MBA-Business Analytics ( WNS-NIIT University Industry Backed MBA)

I am student of second batch of MBA-BA(NIIT University). I am here to take up your questions regarding the programme :)

Hi All, Can I fill up the application for MBA in business analytics at NIIT university? One of my sister is interested in the programme but I cannot see how to apply? 

What specific technical skills do business analysts need?

Ujala Shanker, Engineer, studied at UC Berkeley, worked in Silicon Valley
Updated Dec 23, 2016

I have worked in Silicon Valley as a business analyst and based on my job search & work experience, the following skills are pretty important for a BA to be well versed in. This resource also comes in handy sometimes. It might be helpful to fill the gaps-some of my peers have used it- Business Analyst CourseMS Excel - Its strange but even in the era of Big Data & Data Science, Excel is a pretty widely used tool in corporations. Most BA roles don't expect you to know advanced Data Science concepts & statistical programming. However BAs should be data savvy. You should be able to quickly plot charts, identify patterns in the data and carry out hypothesis testing.Writing SQL Queries - BAs usually don’t need to access databases directly and hence, don’t need to have advanced SQL skills like a Database Administrator . But it helps to be familiar with basic SQL queries and relational algebra concepts which is pretty easy to pick up at the basic level.Statistics - BAs should know basic statistics. Understanding types of data, descriptive & inferential statistics, basic parametric & non parametric hypothesis testing are important for excelling as a BA. Having a feel for statistics goes a long way. In my job, I saw some folks applying tests just for the heck of it to sound data savvy. But that does not help the organization. Its important to be an earnest problem solver who pursues the problem diligently and knows enough statistics to apply reasonable statistical tests in the given situation.Writing/Reporting/Presentation - BAs do a lot of writing. Writing emails, small analysis reports, presentations etc. So its useful to be able to convey your thoughts in writing clearly and concisely. Making creative and interesting presentations also help- although I personally hate ppts, my colleagues loved good ppts. So it wont hurt to learn that.In short the BA role is an intersection of analytical thinking, strategy and communication. Anyone who enjoys problem solving but at the same time wants to collaborate and communicate, will enjoy this role.cheers!

can we get past question papers for this exam!? Thanks In advance.

Can anyone pls tell me, when will be the application form etc be available? I can't find anything on the website.