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Unitedworld School of Business is one of the best institute which provides best education, faculties and placements. It provides quality education and the faculties shape the students careers so that they can flourish in future and can perform wel…

Unitedworld School of Business is one of the best institute which provides best education, faculties and placements. It provides quality education and the faculties shape the students careers so that they can flourish in future and can perform well in the corporate world. Apart from this the college also encourages the students to participate in various events that helps the students to gain more confidence.

Outbound Activities at ECO Park conducted by Unitedworld School of Business ( Kolkata campus) on 8th January, 2014

A group of 45 students, of Unitedworld School of Business - Kolkata, were introduced to outbound activity based learning on the 8th of January, 2014. The group was taken to ECO Park, a sprawling park covering over 3 square kilometers with a very large water body, located at Rajarhat close to the airport.

A faculty team guided by Prof. Ayaz A Shafi (specializing in Experiential Training) and supported by Prof. Meenakshi Khemka (HR and OB), Prof. Sandeep Bhogal (Entrepreneurship and Economics) and Prof. Mahua Dutta (Communication & Branding)conducted activities o bring out issues related to Leadership, Teamwork, Motivation and Communication.

“Minefield”, a popular experiential training activity, was modified and adapted to suit the location. Four teams were formed and each team had to identify pairs – one guide and a blind folded walker – The task for the guide was to take the blind folded walker through the minefield without any casualty . In case either the walker or guide stepped onto any of the “mines” the pair had to go back and start all over again. It was a very exciting exercise and the joys and frustrations were demonstrated in equal measure. More importantly during the de-brief critical issues pertaining to Leadership, Teamwork, Communication came out very strongly and were discussed accordingly.

The second activity “The Blind Striker” (developed by Prof. Shafi) was very high on energy and brought about a very high degree of involvement from the students. The task entailed breaking the team into two groups – a Strategy Group and an Execution Group. The task was to use 5 team members only to get a tennis ball into a basket, placed on uneven surface, and keep it there. The strategy team was devise the strategy and could not talk or participate during the activity. Rules were as follows. The blindfolded Striker was to stand a foot away from the basket, collect the ball from other team members 3 of whom were immobile and had fixed location and only one of them could move about. The ball had to pass through the hands of all 5 before it could be put into the basket. No physical contact between the players was allowed. Elements of teamwork and communication emerged very strongly and the discussion post the activity was very engaging. The de-brief conducted by Prof. Shafi was used effectively to drive home the key points.


Convocation 2013, Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata

On 7th December 2013, Unitedworld School of Business Kolkata organized the third convocation ceremony for the year 2013 at Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre(EZCC). The convocation this year was for the third summer batch of students (2011-13), first winter batch of students (2012-13) and Executive Masters in Business Management students.

Students have been eagerly waiting for this day as it an opportunity to meet old friends, a day when their efforts and hard work are acknowledged and they “graduate” to a new life. Most important it is the presence of their parents and other relatives that makes this day more special for them.

It's a day of acknowledgement of the fact that a student has been through a process of developing skills and abilities and imbibing values that would go a long way in making him/her the professional and the citizen that he/she always wanted to be. We, at Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata, are very confident that they will set new standards of excellence and achievements as they go further in their career. In fact some of them achieved a little bit more than the others and achieved ranks in class. On this day they were honoured with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well.

Amongst many other special qualities that Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata has, one of the key ones is the institution's culture of mutual respect and support. We continue to motivate each other to excel and surpass standards of achievements and to be the very best at what we do.

Our Special Guests of Hounour for this day were Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi, Honourable Consulate General of Japan, India, Mr. Vinay Mishra, Country HR Manager India and Mr. Linus Lobo, Chief of Marketing and mEdge.

The convener of Convocation 2013 was Dr. Mahua Datta and the Convocation was successfully organized under the guidance of Dean of Academic Affairs – Kolkata Campus, Prof. Amitava Ghosh.


Outbound activites at Eco park, Kolkata

On 8th of January, 2014, well known celebrities Nawazuddin Siddique and Niharika Singh visited Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad campus to promote their film €œMiss Lovely €?. They interacted with the students and share their experiences. It was a wonderful experience overall. Students enjoyed a lot and got to know many new things from them.

Guest Lecture on 13th January, 2014 at UWSB Kolkata Campus

Gender issues in Corporate Decision Making

A lady boss or Boss should always be a man? Perhaps a question we all might keep thinking but cannot answer. On 13th January, UWSB Kolkata had Chinmoy Ghosh, PhD, on campus for a guest lecture speaking on this interesting issue. Dr. Ghosh has done his B. Sc. In Physics from Presidency College, PGDM from IIM Calcutta, and Ph.D. from Penn State University. He is currently the head of the Department of Finance at the School of Business, University of Connecticut. He has over fifty published articles in several renowned journals. He has presented several research paers at conferences in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. He is a renowned corporate consultant as well.

He spoke on Impact of Corporate Decisions- a study on Gender Issues. He elaborated on how decisions making differs in business with change in gender of the CEO. In other words he spoke on the variances of decisions taken by male and female CEOs. He also explained its impact on the Corporate Growth and valuation. He mentioned some findings from the research like female CEOs are slow to react and are risk averse. They tend to shy away from mergers and acquisitions. The result is slow growth but overall improvement in performance over time and share values. On the other hand male CEOs tend to be risk prone.It was really an interesting session and we thoroughly enjoyed this discussion.

Guest lecture at Unitedworld School of Business on 13th of January, 2014, Kolkata

Congrats Jinia Biswas, Nilesh Saha, Neha Singh, Swati Bhutoria, Shruti Jain, Prachi Khemani for getiing placed in PWC ....... 😃 😃 😃 😁😃

Exhibition on Social Marketing Campaign Tools at Unitedworld Kolkata Campus on 14th November , 2013.

