MA in elementary education 4rm Tiss

Hi Friends, I want to pursue MA in elementary education from Tiss. I will be glad if any seniors can help. Thanks.

Hi Friends,
I want to pursue MA in elementary education from Tiss. I will be glad if any seniors can help. Thanks.

Hi...did u get a call...i got for MA in Education


i've got a call foe tiss elementary education

what are the scope and pay packages?

can anybody help me?

Me too. Tips for essay and pi?

hi friends.. even i have got shortlisted for the same.. any idea about how PIT/PI will be for us?

Date for pti?

wats d scope ?? anyone?

Hello friends.  I got selected for elementary education in hyd. Anyone here has some senior contact in d same dept?

Hi have got shortlisted for MA in elementary education, can anyone please share how one should prepare for the PI also job prospects post the course...

Attended PIT and PI for M.A education (elementary) through TISSNET 2016.

Cutoff: 41

The PIT started sharp at 9:00am and the duration was 45 mins. The essay topics were rather simple (nothing technical in terms of education terminology or governmental schemes). Out of the three topics, you had to write about one within 1000 words.

Make sure you carry ur DAF (Detailed Application Form) and spend time and labor on each and every word u write on it. It will be submitted to them after the PIT.

Coming to the interview part:-

1 female, 2 male members in the panel.

Questions raised:

-Describe urself *do not digress from ur DAF at all here*

-Why do u want to do M.A in education?

-What have u done previously pertaining to education?

-Why do u want to switch to this suddenly? *insert ur graduation degree here*

-What do u know about this programme?

-What are the subjects taught in this programme?

-What are the job prospects after the completion of this course?

Some technical question:

-What is RTE act?

-What is CCE?

-What is no detention policy? What are ur views about it?

-Is there a link between CCE and no detention policy?

-What are the major problems faced by Indian education administration?

-What is beti bachao, beti padhao?

-Some current affairs (about Vijay Maliya and WCF)

The interviews were highly random in nature. They didn't ask anything technical questions to some and a lot of them to others. So it depends on ur luck there! However, do read about the basic terms for sure relating to education (RTE act, CCE etc).

~I could not find a lot of material about this course while I was about to appear for the interview so thought of posting my experience. Hopefully, it will help some! ATB 😃

any whatsapp grp for hyd campus??? aur any seniors plz ping me aur sent the link so that i can clear my doubts....