MBA CET 2021

Preparation mapped with syllabus Questions as per difficulty level of LR + Quant + DI + Visual Discussion of Subjects related to Institute / CET Mocks suggestion, options available

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TIME material available for sale in MUMBAI

Includes CAT + CET Material.

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3 levels of textbokks and exercise books, 

All Vocab Cards

All Magazines

GWPI Preparation material

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Which is the best mocks for MBA CET?

is it worth buying cet king mocks becoz i m getting mixed reviews abt it... genuine review please

Which are best mocks for mba cet 2019

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  • ELC
  • CLPC
  • Catking
  • cetking
  • pattrick
  • CL
  • MathOratory
  • Olveboard
  • IMS

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Hello guys !! 90 days for CET

Study Hard 

Will be posting Home work and to do list.

Also will provide strategies to as & when we come more nearer to CET

For now start off with R S Aggarwal ( Quant ).

Target for 2 days 

1) Percentage- 50 sums ( R S aggarwal or Arun Sharma Group A & B problems )

2) 5 Rc passages- short passage ( Arun Sharma )

Also right now dont work on cut offs of colleges instead FOCUS.

If you have any doubts do inbox me.

i am really confused between ims, cetking,ELC mocks.

so please guide me guys to choose the good mock for CET.

and i felt cetking mocks are very expensive.

Any whatspp group for CET 2019 where we can discuss our doubts ?


Amit spends Rs.100 on articles worth Rs.1 each, Rs.2 each, Rs.3 each and Rs.5 each. If he buys 42 articles, how may Rs.3 articles has Amit bought? Options 13, 14, 13 or 14 , 12

2) A Chain is made up of 5 links. Minimum number of links to be broken to have all links separate is options 2, 3, 1, 5

3) Latha has same number of sisters as she has brothers, but her brother Lava has twice as many sisters as she has brothers. How many children are there in the family? options 5, 6, 7, 4

4)For a leap year starting on Wednesday, the number of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays will be respectively options 1, 52 52 52, 2) 52 53 52 3) 53, 53,53, 4) 52, 53, 5

how are cetking mocks????

What are some good books for Quantitative Aptitude, I've tried Arun Sharma but it's too hard for me

Anyone who gave cet last year? What was your score?

Anyone giving CETKING mocks? What is your review about it? Is it worth buying and according to the updated question types?

Anyone gave testfunda iMHCET 14 mock?

Can You solve this question in less then 3.36 mins.

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:
• A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circle facing the center but not necessarily in the same order.
• B sits second to left of H’s husband. No female is an immediate neighbor of B.
• D’s daughter sits second to right of F. F is the sister of G. F is not an immediate neighbor of H’s husband.
• Only one person sits between A and F. A is the father of G. H’s brother D sits to the immediate left of H’s mother. Only one person sits between H’s mother and E.
• Only one person sits between H and G. G is the mother of C. G is not an immediate neighbor of E.
1. What is position of A with respect to his mother-in-law?
(a) Immediate left
(b) Third to the right
(c) Third to the left
(d) Second to the right
(e) Fourth to the left
2. Who amongst the following is D’s daughter?
(a) B (b) C (c) E (d) G (e) H
3. What is the position of A with respect to his grandchild?
(a) Immediate right
(b) Third to the right
(c) Third to the left
(d) Second to the left
(e) Fourth to the left 

Guys your second set of homework is here 

1. Verbal Ability

a) Inference/Conclusion/Argument/Facts : 50 each from Arun Sharma

b) Short passages : 10 passages : Arun Sharma

2. Logical Reasoning

a) Circular Arrangements : 20 ques : R S Aggarwal

b) Linear arrangements : 20 Ques : R S Aggarwal

Take one mock CET in a week.

For more doubts for MHCET- CMAT- ATMA you can message me

[email protected]

Anyone gave IMS take home mock 1? Whats your review about it?

Are Testfunda mocks any good? Which is better between Testfunda and Cetking?