Life @ VGSoM, IIT- Kgp!

For the Junta Willing to share the Awesome experiences @ VGSoM !! Yuhoo …life rocks here ! :slight_smile:

For the Junta Willing to share the Awesome experiences @ VGSoM !!
Yuhoo rocks here !

Just like every starry eyed CAT aspirant , I had also dreamed of making it thru to some desi ivy league B -School , maybe something like one of the Top 10 Indian B schools !
But once the screwed up results started pourin out , I realized how dreams are soon gonna crash & burn probably another one of my many futile CAT attempts (3 to be precise) and another wasted year ..!
But then it happened !! I got a decent rank in JMET & converted the call for MBA @ VGSoM (IIT-Kgp) , which further worsened my already confounded plight ! Afterall its an IIT & not an IIM , dunno if its gonnabe worth it ! ?? It's a matter of my career & eventually the whole life may depends on the BIG decision !

I could still come to terms with having to go through same old books and crappy preparations all over again , but the idea of continuing another year as a software geek in one of the so called IT stalwarts haunted me to death !

So finally I made up my mind to give it a shot .. was more of an escapist decision at that point of time , I must confess !

Finally joined this place , still wondering if its worth me or not !!
But ever since I ve landed up here , I am living up with the perpetual ironical realization - of whether or not I am really worth this overwhelming place !

Such an astonishingly calibered junta with rich and diverse back grounds absolutely stunned me. 80 % of the batch has prior work -exp with individuals coming from organizations as varied as Manufacturing, Marketing , Finance , IT ,Indian Army , Air force and what not , each contributing a whole new dimension to the analysis during various discussions ! The findoo credentials of the batchmates constantly inspiring and challenging me to push my limits further to learn more in this delirious journey!

The extraordinary facilities and infrastructure at the IIT -Kgp campus absolutely facilitate every possible exposure & learning one can dream of !
Be it Wi- fi enabled campus, LAN connections in all the rooms, big comfortable single rooms with attached bath-rooms , nothing beats us !
The well equipped co-ed hostel provided further helps synergize group activities like case studies which may run late into night, ensuring the best of comfort , fun and learning for all the students!
One of the unique features of doing MBA here is the fact that over 30 of our
batch mates hail from the Indian Services (Army/Air force etc) and their veteran experiences add immense value to the discussions we undergo .
Another special development lately was that 50 of our seniors have had the most extra ordinary experience of their lives , as VGSoM gave them a unique chance to go to US for a training with the legendary Warren Buffett himself .

Now coming to the everyday lifestyle here, hadn't really realized earlier that learning could be so much masti as well !
ď Š If loads of fun assimilated with gaining gyan is your idea of life , then this is the place to be !
Having lived my life in a rather noisy metropolitan before coming here , It's a welcome break to bicycle through the lush green campus here for studies and numerous recreational activities. The perpetual drizzling makes this whole experience all the more pleasant!
Volley ball matches in the hostel (generally @ 3 am) act as the ideal rejuvenation to complete that boring assignment or case study ! TT , Baddy ,Lawn Tennis, Swimming Pool ,a Well equipped Gymkhana are just few of the numerous ways to indulge in and get charged up ! Not to mention, we have one of the largest LAN networks in Asia boasting of the best collection of infotainment, where even the most esoteric of songs, movies, serials , books , documentaries are readily available . The Library @ IIT- Kgp is also considered the largest and most well equipped in the nation .

Many a students are teaming up to participate vigorously in various National and International Management festivals ,Business plan Contests , Quizzes, Debates etc bringing laurels to the instii !
Everyone seems to be in a continuous frenzy to learn, assimilate and indulge in various activities all at once ! There's so much to do , and so little time .Very often life just feels like a futile race against time!
I guess in the end its all about optimizing your stay here & trying to strike out a balance amongst the various aspects of the MBA life .
It may be very challenging at times but I am loving every bit of it!
So far, so good !
All in all , its one of the best opportunities life has bestowed me with and sure as hell ,I ll make the best out of it! ď Š

good work,Rashi...VGSOM really really rocks!!!

Good to see the VGSOM janta getting back to some action .. Where have all of you been? Almost no action at PG over since you guys joined..

nyway, will visit this thread to find out more about the events at VGSOM..


Good to see the VGSOM janta getting back to some action .. Where have all of you been? Almost no action at PG over since you guys joined..

nyway, will visit this thread to find out more about the events at VGSOM..


dun worry
u soon wud see more action

hey rashi
gud work n aptly written 😃

Good news guys !!
Our Batchie Ankit Hakhu won the 2nd prize in NITIE's Marketing Quiz !!
Yuhoo ! Party time !

