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NMIMS Bangalore is offering weekend classes for Executive MBA, I wanted to know about the quality of this program and how successful is it? Also, whether is it a useful course to attend to?

Placement stats of nmims exec. Mba

 Request suggestions from people holding EMBA from NMIMS. I am planning to go for the same this year. Could you please let me know how much value the Exec. MBA hold in coporate world ? Whether normal MBA or Exec. MBA is better from NMIMS? My profile is very diverse as I have worked across hospoitality, fashion- lifestyle & educatoion domains. Would the institute appreciate such profile? What prepreations should I do to get through? 

 Request suggestions from people holding EMBA from NMIMS. I am planning to go for the same this year. Please let me know if there are placements option after completing EMBA and is this better then a PGDM??


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Awarded category - I autonomy by UGC and accredited Grade A+ by NAAC

Enroll now  corporate batch for 2019- 2021 

Call Habib - 9136132844.


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How good is NMIMS EXECUTIVE MBA Program with Applied Finance as the specialization??