Madeeasy Rank improvement batch 2017 EC N EE

Jobs,study,problem n more..

True power comes from your decision.. First make decision set goal.. Now the goal is GATE 2017. If u make it then always stick to Ur decision.. Be always rigid to Ur decisions but u may be flexible to strategy..if not this way going good then change the way..change the mind set..leave the fear. Believe in u.

The first things you should have to do is RAISE YOUR STANDARDS...means you have to change your mindset. At that time what you are is because of your mindset... You are the only one who decide what I able to do and what not may be you don't say it but it is in your mind.. Your current situation is the reflection of your mind set n standards what you define for u. Think when the last time you say you are not that type of is because you define your standard previously in your mind what I am able and what I m not able to think about you..the whole power start with your mind. Change the mind believe in you what you want to achieve fell it... Raise your standard. Believe in you. Stick to your goal. You definitely achieve it. Change your mind.


My name is Akshay Kumar and I have secured AIR 94 in gate 2018 in CS branch. I have taken Madeeasy Test Series and the following features that I liked are:-

1) Bookmarking option which allowed me to keep track of the questions in which I had commited  mistakes or some new question. It helped me revising my mistake at last moment of time.

2) Interface was exactly similar to gate exam and it was very Optimize and efficent as a result of it there was no lag in switching from one question to another.

3) Analysis part of the test was best as it introduces me to the real competion before actual gate exam and I got to know about my weaker areas.

Thankyou Madeeasy for creating this wonderful platform.