Manchester Business School - MBS 2009

Hi Friends, I am a current student at Manchester Business School and would love to take questions regarding admissions for the class starting in 2009. Girish

Hi Friends,

I am a current student at Manchester Business School and would love to take questions regarding admissions for the class starting in 2009.


Hi Girish

I aspire to apply for MBA with Manchester for 2009 batch.
I have gathered 5.5 years of entrepreneurial work experience establishing two successful companies within a short span. I believe an MBA from Manchaster will help me gain a foothold on the aspects of global business and corporate strategies. Post Manchester I would like to work in corporate sector for atleast 2-3 yrs before I get back with my busioness plans.

While I plan to apply with Manchester I would like to take your valuable opinion.
I scored 680 in my GMAT test which I took in September 2008. Meanwhile I cleared MFA/CFA Level II from ICFAI which is considered among the most competitive tests. I acquired PGDBA from IMT Gaziabad in 2006 which helped me gain a better foothold in my business.

Though I had an extemely active school life and lead school team in many interschool competitions but my college life was eclipsed by frequent accidents I met during last two unfortunate years of my college life.
Right before the final year exams I met an accident which caused displacement of my wrist bones, a hole in the middle of the arm reaching the bones, due to which I had to undergo a surgery. My exams were just two weeks away and the doctor suggested that it is impossible to take the test with my hand plastered. Infact the stress could worsen my situation. I did not want to loose one year and repeat the same class again. I decided to take the test with plastered hand. I could hardly finish half the exam in the allotted time and the examiner was always very kind to give me extra 5 minutes to complete as much possible. (I have all the medical reports to proove the facts.)
By God's grace I scored just 44% and did not have to repeat the year again. Though it was a blessing then but today when I plan to go for an MBA the low graduation score is an impediment which probably business schools are reluctant to overlook inspite of the ordeal I had face and overcome sucessfully. My PGDBA and CFA scores should be considered as my ability to undertake academic rigors and a decent GMAT score apart from a rich experience of 5.5 years should be the threshold to measure my capability.

Its a kind request to please advise if I should apply with the Manchester and in the light of the facts would the university consider my candidature.

In hope of a positive response

Sameer Arya

Hey Sameer,

Sorry to answer in short for a long mail; but you have got extremely good chances to apply and secure a position. What MBA institutes require is a consistency in studies, and you can very well explain the inconsistency. In fact, my position was almost similar since I was pursuing Company Secretary exams with graduation, and my average graduation marks never became a problem.

So go ahead and apply! Best wishes.


Thanks Girish..

Thats very encouraging buddy..
Now tat I am all pepped up to apply with your uni I would like to ask u two very imp questions..

1. How is the placement scenario post Manchester.. both in and outside Europe..
How well are Mancaster Graduates placed in India..
Cuz I plan to acquire atleast 2-3 years of experience in corporate before I venture back to business.

2. No other school apart from ISB ranks among to 20 business schools. Comparing Manchaster to ISB why did you choose Manchaster over ISB ?
(Ofcourse Manchaster, LBS... are all a completely different league.. but somethin that really was te key point in deciding upon Manchaster)



In India with premiere schools like IIM its almost a cliche tat they want above 60% undergraduate scores.
Though I can proove the reasons for inconsistent performance but are you sure it would not be an impediment in granting admission...


Thanks for your effort in starting the thread. I am bit surprised that MBS doesnt attract that much activity as it deserves. I also observed that for Indian junta, still US B-schools and Indian counterparts hold the roost.

anyways, my few queries pertaining to MBS:
- its 18 month programme with certain advantages of internship and exchange option.. but in UK and Europe mostly top schools are 1-yr.. LBS and HEC also beat this trend.. what are other advantages from students and alums opinions
- the second query is reg recruitment.. what are the stats of class 2008 especially in the backdrop of global financial turmoil


I have got a GMAt score for 690/4.5 + 3 years of IT experience(with 2 years at onsite in UK with client). 1 out of 3 years as lead + decent acedemics( X - 87%, XII - 77%, - 74%)

Bad part: GMAt score of less than 700 + no extra curricular activities to show.

