MBA colleges in NOIDA

The following colleges are some of the preferred colleges in NOIDA for MBA/PGDM/PGP - 1. AKS Institute of Management Excellence (AKSIME) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGPBM (2 yrs). 2. AMITY Business Scho…

Good list. But there are only a few good ones. And I rate Jaypee Business School as one of them

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The following colleges are some of the preferred colleges inNOIDAfor MBA/PGDM/PGP -1. AKS Institute of Management Excellence (AKSIME) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGPBM (2 yrs).2. AMITY Business School - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).3. Apollo Business School - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDM (2 Yrs).4. Asian Business School (ABS) - ; Programs: PGDM (2 yrs).5. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).6. Chronicle Business Academy (CBA) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGPM (2 yrs).7. CIMT - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDBM (1 yr followed by MBS).8. Deming Asia - ; Programs: MBA (1 yr Exec., 2 yr), PGDM (2 yrs), PGDITM (2 yrs).9. Deshwal Institute of Information Management and Technology (DIITM) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDM (2 yrs).10. Ducat Institute of Professional Studies ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).11. Gayatri International Institute Of Planning & Management (GIIPM) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDPM (2 yrs), MBA + PGDPM (2 yrs).12. Global Business School (GBS) - ; Programs: MBA (Industry Integrated) + PGDFM [2 yrs].13. Global Institute of Management Technology (GIMT) - ; Programs: PGDM (2 yrs).14. Hierank Business School (HBS) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).15. Insoft Institute of IT and Management - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDBA (1 yr).16. Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (IASM) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).17. International Inst of Business Studies (IIBS) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGPBM (2 yrs), Corporate Integrated MBA (1 yr).18. Institute of Management Studies (IMS) - ; Programs: PGDM (2 yrs), MIB (2 yrs).19. Jaipuria Institute of Management (JIM) - ; Programs: PGDM (2 yrs, 3 yrs part time).20. Jaypee Business School (JBS) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).21. JSS Academy of Technical Education (JSSATE) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).22. Meridean International School of Business (MISB) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).23. National Inst of Enterpreneurship (NIE) - : Programs: MBA (2 yrs), PGDM (2 yrs), International MBA.24. Noida Inst of Mgmt Studies (NIMS) - ; Programs: MBA (General) + PGPM [2 yrs], MBA (Global) + PGPM [2 yrs].25. Ramagya Global Institute - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).26. School of Business Management, Noida University (SBM) - ; Programs: MBA (2 yrs).27. Sunstone Business School - ; Programs: PGPM (1 yr).

Very helpful list is provided above. Even IMT CDL is one which provides online PGDM Course which will help Corporates to go on with both the things simultaneously. You can have a look at all the programmes on the link -

Guys how is JRE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT?? Any idea?

Galgotia University offers MBA program in association with KPMG. This program is designed to help students grow and succeed in their managerial field. Throughout the program students gain valuable insights from classroom, visitors and speakers who include prominent business figures, leading academics and global commentators. It offers two years MBA program. The program offers dual specialization in International Business, Hospitality Management, Finance Marketing,Human Resource Management, Family Business, International Accounting Practices in association with KPMG.

There have many colleges in Noida and greater Noida who offering MBA course.

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I am passed out form the college