you and your professional aspirations. Other things to take into consideration include the length of the course (the Global MBA program is 12 months while the INSEAD MBA is 10 months and the HEC MBA is 16 months for example). You should also consider the teaching approach each school takes in the MBA program. Are you looking for more practical course material that is easily related to industry or more theoretical course work?

I personally chose the Global MBA program because I was looking for a 12 month program in order to minimize my time away from my career. I was also looking for a program that was focused on the practical aspects that I could apply immediately to my professional life. The coursework at ESSEC is focused on practical materials and uses case studies to illustrate the theory discussed in class. Additionally, the Global MBA program is different from the other MBA programs because it includes 5 weeks of study in Singapore, a field trip to an emerging country and a summer International Immersion Project that requires students to work in a professional setting on a specific mission at a sponsor company. The added value of the Global MBA program will prepare the graduates for the challenges that we will face in our future careers.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks a lot, Matthew.

@sujayyeole Hey Sujay,

I don't think I need to say further, Matthew has shared all the information there was regarding ESSEC. Some of the point that he mentioned, even I wasn't aware of. Well, first hand information really does help. If you still want some information then you can contact him because he has a better idea about the B school.
Other general information is available on their website, And if you google "ESSEC" you'll get some accountable information.

All the best for your future!

Hi people,

I would like to add one more B school to your MBA wish list. It's John F Welch College of Business, Luxembourg (

It's a 16 month MBA Program, 9 months will be PAID internship (Yes you can earn a fair amount !) and 4 months intensive classes which you can either opt from SHU, Fairfield, CT, USA or from Luxembourg. After completion of the program you will get 2-years work permit.

Tuition Fees (including books): 29000 Euros.

Accommodation and other expense: 1100 Euros per month.

You can work up to 10 hours per week.

16 years of academic qualification.

You need a decent TOEFL/IELTS and GMAT 's score. (GMAT can be waved off in special cases).

In case you have more questions please feel free to ask:)

Good Luck !

@ank_radical Hi what kind of stipend can one expect for the internship period ?

During the internship period one can earn 1000 to 1200 Euros per month.

One of the top business schools in Europe is IESE Business School in Spain. I think it is constantly ranked top 10 globally... there is a group of students there that are starting up a project to link current MBAs with MBA applicants. It is called MBA Applicant Exchange and the site is mbaexchange.weeblydotcom if anyone is interested. I have spoken to one the of the MBAs there and I was able to gather a lot of good information.

Hello, people. Few of my friends who are doing MBA from France have told me that only IELTS is required and GRE/GMAT are not required for admission in MBA. Are such colleges reliable?