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Guys do share your views for today's MEC 105 PAPER


Can anyone guide me about which assignment i should submit before march 2018 if i have taken admission in july 2017 session? Have i to submit all assingment like MEC 01,02,03,04,05 or any specific ?

i took admisssionn in august 2016.  but till now I hve nt submitted any asssignment. So, do i need to pay any fees or any form before submitting assignments before this september. Please guide me.. MA ECONOMICS IGNOU GROUP JULY 2018

Anyone submitting second year assignments for this year??

Anyone joined MEC in jan 2019? Is there any group for the same??

Anyone submitting MECE-001 assignment. Please share.

Anyone here knows how to solve the numerical in question 5.?? Thanx in advance

Everyone planning to give term end exam in December 2019, please respond. We should create a group to solve doubts and help each other.

IGNOU MEC telegram group join and share

Hello - anyone from Pune for MEC 2020. Do we have any group?