Hi Puys,Let us discuss the CL/IMS/TIME Mocks here.Use the following format for posting your scores :MOCK Number - Total Attempts -Score - Also we can discuss the questions here… :smiley:

Hi Puys,

Let us discuss the CL/IMS/TIME Mocks here.
Use the following format for posting your scores :
MOCK Number -
Total Attempts -
Score -

Also we can discuss the questions here.. 😃

Can everyone post their IMS SimCET 2014 scores here?

SIMCET - 01 (Proctored)

Score - 106

SIMCET - 02 (Proctored)
Score - 129

SIMCET - 03 (Proctored)
Score - 101

SIMCET - 04 (Proctored)

Score - 121

SIMCET - 01 (Take Home)

Score - 113

SIMCET - 02 (Take Home)

Score - 142

Which are Top B-schools from Pune that accepts Mah-CET scores?

has anyone purchased cl's mock series?

I have 10% additional discount code for Testfunda which is of no use for me. Anyone interested can PM me.

This is urgent. I am done with couple of interviews. I need help on Test series for CET. It is last shot of the season. Which Test series are Puys referring to? I am getting TestFunda mocks or should I go for TIME/CL mocks? Please help me out guys. This is urgent. Thanks a ton!

A=cube root of -512, B=(-1/9) raised to -1

Solve and post answer.

someone pls provide actual CET past papers ...

Guys it would be great if everyone shared their CET paper taking strategy... we all can discuss and in this way we can help each other to fine tune others strategy... It is very rightly said- In CET, there is a difference of 15 marks between a good and a bad strategy...

Compare the Mocks of TF ,IMS, and TIME.Which one is close to Reality.

Can anyone please provide me CL mocks..

How many such pairs of letters are there are in the word "INSTRUCTION" which have as many letters between then in the English alphabet?

can any one help me to answer this ques...

Can anyone provide login credentials to access CL mocks...


guys the results are out

can any one tell what is the next step after cet results are out?

I was not able to attend the MAh Cet exam. But updated my CMAT, MAT and CAT scores long ago. Now how can I check result, if I am eligilbe. I am also not able to login. I am a outside mah. candidate.

Plz help.

Can somebody please guide me through MAH-CET 2014 admission process for outsiders, I have got 85 %tile so is there any chance of getting a decent college there?

(I had converted bimtech, IFMR and IMT Nagpur but funds are issues there)

Can anybody guide me which CET mock should I enroll for?? IMS/TIME/CET KING or any other?? Which one is the closest?