MBA from EASB institute of management, Singapore

Hello friendzzzzz, I v just joined the group. I am planning to pursue my MBA > from Singapore what’s your thought… is it worth pursuing MBA from > there…? > > I am expecting admission in East Asia School of Business which is also…

Hello friendzzzzz,

I v just joined the group. I am planning to pursue my MBA
> from Singapore what's your thought.... is it worth pursuing MBA from
> there...?
> I am expecting admission in East Asia School of Business which is also known as EASB institute of Management, Singapore for July'06 intake...

1) Can you pls let me know how well-recognized EASB is? To my understanding the reputation of the institute matters a lot in meeting success with securing a dream-job in a decent organization.

2) Is it possible to get a job in Singapore after completion of course? I am interested to enter in the field of Analyst/investment banking after completion of course.

3) Are u aware of any blog/article where current/past students of EASB discusses their own experiences at university/Singapore? Can you please pass me on the e.mail addresses of other Indian students studying at EASB. So, I can collect some more views of students before enrolling into the program.

> Thank you,
> Hiral 😃


I am planning for MBA in EASB in the coming January 2010.

Pl can you suggest regarding the university goodwill??..


I am getting into EASB for MBA this Dec,2009... Any1 here for that intake??

hi am kaushik planning to do MBA IN EASB IN JAN2011. could you pls give ur mail id

Hi ppl,

Could you let me know about the placements and the admission requirements in terms of exams and marks?.. Which university is giving the MBA degree??..


hello everyone!! i m joining EASB in this july 2010!! is dre nyone else who is joinin in july 2010??

Hello everyone!! i m joining EASB in this November 2010!! is dre nyone else who is joinin in November 2010??

I am considering admission to EASB, Heriot watt university for MBA.It will be very helpful if somebody could provide few details.
1. How good is the University standards. I know it won't be to the grade of NUS, but is it decent enough.
2. What are my chances of getting a job in Singapore after I pass out?will there be any placements provided by the college itself?
3. How valued will the degree be if I plan to return to India?

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EASB Institute is also known as East Asia School of Business ( EASB ) It was founded by a former Dell Computer regional VP. They recruit students mainly from China and Vietnam and they cater to second-tier students who have not qualified for the popular universities in their home countries.
EASB is not popular with local students in Singapore as it has an image of being a private school and private schools in Singapore suffer from a bad image due to many recent school closures. Industry experts expect about half of all private schools in Singapore to eventually shut down due to tigher government regulations. There is a new agency known as Council for Private Education ( CPE ) which regulates all private schools in the country. However the CPE does not check quality of overseas universities operating in Singapore.
If you wish to study for an MBA degree in Singapore, suggest you look at Singapore Institute of Management, S P Jain School of Management, National University of SIngapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University. These are credible and safe options for Indian students.
Alternately, you can google and consult the Singapore MBA Guide. Be careful though as one of the Singapore MBA Guides is set up by the Aventis School of Management, a local private school, to promote and profile their own MBA programs.
Singapore is a cowboy town when it comes to private education and some schools have been caught issuing fake degrees of overseas universities. Some students do not even know they have earned fake degrees as the degree certificates look quite genuine.

Hi Kaushik,

My name is Rahul. Even i am looking for the Jan 2011 intake. Have you applied for the university?