Low CAT scorer

The people who have scored less at CAT, what opportunities they will get, or what are the next step they should do for getting a decent college. Also discussing the other exam scores and decide which colleges can be applied.

I have scored low at CAT and different exams also. I think many other people are there which are going through the same stage. We should discuss and get each other informed about the next steps to do, to get a decent college. Please people going through different stage join and please some expert and counselor guide us for a better future.

There are many groups for high and top scorer of CAT but no group for the lower one. So plsss people join and decide what to do next with these low percentile. Not to get depressed but to think wisely what should be our next steps for a decent future.

Try to get admission with the help of other Exams score like MAT,CMAT etc.