Mason(william and mary) - 2010 Admits, Info and More!

Hi guys, Its about time for the application frenzy to start. Ask all the info you need about Mason MBA. I am a first year at Mason and will be ready to help. I would like to let you know that the website has been updated recently with the co…

Hi guys,

Its about time for the application frenzy to start. Ask all the info you need about Mason MBA. I am a first year at Mason and will be ready to help. I would like to let you know that the website has been updated recently with the comments about our beautiful Miller hall.

Mason is shooting up the rankings too soon and this your opportunity too!
World renowned faculty + extraordinary Infra = A pretty good deal :)
Will shortly post more info 😃

Sai Challa

Hi Sai,
Thank you for your initiative. I met Amanda at The MBA Tour in New Delhi recently and i must say Mason looks like a good program with career acceleratiom modules. How useful would you consider an acceleration module in consulting? I am interested in strategy consulting. Is that an area of strength for Mason?

I was not a perfect place to answer ur query regarding the CAM's as I am a firs year student, and so I directed your query to a second year

As such there is no strategy consulting CAM. We have a consulting CAM. The CAM focuses on what a consultant has to know when he/she enters the role. It talks about the tools you need to have and the usual process followed to go about in a particular situation.We also plan to visit many consulting companies to see and perform some real time scenarios.
- mike

Hope that helps

Hi Sai

Thanks for your reply to the previous post. I am planning to apply to Mason coming fall

I am looking for scholarship during my MBA and employment after MBA in consulting domain. Lesser ranked schools are advantageous due to the scholarships but lose out in securing a good job. With higher ranked schools its vice versa. How is Mason placed in terms of both?

What kind of consulting companies recruit from Mason?

If not consulting, students from which specialisation gets recruited the most in Mason?

Consulting being a new CAM at Mason, how well the module recognized by the corporates?

Thanks in advance


@ Sai

Hi this is Ayon here, I am very intrested in joining Mason (I am in constant chat with Amanda, Jill & others).

I have work ex over 2.4 yrs in hardcore Telecommunications. held position like Team lead etc. while i am certain to apply to Mason. i have few querries

1) my GMAT is 610 in 2nd attempt, in 1st it was 600. do you think thats enough to get me in? (avg gmat lies at 613, while it is 648 for indian students)

2) whats the approx total amount of kharcha for 2 years (and do we need to pay it on yearly basis? half yearly? )

3) though placement stats are impressive, does International students really get job @ $ 74,000 - 80,000 PA (avg salary as told in site) ?

4) Can you share your profile?

Hi Sai,

Would you please share your profile and admission experience with Mason?



Guys i am done with my Interview. now anxiously waiting for the results to come out on 9th Jan

Anyone else in the same boat?


I've also submitted my application and completed the interview back in mid-November. Amanda mentioned I should hear before the Christmas holiday, so perhaps you'll also have an answer before January 9th.

If you didn't visit campus the new facilities are very impressive. I'm confident Mason is going to be on the move the next few years.

My Profile:

GMAT: 700
Academics: Graduated top 3% from American university
Work Exp: 2 years at Fortune-50 company. Internal consulting type position.

@ Watson

Thanks for cashing in, i was wondering if i am the lone applicant to Mason this year!

You have got a very impressive profile, what are the other schools you are applying too ?


I've got my applications queued up for Darden and Simon, but I'm waiting to hear from William&Mary; before I submit. Mason is my top choice, but if I was offered admission to both Darden and Mason it would probably come down to the financial incentives offered by each institution. I know Mason has offered very attractive merit based aid packages in the past, so I'm hoping that trend continues this year...

Where did you see that the average Indian GMAT score for Mason was 648? I'm amazed it's that much higher than the rest of the applicant pool...

Where are you looking beyond Mason?

Mason does offer very attractive merit based scholarships, infact 10% of the class (thats 9 - 12 individuals) can get 100% schols + GA. I guess your profile should make your readily eligible for that.

I too hope that the trend continues (if i had it my way, then it should increase!) this year, otherwise my mba dream is as good as over.

I have applied to Mason, SMU - Cox, MSU Broad, Kelley, Katz - uni of pittsburg, weatherhead - case western.

My heart lies in Mason, they have exceptional professors, Executive partnership program, small class size and most importantly i got treated as a person not as a piece of statistics. I asked them questions and they took out time for me to sort out answers and gave me specific answers, and not some internet link like many other schools have done. E.g. avg. score for indian students, acceptance rate for indians.

Though its 648 for indians, i could only manage 610 :(
So keeping my fingers crossed for the results.

You want to major in which concentration?

Hi All,
I just heard from Mason. My interview was on Dev 8th. It went really well.
I was so sure that I would make it but they are planning to hold there decision till round 2.

The wait is killing me literally.
I am also planning to apply to other colleges as Mason was the only college in my safe zone.

My Prof:
GMAt: 630
Toefl: 110
Engg: 95%
Extra curr: Very good
Social Work : Very good.

any advice on which schools 2 choose would be highly appreciated...

@ayonde (and everyone else)

I just heard from Mason as well. Accepted but with less financial aid than I was expecting. I would owe around 7k for the first year. I'm confident I could get a better package from Simon or Wake Forest but really like W&M...this; will be a tougher choice than I was expecting.

"Infact 10% of the class (thats 9 - 12 individuals) can get 100% schols + GA"..Where did you find this stat from? I wonder if they're still offering those kind of packages in light of W&M;'s budget and the new facilities.

Hello Watson,

First of all congratulations on your admit!
Although you maynot have got the schols you had expected, but it still counts. I guess you are a VA resident so you will need to shell out less.

You are the 2nd guy to report admit. I havent yet recieved any news from Adcom.....maybe i wont be able to make it ,either a reject or maybe lesser schols if any, in both the cases Its a goner !

Keeping my fingers crossed! (it never worked before) Seems i should hit the table with Manhattan SC.

all the Best to other applicants!

Oh, and about that 10% of students getting 100% schols.

that news is posted somewhere on their website.... and Amanda also told the same, whenshe came to India on thembatour.

Good luck to you, Ayonde, and MBA.US!

Hi all,
I have applied for fall 2010.
work ex-4 years in IT.
TOEFL scheduled for jan23.

what are my chances for getting a good scholarship. Will late toefl be a prob? I have also applied for 8 other US universities like Texas, Marryland, Trulaske, Florida, illinois, madison, missouri, iowa and tennessee. How do you rate Mason among them. Got some friends at mason. Leart that its a really nice college. But I wanna know about the employment scope for international students.

Watson2037 Says
Good luck to you, Ayonde, and MBA.US!

@ Watson,

Surprisingly & Shockingly, I have been rejected from Mason. I have written an email requesting them to provide possible reasons. but not so sure how much of that will help.

Anyways this is my last post in this thread, All the best to you & others!!


Applied for W & M - R2
GMAT 680
IBT 102
WE: 3.6 yr IT /QA

Any more admits from R1? Please share your profile? Any Schol?