Marketing Specialist 2016 Union Bank Of India

i have created this group so people who get selected in UBI can communicate and help each other…Hope this helps everyone

hello guys welcome to the group..introduce yourself



Hello Guys, my situation is peculiar here because it's not me but my brother who got selected, and he dsnt use PG for some reasons :) I'll be representing him here.

Sagar Shinde

Does anyone has any idea abt what kind of letter/documents we need to arrange from our MBA institute/University regarding the undertaking that had been signed during the interview??? My issue was...that my MBA degree ( MMS degree to be precise, as I did my PG from Mumbai university) doesn't mention my specialization, i.e. marketing...however, my 3rd & 4th semester mark sheets mention my specialization as marketing... Anyone with similar issue kindly share what needs to be done in this regard...and what they have done... Thank you.

Hi does anyone received mail from union bank karamchari sena??

I have completed my bmm and I want to study marketing further and I am not interested into mba so please suggest me good marketing colleges