Also wishin all the luck to Vikas n Prachi for their Finals in IIT-Guwhati- B plan Contest !!
M sure they ll make us proud !

hii junta..its 3:44 morning.still battling with inventry managemnet..haev to chec out three books to really get the cnfidence o f cracking the quiz on monday...midsems are ahnging like naked swrd over our heads..........quizes adn case stdies all lined up fr the cuming week..............have to gather all the ten memebrs of the case stdy grp..........................BT acumen debate in IIMC this weweknd.......................if u wanna remain sane...dnt opt for KGP................but if u wanna be an MBA with time mangemnet skills...ths is the rite palce................

thats it...


On a new path at VGSOM I have started a tread,
New learning, new people; I meet,
As I have moved one month ahead.
Introduced to Novel concepts, new theories,
Sen, Krajewski, Libermann, Foster n Pandey
Mind gets boggled,
Dunno what to say..
Professors Gautam Sinha,Kalyan charavarti, AN Sadhu, Shantanu Ray;
KK Guin,PH Das, Sangeeta Sahney n Prabina Rajib Ray,
Gods Gospel for us,
Whatever they say.
With ten subjects lectures to attend,
And Quizzes, assignments, n case studies to present,
Balance n routine of life go haywire,
With a new TO- DO list everyday
We try to get out of the Quagmire
Sharing n caring at the hostel,
Trying to digest the mess food, morsel by morsel.
At 3 am, to rejuvenate playing badminton TT n volleyball,
After the late night jig, Speed cycling;
As we rush in the morning to the Academic Hall.
Discussions (Bakar) n gyan bonding with the odd 120,
Till wee hours in d night,
Sleeping only after we have seen,
The morning suns sight.
Hunger pangs at 2 am in the night,
Lead us to eggies, or Cheddis,
Try hard to refrain as we might.
The birthday bashes come along at midnight,
Some things that offer us the much needed respite!!
And at Kharagpur, as we try n not go insane,
It rains, rains and rains,
Dunno whether its a boon or bane,
But definitely a pleasant change from Delhi dry n mundane!
A rocky journey,
Blind turns ahead,
A roller coaster ride,
This road, that I tread.
Using the forecasting model, I Portend
Looking forward to above, no reason to moan,
New bondings, new life style.
Before I reach the milestone,
Waits ahead a long long mile..
Kanishka Bhambhani
3 56 am
3rd September 2006
Raining outside
At room 210
SDS block, MMM hall
VGSOM, batch of 2008
IIT Kharagpur

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guys !good news ! our team has won the first prize in the M-Plan at IIT Guwahati !Kudos to Vikas and Prachi...!! Carry on the good work !!

Yuhoo ! Vikas n Prachi are gonna reach back @ 1 am from guwhati tonite ! with the 1 st prize in the B plan contest ! Whoa and they won like a grand 4 K !Hurray ,,,,lets catch hold of them & party !

congrats to vikas arora and prachi...u have really made us proud by winning the competition @IIT Guwahati....

Hi All,
Just a test post after I got some problems on PG....well I am all set to fire and warming up now....hope to see the thread and anything to do with VGSoM rock as always.....


Hey Rashi and Kanishka,
Great posts..confessions and poetry flowing well...will add on soon...


Finally...... i get a small breather to post here

Last coupla weeks have been like a martian... some weird timings.... sleep at dawnbreak (east of india... day breaks at 5 am) ... get up at 8... eat ... caffeine doses every 2 hrs --> LIFE :)

Its been crazy since day one.... juggling between cases (studying and taking ;)), assignments, 'x'plans (x=variable {A..Z}), volleyball, night canteen, adding mass to body (otherwise called eating), presentations, reports and ... uhmm.... mmm... studies :shock:

The interesting part is... end of the day... U kinda like it :)

Faculty has some real gurus... giving a different level of thinking... gets you thinking on your fundas and rework on your perspectives and perceptions. Junta happens to be senior, quite senior, having a good touch of practicality in every discussion/chat/argument that happens in and out of the class. Add to that the usual hostel life (ah....finally!), lots of arbit talk and incoherent happenings giving the smirk and smile on a hard day's night.

Wel....... cutting it short now..... gotta get back to POM (ops mgmt) ... exams frm 15th can be painful

Rock on ...

Great that u started this thread....We are now into the third month of our internship ...And we all really miss VGSoM a lot....Still 2.5 months to go for the internship....6 months never seemed to be longer and the feeling of getting back to VGSoM becomes even more intense with folks like u all waiting for us..
BTW have u all started the Sat parties in the volleyball court...If not go n kick Cult Com ...
VGSoM-Class of 2007

Hey guys,
What abt the summers....After the recruitment spree of IBM anything new !!!!!

VGSoM rocks for sure

Kanishka great poem...and Rashi a great description of ur stay there !!!

Kanishka great poem...and Rashi a great description of ur stay there !!!

hi hemant

thanks ...

hey whats dis saturday parties in the volley court ??nothing of dt sort as yet here:neutral:

we sure wud love to hv a prty rnd here - really official party deprived out here ...:(

Kanishka Bhambhani
vgsom batch of 2008