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On 14th January 2019, XBS had the privilege of being addressed by Mr. Rudra Shankar Roy, General Manager of IBM. He is currently leading IBM’s CBDs CIC Process Automation which accounts for 25% of annual business in the service area.

Mr. Rudra gave us some wise words of wisdom on the importance of understanding the process flow i.e. the process of anything before getting into the business. He also threw light on the significance of understanding the customer expectation through the Problem-Solution matrix. He taught us the importance of adding value in all spheres of life be it at work or play.

Being a member of the Xaverian family, Mr. Rudra truly inspired us to be the differentiators rather than following the crowd. According to him, “a  Xaverian is a class not a mass”. He made us realize the worth of the Xaverian badge that we are carrying on our shoulders while interacting with the corporate world. We are really proud of having such a great personality coming to our campus and aspiring us to be successful future managers. 

We are starting a new section where we will be sharing experiences of students of Xavier Business School as said by them. 

"To pursue MBA from Xavier Business School of St. Xavier’s University has been my dream ever since I graduated. With state-of-the-art facilities accompanied with an excellent faculty, the institution excels in all areas of teaching-learning, research and outreach. The fact that it is a two-year residential program helps me to experience a home away from home with new friends and also get to taste typical hostel food everyday. The beautiful green campus has all the facilities that a student would require during the course which includes the academic building, two separate hostels for boys and girls, canteen, library, basketball court, football field etc. Studying MBA from this prestigious and esteemed Jesuit University enables me to enhance my thinking, acquire skills and also gain more knowledge and be prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow. Attending seminars taken by various eminent personalities in the corporate sector also helps me to increase my abilities as an individual apart from the classroom teachings. The university ensures to make students future entrepreneurs and managers who are competent enough to handle the responsibilities of the growing world by providing unique and exceptional education and last but not the least, to be a proud Xavierian for the rest of my life." 

-Jobinson George, Kolkata, MBA 2018-20

MADEQ , the Management Games, Debate and Quiz society of Xavier Business School, Kolkata organized a Business Auction named 'BID WAR' on 19th January, 2019.

The auction went on for over 4 hours with the whole comittee continuously updating the details for each round of bids. There were 12 teams in total and the budget for each team was Rupees 50 Lakhs in virtual terms. There was a base price of each item and there were separate slabs for the increment. Upto Rupees 1 Lakh the increment would be Rupees 5000, followed by an increment of Rupees 10000 upto Rs 10 Lakhs. Above Rupees 10 Lakh an increment of Rs 20000 was the maximum limit set for each bid. There were a total of 50 items and each item would generate a certain revenue for the teams. The team with  the maximum revenue would win and incase of a tie, the team with the lowest utilized budget would be considered.

 The auction was held in two separate rooms with 6 teams in each of them. One team from each room emerged as winners. The revenue generated by them were Rupees 2 crore 41 lakhs and Rupees 2 crore 31 lakhs respectively. Finally prizes were handed out to both the winning teams by our Dean, Prof. Dr. Soma Sur and the faculty in charge of MADEQ, Prof. Dr. Devleena Mazumdar thus concluding the event as a great success !