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 Maharashtra Common Entrance Test or MAH CET is a computer-based management entrance test. Officially known as MAH MBA/MMS-CET. As the exam is coming around,we have created this group as a discussion forum,for updates, probable questions and Mock Discussion.


Pointing to a photograph of a boy Suresh said, "He is the son of the only son of my mother." How is Suresh related to that boy?


Odd one out:1. People who study children's language spend a lot of time watching how babies react to the speech they hear around them.
2. They make films of adults and babies interacting, and examine them very carefully to see whether the babies show any signs of understanding what the adults say.
3. They believe that babies begin to react to language from the very moment they are born.
4. Sometimes the signs are very subtle - slight movements of the baby's eyes or the head or the hands.
5. You'd never notice them if you were just sitting with the child, but by watching a recording over and over, you can spot them. 

Parajumble:1. The eventual diagnosis was skin cancer and after treatment all seemed well.
2. The viola player didn’t know what it was; nor did her GP
3. Then a routine scan showed it had come back and spread to her lungs.
4. It started with a lump on Cathy Perkins’ index finger. 

How many 3-digit numbers are there, for which the product of their digits is more than 2 but less than 7? 

 Because they refuse to follow the conventional dress code/neither Shivani/nor her friends/is invited to the local society function. (a) Because they refuse to follow the conventional dress code (b) neither Shivani (c) nor her friends (d) is invited to the local society function (e) No error

MBA CET 2019

Radius of a cylinder is equal to the side of an
equilateral triangle having area 16sqrt3 cm^2 and
height of the cylinder is equal to the perimeter of
the triangle. Then, find the volume of cylinder.

MBA CET 2019

Some desks are mirrors.
Some mirrors are combs.
Some combs are pins.
I. Some pins are desks.
II. Some combs are desks.
III. Some pins are mirrors.
IV. Some pins are either desks or mirrors.
(a) Only III follows (b) Only II follows
(c) Only I follows (d) Only IV follows
(e) None follows 

Real CET Mock 3 

In an isosceles AMNO, the altitude NP bisecting ZMNO measures 15 cm. What is the area of AMNO if its perimeter is 150 cm?  

Real CET Mock 7

What is the probability of at least four men being seated together when five men and five women are seated in a straight line? 

Real CET Mock 12

 When the price of petrol is increased by 20%, a woman with a petrol-driven bike reduces her travel by 20%. What is the percentage of consumption decrease? 

REAL CET Mock 5Which of the following is wrongly spelt?


A shopkeeper mixes 15 kg wheat of Variety A which costs $50 per kg with 16 kg of Variety B wheat. He sells the mixture at $60 per kg and earns a profit of 25% Then, what was the cost price (in $) of variety B rice? 

REAL CET Mock 15

A group consists of 5 journalists, 4 managers, and 6 engineers. A team of 5 members needs to be formed. In how many ways can the team be selected such that there is at least 1 manager in the team? 

REAL CET Mock 12It is known that the product of two given consecutive odd numbers is 6399. What is the lesser of these two numbers?
B. 85
D. 79


126426÷63÷6 = ?
A. 21
B. 15
C. 19
D. 17 


P can complete a job in 24 days. When P and Q work together, Q earns 720 and P earns 1080. In how many days will both P and Q together be able to complete the job?
A. 14.4
B. 15.2
C. 16.5
D. 18
E. 19.2 


MBA CET 2017

A and Bcan together finish a piece of work in
10 days. If A starts working and after 3 days,
A is replaced by Band Bfinished the
remaining work in 24 days.
Quantity I : Number of days taken by Balone
to finish the piece of work.
Quantity II : Number of days taken by C alone
to finish the piece of work. (C is 40% less
efficient than A).
(a) Quantity I = Quantity II or the relationship cannot
be established from the information that is given
(b) Quantity I £ Quantity II
(c) Quantity I ³ Quantity II
(d) Quantity I < Quantity II
(e) Quantity I > Quantity II 

MBA CET 2017

Study the information carefully to answer the
given question.
The National Museum of Country X ‘Banibian’
has 4 sections, each displaying different assets
and aspects of the country between 2-4 pm.
Taking the step will have the following three
(A) The entry fees received from section 2 of the
museum will decrease.
(B) The number of Banibian visitors in section 2
between 2-4 pm will increase considerably. (C) The section displaying the cultural
heritage  of country X will start receiving
foreign visitors.
Which of the following cannot be inferred
from the given information?
(a) Each section of the museum has separate entry
(b) Section 2 in not the section that displays to
country’s cultural heritage.
(c) Foreign visitors will be allowed in other sections
of the museum between 2-4 pm.
(d) The entry fee of section 2 was the highest
among all the 4 sections.
(e) Earlier, the foreign visitors of the museum did
not prefer to visit the section displaying cultural
heritage of country X. 


If log 64 = 1.806, then the value of log 16 is
A. 1.631
B. 1.204
C  0.954
D. 0.903
E. 1.431