Lohri Festival 2k18 @ Universal Business School

Celebration of Lohri at UBS

It included bornfire,dancing on live dhols and punjabi music.Felt like at home being away from home.

It was celebrated in a proper traditional way with Bonfire, Chikki & Dhol. It was a great fun overall. Enjyoed a lot, especially dancing on Dhol. Thanks to the ELC team who took the initiative to organize the event. 

Lohri was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in ubs. Live dhol was the best part of festival ,everyone danced a lot , full on masti 😊😄😄

Exuberant display of passion, dhol and bhangara. Cannot ask for more !

UBS#Lohrifestival#Lohri is celebrated with a bonfire. The lighting of bonfire during this winter festival is an ancient tradition. Also celebration is done with dance, giddas and bhangra. Girls dress up beautifully in punjabi suits and boys in kurta pajama. This signifies their love for the festival

Lohri is a festival of happiness and prosperity.

In we UBS we celebrated it in a traditional way by dancing around a bonfire and people in traditional outfit. Logri is celebrated because of the big harvest of the rabi crops