London Business School - 2011 MiF Applicants

Folks, LBS MiF program’s application window will open on October 1, 2010 and I am going to be the first one to apply this year, for Fall 2011 entry. Starting this thread for all fellow applicants to share profiles, seek advise, exchange ideas…


LBS MiF program's application window will open on October 1, 2010 and I am going to be the first one to apply this year, for Fall 2011 entry. Starting this thread for all fellow applicants to share profiles, seek advise, exchange ideas & suggestions and last but not the least, encourage others in their application.

My profile:
1. Bachelor & Master of Technology - Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi
2. 5 years in a Quant role in Fixed Income covering risk management, trade strategies, risk analytics, pricing, valuation, and development of risk models, in a Global Investment Bank.
3. GMAT 740/6.0
4. Research publication on Indian Markets
5. PRMIA - Professional Risk Manager
6. Encouragement by Peter Johnson - LBS MiF evaluation team.

Request fellow applicants to share their credentials and submissions too.


I am also applying to LBS MIF 2011 my profile is as follows

1) BE computer engineering
2) MBA Finance
3) CFA
4) GMAT 720
5) 3.5 years experience as buy side equity analyst


How is it coming along? Other than SOP, there isn't much to write there.

I am thinking of applying for 2011 entry too.

My Profile is:

-B.Tech, IIT Delhi 2008 Batch
-CFA Level 3 Exam Candidate
-27 months work exp prop trading US & European Interest Rate Derivatives with a profitable track record.
-Planning to take the GMAT in January. Will apply in Round 3.

Hi desparado1306, vivek and dipak!!
It is really good to meet like minded folks like y'all here 😃 .. I am contemplating applying to the MiF program at LBS this year .. My profile in brief:

1) Indian female
2) BTech from NSIT - 80%
3) MBA in Fin from ISB - 3.2/4.0
4) CFA Level 3 candidate
5) Total work ex = 6 years.. Relevant ex = 3 years in Corp M&A;
6) GMAT - Will have to retake as the old score isn't valid anymore :banghead:

I am very focussed in terms of what I want post MiF .. It would be an IBD role with a bb IB .. With my experience, I would aim for an Associate position.

I had a few questions .. :
(a) Which banks hire for front office roles @LBS Mif (M&A;/ Capital raising) ?
(b) How good are the front office IBD placements (average # of people)? esp. post recession ??
(c) What is the typical starting salary (base+ signing + bonus) for an Associate? I have seen the placement reports but they state averages which could be skewed by outliers ..

.. Any information would be appreciated as that would help me take an informed decision on the ROI of this program. Thanks so much and good luck with your application !!


Does anyone has any idea how long it takes for MIF team to take decision on application, does the review starts after the deadline is over or it done on fcfs basis. Submitted the application on 8th Nov got a reply stating adcom will complete review as early as possible within stage 1. Anyone got a call for an interview ?

Hi All

another aspirant here for MIF @ LBS.

here is my profile:
-B.Tech, IIT Delhi 2005
-GMAT 720
-2.5 years-Fixed Income Trading at an Investment Bank.
-1.5 Team Leader , structuring desk within the same bank
-1.5 financial research analyst in a boutique research firm

duplicate post

Hi Why has the forum gone cold suddenly. Have any of you applied to LBS MIF in Rd 1 and have the interview decisions come out ?

@ Desperado , @ Dipak - Do let us know if you have any feedback on your application. I presume you have applied in Rd 1.

Hi Guys..

Heres my profile:

- CA & Grad CWA
- CFA L2 candidate
- CA Intern 3 yrs workex with Big 4 Consulting Firm
- Post CA workex 3 yrs in Sell Side Research
- GMAT scores a bit screwed up 680 :lookround:

GMAT is the dampener.. Any suggestions as to whether i should retake it???

Has anyone applied in round 1 and received an invite for interview ?

Has anybody from R1 and R2 got any response/confirmation..kindly share!

No one here seems to be that active, but I know a friend who had applied in R1 and got admit in late January. Anyway, I am applying before March 15 deadline.

Wish me luck.

How does LBS conduct interviews. Do they conduct in Indian locations?
Are there telephonic interviews?

No idea mate. Whatever it is, I'll let you know once I get an interview appointment.

I just submitted my application in R3.

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to check if any of you got in LBS MiF Program. I am planning to apply for August 2012.

Will appreciate a reply. Can share more of my details later.


Hi Guys,

I have applied for LBS MIF(2012) and my profile is as follows:

B.Com from Hans Raj College, Delhi with 70%
GMBA from SPJCM Dubai-Singapore
7 years of experience in Equity Research
CFA and CAIA charterholder
GMAT of 640 (49Q+29V) which is on the lower side.

Is there any chance with such low scores or should I go for another test?