Life @VIT Business School, Chennai

@VIT Business School, Chennai

Guest Lectures by Industry Experts - Weekly guest lectures are being arranged in VIT Business School Chennai where management experts in marketing, operations, project management, HR, analytics and other areas are invited and they share their industry experience and expertize with MBA Students

VITBS Lecture Series

A Date with Next Practices - An insightful account of lectures   and interactions  as it happened


At VITBS Chennai, a date with next practice happens frequently. Executives from myriad industries and verticals come down to interact with budding manager- entrepreneurs.  They deliver insightful account of the best and next practices, helping listeners to take a ride on the fast lane of management practice. These sessions were designed to be more than just run of the mill lectures. The featured speakers challenge students by giving them an   intellectual elevation, share nuggets of 'inside stories' and also take up the role of mentors to help them make the right career decisions. These sessions always wind up to lively, interactive learning platforms.

The academic  year  2014- 15   and 2015-16 (till date) saw    48  such sessions as part of VITBS lecture series.  Senior executives from Infosys, CTS, Wipro, HCL Technologies, Standard Charted, Frost & Sullivan, Emirates Telecom, Renault- Nissan, TVS, CARE, Indian Bank, Spark Capital and many more have taken part in this lecture series so far. Besides, the series have also featured a good number of start- up entrepreneurs, creative brand consultants, Professors from leading business schools in  USA , independent consultants and a string of NGO founders.  We have also had eminent lawyers, film makers  and media personalities interacting with students by providing a  wider perspectives on myriad trends. The list goes on and on.

International Students from China

Chinese students and faculty members from Zhengzhou University are in VITBS Chennai for an educational trip.

Two of VITBS chennai Students have been selected for Internship and further to be placed in Microsoft

We in VITBS Chennai have honours club for MBA students who maintain a CGPA of 9.25 and above . The members of this honours club are given preference while the university sponsors students to attend seminars/conferences/workshops The members are given attractive cash award or scholarships