MAY CMAT experiences and discussions .... 19th May to 22nd May 2013...

Dear Puys, Pls. share your experience of the May CMAT in this thread in the below mentioned format… (for sharing the experience, Pls. follow this format only) *Date and Slot – Attepmts (QA/LR/Eng/GK) — Difficulty Level (QA/…

Dear Puys,
Pls. share your experience of the May CMAT in this thread in the below mentioned format....
(for sharing the experience, Pls. follow this format only)

Date and Slot --
Attepmts (QA/LR/Eng/GK) ---
Difficulty Level (QA/LR/Eng/GK) ---
GK question (Current Affairs/ Static)
Overall Experience/ Suggestions --

Compare the difficulty level with Sept/Feb CMAT (QA/LR/Eng/GK) --


Marks you are expecting in May CMAT :-

Day 1 Slot 1 exam is over... waiting for some reviews.... !!

No updates yet???? 😞

Plz write in your experiences about the exam in the first slot today? How were the sections in terms of difficulty level? Did anyone face any issue during registration or at the time of the exam?

Anybody wants to discuss the gk question of the 1st slot please PM me

I don't think many people will be willing to discuss for two reasons: 1) Because AICTE forbids revealing any detail of the exam outside... 2) If you are competing with others for limited seats in a good college, if you are helping your competitors by telling them the questions, it only acts as a disadvantage...anyways, my slot is yet to come.

done with my exam at vivekanand inst of mgmt. the paper was very similar to feb cmat. one question in lR was exactly same as feb cmat only data was changed 😁

quant - very easy

logical reasoning - easy

eng - medium

Gk - medium (very few current affairs 3-4 , mostly static GK )

@ayushbhalotia pls confirm if I can post a few gk questions here as some ppl are asing me for it.....don't want to get banned on my first day of using PG itself


How can one objectively answer 'difficulty'? What may be easy for some may be difficult for someone else...I think it's best not to fall for others' opinion and believe in yourself and your preparations...and it is also a matter of luck...among different slots, different kinds of questions were asked in Feb cmat...just hope for the best and do well!

Can anyone tell me whether for attestation, is it ok if i take advocates signature and stamp?Plz reply..

Took the test just because I registered 😛
Found QA and LR easy
But VA was lengthy and was a bit difficult ( I found CAT VA easier than this 😛 )
GK was anybody's guess, either you know it or you dont 😛
Over all a moderately difficult paper, and I took almost 3 hours to answer it, thanks to the lengthy VA

strange !

No one has discussed any GK questions yet.
As for the paper.
QA was easier.
LR a bit time consuming.
VA Tough
GK (kuch pata nahin kya mark kiya hai?? Koi to discuss karo..!)

Analysis of May 2013 CMAT

May 2013 CMAT Analysis: Quant easy, Language Comprehension tougher

Yaar koi to GK ke question daalo yaar..Last exam, CMAT feb ke thread mein logo ne GK ke question daale not worry..come on yaar..

Date and Slot -- May 19 , II Slot


(QA 17 ; LR - 16 ; Eng- 21 ; GK- 16)

Difficulty Level- VA was tricky & delicious.

GK question (Current Affairs/ Static)Overall Experience/ Suggestions -- Moderate

Compare the difficulty level with Sept/Feb CMAT (QA/LR/Eng/GK) -- N/A
shall help 😃

Is there a centralized counselling like that conducted by DTE for colleges other than those in Maharashtra...? Please reply

anyone who has appeared today in morning slot??