Mays(Texas A&M; University Fall '10 Applicants

:: : This thread is for all Fall '10 aspirants for the Mays MBA,Texas A&M; university. To kick start the discussion,here’s my profile,in brief. GMAT -72O WE- 2 years at CSC India,currently working with an NGO(thanks to the pink slip sy…

This thread is for all Fall '10 aspirants for the Mays MBA,Texas A&M; university.
To kick start the discussion,here's my profile,in brief.

WE- 2 years at CSC India,currently working with an NGO(thanks to the pink slip syndrome :w00t:)
Academics- NIT,Jamshedpur(CGPA-8.63)
Extracurriculars :Freestyle rapper,composer,guitarist.Have won loads of awards and medals in sports,academics,and other fields.

Please start pouring in your profiles,views,opinions about the school ,scholarships etc.In short,we gotta share with each other any relevant information !We can be of great help to each other during the application round as well as during and after the interview rounds.

For those about to rock,we salute you

I plan to apply to the Texas A&M...have; not done much research on the college though..
Do u have any idea about the average GMAT Score and the profile they look for.
Also, do they give decent scholarships?
My profile is:
GMAT: 690
Work-Ex: 3.5 years in IT.
Extra C's: not much..just about decent.
I've been trying to get in touch with someone from Texas A&M; MBA alumni or current students...but haven't been successful till now...I could only get to MIS students...I guess they have a lot of MIS students there..
anyways...we'll need to wait for a few more ppl to join in this post..till then we'll keep the research going..

I have applied to Mays.
660, 5.0, 6 years. Indian male IT. 😃

I am also interested in applying for the Mays MBA program. I have cumulative experience of 3.5 years and currently I am enrolled in the Economics masters at the London School of Economics.

GRE:1550 (Mays accepts GRE scores?)

Best of Luck people!

GMAT: 760
3 years in computer vision industry
MS in Electrical Engg

I have applied for MBA Finance at Mays.
GMAT - 710
Toefl - 110
Wrk Exp - 2 yrs 6 mnths till date
Field- IT industry

Guys any idea when does Mays start givng interview calls for its fall 2010. As i have already submitted my application during the 1st round.

guys any interview calls....


My profile ,
GMAT:670 / 6.0
Work ex: 4.5 yrs in IT with 2 yrs diverse international exposure ... yes, another IIM .
EC: Good.
Acads: Decent.

I am to apply in the second round. How are the placements for this school?

Any updates on interviews?

Pritesh Vora

Hey ,
My Profile
GMAt 690/4.5
Work ex - 2 years in IT...patent/papers in international conference
EC : good
acads - decent

I got an interview call yesterday, anyone else got an interview call.
Anyone having some knowledge about the interview process.
Interview date - 5th Jan

I got an interview call.Due to christmas vacations dates not available in dec.
So selected 8th Jan,2010 for my interview.

Got A reject... A bit shocking...
Anyone with a similar Profile and an Interview call ?????
Gmat 720/5.5
Work ex- 3 Years IT (By Aug 2010)

Hi Guys,
I had my interview at Mays..twas a very small interview lasted for around 25 minutes or was a video 1:30 am...and they really appreciated the fact that i was up so late with my suite on... :)

Very generic
Walk through your resume
Why MBA now
Why Texas A&M;
Leadership role

relax guys..
my tip..just be prepared for our answers...write them down..and be crisp with your answers

Hi varun_b,
After your interview did thy tell you by when the decision would be out?
Coz in my case, i had my interview on the 8th of jan, and at the end the interview she said she was taking my file along for the Adcom meeting to be followed after my interview.So she said admits would be out within a week.
My interview too had a same general questions mentioned by you.However, initially tere was a confusion as she had mixed my skype id with some one elses..and i kept waiting for long to connect with her..and then finally she send a mail ask for my skype she had the wrong one..sme mismatch while passing on the details to the interviewer..

hi guys

this is vibhanshu garg.
i have been selected for fall class of 2010 @ mays business school
i will be taking the offer
all those planning to join pls be in contact.

rt nw i am on a ship so may be will not be responding quickly.
will do so as soon as i get internet.
will be coming back ti india in april


Hi vibhanshu,
I am an R1 applicant and still not head from Mays. I had my i/v on the 8th jan,2010 since then waiting for them to give a reply. When did u learn of ur admit and when was ur i/v??

I'm a bit impatient now..since many of the others in the forum have heard from mays..and looks like i m d only one still waiting...

..And ya congrats!!! for getting an admit..!!!

hello people,

I am new out here. applied in tamu in R2. recieved a intrvw call now. Do i have a company here :)!

Hi everyone. I applied in R1 , interviewed last week of December, and got an offer the 2nd week of January. Has anyone who is admitted heard about scholarship?

Hey I applied in round 2 , got an interview call on 26th Jan. My profile
GMAT - 660
WE - 6 yrs ( 2 1/2 in IT & 3 1/2 in Commercial Shipping)
Vibhansu , Noopur, applicant 2....can anyone please guide me with regards to the interview ? Can I have your contact nos please ?

Thanks in advance,

just be very calm and composed in the interview...
I got a reject from Mays...mainly because of spoiling my interview....i was too tensed and spoke very quickly...
So take my slow while ur speaking...and dont go awa frm your essays...

Standard questions

Walk through resume
Strengths and Weakness