How good are my chances of getting into MBS?


Hi Girish,

I have completed my bcom(h) from delhi a year and half ago...and by 2009 june i will have two years experience....but as u know...that isnt enough to get into any mba the uk...i have always wanted to do an mba...rather than a specialist masters...coz...i want to manage a business and only an mba teaches u that. But since that isnt possible now...i am thinking off applying for masters in int business courses at manchester and the mbm program in stratclyde...Can you tell me how good these programs are?... can u also suggest some other programs in international business? one more query...are these msc management programs only good for non business graduates? can a business graduate also benefit from these programs?

I know i have asked u stuff other than manchester...but i hope u can give me some insight into masters programs in uk...thanks!



Can you evaluate my chances?

My Profile:

GMAT 700. AWA: 4.5
GPA: 3.8/4
NIT Surathkal
2 years (current) in Samsung's R&D; center, Bangalore.
- Evolved an idea from scratch to reality by co-ordinating with multiple teams in india and south korea.
- Initiated a process to develop my team's ability to innovate, and the 6 months from the start of the program have produced 4 patents with 2 pending verification.
- Light mentoring of a new recruit leading to her induction into the team.
- 8 months in South Korea

- I ve written articles that got published in major web sites
- Lots of organizing activities while in college. Lead teams etc.
- Graphic design. Output: about 30 posters, 5 brochures, 7 newspaper ads etc.

And i am fairly clear about my goals. why mba etc etc.

Arun S Devarajan

hi all

anyone heard from the school? 21st was deadline for decision of first round. my application was complete and submitted well on time, no news yet...

hey an admit from Manchester for 2009.....others wid an admit pls get in touch

Interesting post. How do u guyz rate Warwick Business School? I got admit for 2009 but am confused. I fear that it may not be a worthwhile investment considering the financial situation that the world is facing. But then again, I'll be graduating in 2010 and who knows where the world be at that time.

mbadreamz09 Says
hey an admit from Manchester for 2009.....others wid an admit pls get in touch

hey, congrats! i got an admit too. but i have a final offer from hec managemnt school as well, u have any opinon which one to go for?...everyone says hec is better...

i have no schol from hec, just in case manchester gives any schol ( result will be known by 19th dec) i may think abt mbs...and otherwise may change my mind, many even say that manchester has a better name...


I also got an admit yesterday. Flighty DJ, I could not find the schol decision information anywhere except your reply. Where did you find this info.


Hey guys how long does it generally take to get a reply from the business schools in the UK.

I have applied to WBS and LSE for their masters in finance, wondering what profiles generally get accepted. Would be great if one of you could answer my query.

Also have any of you come across any threads regarding WBS and LSE masters in finance? Coz i couldnt find one.


Hi dummy82, FlightyDJ, mbadreamz09

Congrats on your acceptance !! I have an interview with MBS tomorrow. It would be helpful if you can post your interview experiences, who took the interview and the questions asked, etc.


The interview length was around 45 minutes (30 min int, 15 min Q&A;).

The Qs were the standard ones which you can find in other MBS threads.
Highlights were:
1) About my intl experience and professional and personal experience.
2) Two qualities which my sub-ordinate describe.
3) Two qualities which I will describe.
4) Areas of improvement.
5) Have you consulted about this MBA with someone.
6) Why MBA and why now?
7) professional Example where I used my networks.
How do I like about being led by others.
9) What is my style of project management?
10) How do I tackle deadlines.
11) How do you describe a smart team. What did you do extra to inculcate this smartness. (rewording the Qs)

Hope this helps.

Guys, let me know if you get any info.

hello everyone...I also got an admit from Manchester for fall 2009 session.

Guyz I think we have enough admits to start up a group on Facebook/ lemme know if you guys are interested...