Along with studying various strategies and tools of management, it is also the responsibility of the students to build social awareness and raise voice against the social issues. At Kolkata the second year students under the guidance Dr. Mahua Datta, organized an exhibition on 14th November, Childrens' Day, where they displayed various tools they have crafted themselves to promote against the social evils. The issues like smoking, dowry, child labour, women abuse etc were vehemently opposed through various hand-made posters and 3 D models. Students explained their projects to every faculty member who took great enthusiasm in going through their work. Students proudly presented their projects, explaining why they think these issues are important to be discussed and most importantly, how can they be handled. Some hand-made tools were pretty impressive, where old CDs, Jute backs, used cigarette packets; used cold drinks bottles were beautifully used. Overall, it was a day beyond classroom, where students took the initiative of educating others on social issues. 😃 😃

Social Marketing campaign......

Congratulations Rima Agarwal for getting placed in Timesjob.😁lookround

UWSB Kolkata organized €œPentathlon 2014 €? on 15th January, 2014

Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata witnessed the first Grand event of 2014 called the Penthathlon, conceptualized and spearheaded by Dr. Mahua Datta. This was a competitive event among students comprising of five tasks. Extempore, Quiz, Presentation, management Games and Talent Show. The students were divided into four teams namely Apple, Facebook, Google and Samsung.

The excitement was visible in the way each team was dressed up for the day. Each team was instructed to behave as if they were an employee of the organizations. They came in their respective company colours with dummy Identity cards.

The fight began and there were Prof. Ayaz Shafi, Dr. Meenakshi Khemka, Prof. Dipak Majumder, Prof. Vibha Jhol and our Dean Prof. Amitava Ghosh support Dr. Mahua Datta in judging the entire events.

The extempore had some very interesting topics to be spoken on. Participants had a great time talking on first dates and firing bosses. The next was quiz which was truly unconventional as the questions were puzzles and riddles. Then each team gave some interesting presentations on diversification plan of their respective team company names. Then came the most interesting part which comprised of management games where literally all were on their toes. There was fun as were as amazing demonstration of leadership skills, creative thinking and team co-ordination. Finally the day ended with talent hunt where we saw skits, dances and singing.

Congratulations Sushmita Mukherjee for getting placed in Samsung 😁lookround

Congratulations Abhijit Dhoble for getting placed in ICICI Bank .😁lookround

Guest Lecture Session from IDFC on 11th November, 2013 at Unitedworld Kolkata Campus

It was just like any other day, however destined to end on a different note for all of us at Kolkata campus. How else do I say this if one fine day you realize that you have been a fool enough, not to capitalize on market opportunities to make money? This is exactly what happened for many of us on 11th November, when Mr. Hemant Pandey, Associate Vice President, IDFC Mutual Fund shared an interesting movie titled "One Idiot" with all of us. As part of his guest lecture of mutual funds and how to invest wisely to make maximum out of the market, he showed us a fantastic movie on how smartly a child had invested in Systematic Investment Plan and made huge money in few years. Mr. Pandey patiently handled a lot of queries from the students regarding mutual funds, its utility and its future prospects. He went ahead and explained various ways of investing wisely. We all here are definitely conscious now of the potentials that are in store in the financial market.

Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad campus organized convocation for 2011-2013 batch on 25th of January, 2014.

Congratulations Ritwik Borthakhur and Samarjit Barat for getting placed in PARLE. 😁😁

Dil to Bachcha hai ji...The Debate Competition 30th October, 2013

Unitedworld School of Business Kolkata witnessed a very interesting war of opinion on the topic - AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. Under the guidance of Prof. Ayaz Ahmad Shafi, students organised and participated in a debate on the importance and impact of age in the life of a person. Some argued for the motion and opined that age is truly just a number otherwise how could some great people have had great achievements even at ages of 70 and above. Age is what you think it to be. On the other hand there was a group against the motion who said that you cannot deny the age as that has an impact on your physical abilities. Even though your heart is young, you cannot deny the age restrictions. Some students were witty enough to bring in examples of the faculty members as part of their content for debate. The debate took an interesting turn when after the students, Faculty members took on the stage. Prof. Dipak Majumdar spoke for the motion and said that as per some research work in Harvard, technology will enable the beginning of a new civilisations of bio-genetic creatures which will not be humans but for doing the same all organs can be transplanted except the brain which needs to be cloned. In other words he said that at least at that time age will no longer be a matter of concern as because humans will have become machines by then, with chips implanted in their body. Dr. Mahua Datta debated against the same. She opined that Age can be looked at from two perspective Physiological and emotional. We do not have a control on our physiological aging and we have to accept our own biological growth and depreciation along with age. Even the emotional age is beyond our control as we all are governed by sociological, cultural, political and organisational factors in realm of which we operate. Hence what our heart wishes can always not be fulfilled as we are social animals. So inspite of all our wishes to stay young and do what we want, till date we have not been able to defy our age.

Unitedworld Kolkata organised a Event on Food Festival 7th November, 2013

The Festive season is still on in Kolkata, at least we at UWSB, Kolkata campus are keeping it alive. On 7th November students under the guidance of Dr. Mahua Datta, organised a Food Festival. It was a culinary delight to be a part of it. There were several stalls of food like chaat, sweets, sandwiches, pakoras, phuchkaas and what not. The entire campus smelled so yum. The best part was students shows there tremendous creative and organising skill. They in fact used all the selling techniques they had learn and their stock was over in less than an hour. Each team made good profit as well. An as far as UWSB employees were concerned....they had a great lunch time...one to remember for quite sometime.